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D-Frag! (D-Fragements) Review In Few Words (Mini Review).

A “delinquent” guy wishes to become the strongest in his school, only to be forced to join Game Development Club by a bunch of girls. That’s pretty much it for the story! Still, D-Frag! is one of the best comedy that aired in 2014, one I totally recommend to anyone who likes cute or funny anime. Even if you are not into school anime.

Good things about D-Frag!

  • A very funny anime with a lot of funny surprises.
  • The Chibi & great character expressions adds to the fun of watching the anime.
  • The way Roka in particular turns into Chibi every now and then is so cute & funny.
  • The art looks very nice, despite being kind of basic.

Possibly bad things about D-Frag!

  • Giving how fun it is, D-Frag is a very short anime. I personally wish it was longer than 12 episodes :|


Kazama Kenji, leader of the Kazama gang, which consist of 3 members. The Kazama gang call themselves delinquents, even though they don’t really do anything bad. Kenji dreams of becoming the strongest one in his school.
One day while he was walking in the school, he smells a fire in a club room, and goes into what happened to be Game Development Club, which consists of 4 girls, Chitose, Sakura, Minami and Roka, who are weirder than the average girls. Since they are obsessed about games, each of the girls claim to have an element like Fire, Water, Lightning or Earth. Something that may remind you to Chunibyou to some extent.
Because school clubs in Japan need at least 5 members to be formed or they will be forced to disband, the girls force Kazama to join their club. And the story goes from there.
Game Development Club members, Chitose, Sakura, Minami & Roka

Game Development Club members, Chitose, Sakura, Minami & Roka

At first, Kenji didn’t like having to join their club, but his relationship with the girls change with the time. To a great extent, there is not much of a story to D-Frag besides what I just mentioned, but there is some background stories of things that happened between the characters every now and then. But the focus in D-Frag! is mostly about characters interactions, the gags & funny scenes. Which are done very well.
D-Farg is an anime that is mostly about the characters interactions and the comedy that revolves around them, while that may makes it sounds pointless, it is done so well that you may actually enjoy it more than many anime that actually have a story.

The Art

Roka, the protagonist of D-Frag

D-Frag! art is lovely, while there is nothing extraordinary in it by today standard, it is looks sharp and nice to the eye, and I won’t hide that this is one of the main reasons I chose to watch it in the first place.


Given how there is not much of a story behind D-Frag!, most of the story revolves around the characters themselves and their outrageous ways to do things.
The characters of D-Frag! are very strange, and they are fun to watch. It is very likely you will find at least one character you like very much.

Kazama Kenji


A delinquent of Fujou high school, as he liked to call himself. He really want to be the most powerful person in his school.
Kenji has a spiky hair, which is the most remarkable trait I’m him.
At first, Kenji is forced to join the Game Development Club at first, but get to like it more as time passes.
Kazama Kenji is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki.

Shibasaki Roka


The president of the Game Development Club, who posses the Fire Element.
Roka has a small figure, and she turns Chibi more than any character in the anime, something that is so cute about her.
Shibasaki Roka is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. <3

Karasuyama Chitose


Roka’s close friend and a member of the Game Development club, her element is Earth. She is also the student council president.
Karasuyama Chitose is voiced by Saito Chiwa

Mizukami Sakura


A first year member of the Game Development club. Her element is water, which is why she is often seen to carry water bottle with her.
Mizukami in Sakura’s name can translates to “Water god” in Japanese.
Mizukami Sakura is voiced by Takahashi Mikako.

Oosawa Minami


Another “member” of the Game Development club, she is always seen to wear tracksuit. She likes to sleep so much. She also likes drinks Mountain Dew.
Minami’s element is lightning, and she carries an electro shock device for that reason.
Oosawa Minami is voiced by Koshimizu Ami

Other characters

Other characters are Takao, President of the other Game Development club, and the one with large boobs in the anime, and Ataru, Kenji’s old friend, and the vice-president of the student council. These two has more to do with the main characters, but I didn’t want to mention much about them to avoid spoiling the anime on you.
There is also Funabori, the girly girl, and the perfect housewife.
Besides those 3, there are tons of characters in D-Frag! besides those few I mentioned, most of them are side characters that have funny look on purpose.

Pacing & Enjoyment


The pacing of D-Frag! is great, as there is always something happening, many of these things are very likeable, and because of that, the enjoyment of the anime is very high. The characters interactions adds even more to the enjoyment of watching this anime.

Extra Few Things

Origin of D-Frag

Origin of D-Frag is D-Fragments. I tried to look for  more information behind the name meaning, but I am yet to find anything like that. :(

D-Frag Bluray

D-Frag Bluray

D-Frag blurry comes in 4 discs, which contains English dub, and the original Japanese voices. As well as English subs.
Click here for more information about D-Frag Bluray in Amazon.

Anime to watch if you liked D-Frag

Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily


While it is classified as a cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime. Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily is also very comedic & hilarious, in my opinion, it is even funnier than D-Frag!. And it is one of the best comedy anime you will ever see. It has both good characters and great gags, with a great rewatching value.

And finally


D-Frag! is an anime you will kinda feel like you want more once you finish it. it is another anime that needs a second & maybe a third season. I recommend anyone who likes cute or funny anime to watch it to see how much good it is.
At the end, I really hope you liked my D-Frag! review, and I hope to see you soon in another review. :)

Quotes from D-Frag

  • “It’s a bit late to be asking this, but why are the girls in our school so freakishly strong?”- Kazama Kenji.
  • “Anything fun is a game!” – Shibasaki Roka.
  • “That’s unacceptable! I will punish any who trample on another’s dreams!” – Roka Shibasaki.

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