Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily Review (Yuru Yuri) Season 1 – Released in Bluray


Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily (Yuru Yuri) Review In Few Words (Mini Review).

Two cute girls take over the tea ceremony club, and use it to start The Amusement club. Which is about doing whatever they want. Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily may feel like another cute girls doing cute things anime, but it does things different than other anime like that.

In general, Yuruyuri is a good anime for those who watch anime for enjoyment, and the very good & funny characters in this anime means that those who watch anime for the characters won’t be disappointed either.

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Good things about Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily

  • One of the most funny anime ever.
  • Has a great rewatching value.

Possibly bad things about Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily

  • None at all. ^^


Akari Akaza, a normal girl in everything, starts middle school, and meet her childhood friends & senpais, Kyouko & Yui, who founded the Amusement Club for the sole purpose to have fun and do what they want. The club uses the Tea Ceremony Club room, which was dissolved prior to that. Chinatsu comes to join the Tea Ceremony Club, but ends up joining the amusement club after knowing about its dissolvation. And things goes on from there.


Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily is a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things anime, which focuses pretty much on comedy. It starts pretty much just like anime of that genre, that you are likely to think of it as a moe blob anime, only to find out, and pretty fast, how different it is. The first episode is kind of introductory, you will start to see the charm of this anime soon after that. For one, you will find out that Akari is not really the main character of the anime, but Kyouko is, and Akari is the main character in name only.

When it comes to the story, Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily may not be the cutest Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, as that title goes to Kiniro Mosaic. But it is the most comedy one. I personally think of it as one of the best comedy anime ever. Even if you don’t like Cute Girls Doing Cute Things anime, I would still recommend you watch this one.

Despite what the name may suggest, YuruYuri actually means “Easygoing Yuri”. So in case you are not a fan of Yuri, you won’t disliked Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily. But you will like the yuri suggestions in it if you do.

The Art

Mirakurun Chinatsu

The art of Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily is cute, the circular eyes makes the characters so moe & adorable. The colouring style is not the best I have ever seen. But it is still very good in general. While it is not the best art I have seen in anime, it does the job pretty well, and I have nothing against it.


Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily Characters

Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily Characters, including the student council girls.

Akaza Akari (Akkarin)


A normal girl in all aspects, and the one supposed to be the main character. But you will forget that once the focus gets on Kyouko.

Sometimes, people around her call her Akarin, and she has a friendly & kind personality.

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Akaza Akari is voiced by Mikami Shiori.

Toshinou Kyouko


Akari’s childhood friend & senpai. And the real main character of Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily. The annoying yet super funny girl. I personally think she is one of the most funny anime characters ever, with her hyperactivity an all. Kyouko always make plans for the Amusement Club to do.

Toshinou Kyouko is voiced by Ootsubo Yuka.

Funami Yui


Kyouko & Akaei’s childhood friend, she is the most reasonable & mature girl in the crowd.

Funami Yui is voiced by Tsuda Minam.

Yoshikawa Chinatsu


A cute pink-haired girl, who originally wanted to join the Tea Ceremony Club, but ends up joining the Amusement Club after she found out it was dissolved. Chinatsu likes Yui, and acts so cute around her.

Yoshikawa Chinatsu is voiced by Ookubo Rumi.

Other characters

Some of the other characters are all from the student council are Ayano Sugiura, the student-council vice-president, and Kyouko’s rival. Chitose, Ayano’s friend who often has Yuri fantasies. Sakurako Ohmuro & Himawari Furutani, the childhood friends and candidates for the student council vice-president, those two also always bickering with each other.

Pacing & Enjoyment

Kyouko & Yui

Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily has both great pacing and great enjoyment. The first episode is kind of introductory, but things goes much faster starting from the second episode. Thanks to the fun of the anime, it never gets boring, and the amount of enjoyment is pretty much high, making Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily another good anime for those who watch anime for enjoyment. Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily is so enjoyable that it is worth rewatching at a later time, I personally watched both season of it twice. ^^

Extra Few Things

Origin of Yuruyuri

Yuru Yuri Fantasy

Yuru Yuri doesn’t contain real Yuri, the scene you see here happen in the imagination of one of the characters.

Yuru Yuri means “Easygoing Yuri”, for the most part, the anime doesn’t contain much Yuri besides the comedy suggestions here and there.

Second season is out

Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily Season 2 Review (Yuru Yuri♪♪) Featured

Fortunately for us, there is a second season of YuruYuri under the name, Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily Blu-ray Season 2 or Yuru Yuri♪♪. Where the fun continues, the second season is as much fun as the original. So I highly recommend it if you liked the first season.

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Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily opening song

Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily opening song

Yuruyuri has only one opening song, which is called “Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Daijiken”, is quite catchy, especially with the “yuri yurararara yuruyuri” part at the beginning & the end of it, every time I think of Yuruyuri, I end up remembering that part of the opening. ^^

The scenes of the openings are pretty cute, they give you the impression that Yuruyuri is another Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, only to have you think it is quite different once you get into the later episodes of the anime.

Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily ending song

The one ending song of Yuruyuri, which is called “My Pace de Ikimashou”, is funny. The “Hai, Hai, Hai, Hai” part of it reminds me of the first ending of Saki. It is a good song in general, but I didn’t like it as much as the opening song.

Anime to watch if you liked Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily


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D-Frag shares the same comedy theme as Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily. It is full of jokes & gags that are done well, minus the Yuri part.

The story of D-Frag! follows Kazama Kenji, who pretends to be a delinquent, and wishes to be the strongest in his school. Only to be forced to join the Game Development Club, and things go from there. It is not easy to say everything about D-Frag! in one paragraph, so I recommend you to read my separate review of it to know more about it^^

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And finally

Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily is one of the best anime comedy I ever seen, it wasn’t that hard to write this review thanks to how much I liked it. It is an anime I would easily recommend to anyone who likes to watch anime for enjoyment. And those who likes Cute Girls Doing Cute Things won’t be disappointed either, as it is full of these as well.

At the end, I really hope you liked my Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily review, and I hope to see you soon in another review. :)
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Quotes from Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily

  • “Shooting through your hearts! Nice to meet you! I’m Akari Akaza!” – Akari Akaza.
  • “Yuru Yuri.. Hajimaru yo!” – Akari Akaza.
  • “I’m a tomato!” – Kyouko Toshinou.

Review Credits & Sources

  • Some of the characters information in this review were taken from Yuruyuri Wikia.


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