Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them Review (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!) – Released in Blu-Ray & DVD

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Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!) Review In Few Words (Mini Review).

To succeed his father’s corporation, Shougo Mikadono has to find a girl to marry in his new school. The problem is, on the day of his father’s funeral, a mysterious girl calls him from outside, the girl says she is his little sister. And it turns out that girl attends the same school where Shugo is looking for a wife.

So, to avoid marrying his sister without knowing it, Shougo has to find out who, among the girls in his school, his sister is.

Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them, is a harem anime you will either enjoy or really dislike, it has many of the Harem genre tropes, and a good amount of ecchi scenes, but the original mystery concept of of finding who the protagonist’s sister is what may make or break it for you. A good way to know for sure is to watch the first 2-3 episodes.

If you like harem or anime with beautiful girls & art, then I totally recommend Nakaimo for you.

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Good things about Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them

  • Trying to guess who the little sister may be is a fun.
  • The art of the anime is beautiful.
  • Many of the girls in the anime are interesting.

Possibly bad things Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them

  • The story is kinda rushed at some points.
  • In the first episode, one of the girls get hit by a truck, but nothing happen to her.


The head of the Mikadodno group, Mikadono Kumagorou, has died at 49. And his son, Miadono Shougo, has been trained to take over his father’s corporation.

But for Shougo to take over the group, he has to find a girl to be his wife in Miryuunin high school, the same school his father attended. Because that way, “He will have the calm & charisma to lead the group with a wife & a family”, according to his mother.

The problem is, after his father’s funeral, he hear the voice of a girl, a girl who claims to be his sister. She tells him that they will be together from now on. Shougo never knew he had a sister during his life, and that came as a surprise to him.

Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them-Story

It later turns out that his sister attends Miryuunin high school, so now finding a girl to marry in his new school is kinda tricky, as there is the risk of marrying his sister without knowing it.

Shougo starts to meet the girls from the first episodes. He meets Konoe, the nice girl who likes cream puff, who seems to know him from before, she gets hit by a truck, but lucky nothing happen to her. And Kannagi Miyabi, the tsundere who doesn’t seem to like him.

Later in the same day, and while he was helping Konoe throwing the trash, he meets and Mana & Rinka, the student council president & vice-president. Miyabi happened to be there too.

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Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them-Story-2

The night of the same day, his sister calls him, and she knows about him helping about throwing the trash away, which mean one of these 4 girls is his sister, And that makes things easier.

Trying to guess who the girl among the 5 is fun (A fifth girl appears shortly after that). What makes things harder for Shougo is that he doesn’t remember his past. Because he had an accident when he was a kid (it is nice to see there is actually a reason for the protagonist to not remember his past this time). For incest lovers, this may sound appealing, for other people, it can be amusing he may end up falling in love with his sister without knowing it.

And for ecchi fans, Nakaimo has its share of ecchi scenes, like panties & boobs, which you may be able to see depending on if you got the censored version or not.

The Art


Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them’s art is one of its strongest points, it is beautiful & shiny. The girls themselves are all attractive, and each of them has her own unique pose that you see in the picture above.

If you like to watch anime with good art, you won’t be disappointed with Nakaimo.

Pacing & Enjoyment

Nakaimo-Pacing & Enjoyment

The pacing is good for a harem anime. Although the story is somewhat rushed at some points, but that is not something that comes in favour with the pacing.

I find Nakaimo, My Little Sister Is Among the Them to be enjoyable, and it is better than your average harem when it comes to that, partly thanks to the idea that Shoygo is looking for his sister.

The girls sometimes arguing about Shougo is different than some of the girls you see in that genre.

If you like ecchi, there is a good amount of that for you in the anime, which will add to your enjoyment of watching it.


I personally like the girls of this anime, I find them interesting, particularly Rinka & Konoe.

Mikadono Shougo


The protagonist of Nakaimo, and the heir of the Mikadono group. But to assume his position as the group president, he has to find a wife in his new school.

Shougo has a scar on his forehead, which he got from an accident he had when he was a kid.

Mikadono Shougo is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro.

Tsuruma Konoe


The main female character in Nakaimo, and Shougo’s classmate and the first girl Shougo meets. She likes cream puff from Maire Chocolate.

Tsuruma Konoe is voiced by Ishihara Kaori.

Kannagi Miyabi


The tsundere of the anime, she doesn’t like Shougo at the beginning, but get to like him later. She is a member of the swimming club.

Kannagi Miyabi is voiced by Sakura Ayane.

Tendou Mana


The student council president with a childish personality. She is among the suspects of being Shougo’s sister because she was there when Shougo helped Konoe throw away the trash.

Tendou Mana is voiced by Oogame Asuka

Kunitachi Rinka


Student council vice president, she is “a princes to the core” as Konoe called her. And there is a chance that she is from a noble family.

Kunitachi Rinka is voiced by Taketatsu Ayana.

Sagara Mei


Third year who dresses like a witch, Shougo discovers her stalking him for some reason.

Sagara Mei is voiced by Hidaka Rina.

Extra Few Things

The opening song

The opening says nothing about the story, it starts very beautifully to introduce the girls for you.

As I said when I talked about the anime art, each girl in Nakaimo has her own pose, which you will see in the first half of the opening.

The opening song itself, Choose me♡Darling by StylipS is catchy, it is nice to watch with every episodes, but I personally don’t know if I will listen to it in my music or get the OST personally.

The ending songs

The ending of Nakaimo is not as good as the opening, you see a group of pictures that get pa…

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