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Tari Tari review in few words

Tari Tari is a sweet musical anime, which tells you the story of 3 girls, each with her own problem. First we have Konatsu, the member of the Choir club who is no longer allowed to sing there, Sawa, her friend who likes to ride horses and want to become a jockey, but faces opposition from her father. And Wakana, the girls who shunned away from music due to regrets she have from the past.

Even if you are a person who is critic about the anime you watch, you may still enjoy Tari Tari. And if you watch your anime for the enjoyment or the characters, or if you are into anything to do with music, then I highly recommend Tari Tari for you.

Note:- While I admit of being a big fan of musical anime, I will try my best to be unbiased in this review. :D

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Good things about Tari Tari

  • A sweet, honey & heartwarming anime that is done so well.
  • The visual of the anime is a candy to the eye.

Possibly bad things about Tari Tari

  • It would have been better if the show introduced more music. Like new songs, or show how the characters new to music actual embraces it.
  • There is not much focus on some of the characters, like Taichi. At least compared to the girls.


“The music means that you enjoy a sound, please enjoy it!”

The story revolves around 3 girls, each of them has her own backstory, ambition & problems. We have Konatsu, a member of the choir club who likes to sing, but is unable to do so, because the advisor of the club doesn’t allow her to due to mistake she made in last year performance. So she decides to quit the club and start her own Choir club, with the help of her friend Sawa.

Konatsu in the choir club.

Talking about Sawa, Sawa likes to ride horses, and wants to become a jockey someday, but her father is against it. A problem that is not shown at the beginning, but it becomes obvious later.

Next we have Wakana, a girl who is good at singing, but she no longer does it for some reason related to her past.

Besides the 3 main girls, there are two male side characters, like Tachi, a guy who likes Badminton, but is not able to play it as he is the only member left in the Badminton club. And Wien, the guy from Austria, who tries to understand Japanese culture but seems to be bad at that.

Konatsu X Sawa X Wakana

As I mentioned at the beginning, the story evolves about the problems of these 5 high school students, and how they end up making a club together. While there is really nothing original about all that, but the sweet way this was all done in Tari Tari is what makes it a very good and enjoyable anime to watch. Something you are very likely going to notice from the first episode, and becomes better at the end of the anime.

The Art

Sweet Wakana

The art in Tari Tari is one of the best, You will notice the stunning visuals form the beginning of the opening song. The character designs are also beautiful, and look better with the excellent lighting applied on them. If you watched Hanasaku Iroha, you know what I mean, since the two anime has the same art style, as they were produced by the same studio.

There are many scenes that are appealing to the eye, like the Skyway between two of the school buildings, which you will see more than once in the anime, the same goes to the sea corniche.

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It is worth to note that many of places in the anime are based on real locations, which is pretty nice in my opinion.

Last but not least, Shirahamazaka High School uniform looks good in all its 3 forms, I personally like Wakana’s uniform the best.

Pacing & Enjoyment

The pacing of Tari Tari is pretty normal for a 13 episodes anime, each episode focus on a certain issue regarding one or more of the characters. There is no silent moments, and the anime doesn’t drag things at all. There is always something happening, so that’s pretty good.

A good chunk of the anime focus on Wakana and her problems, but Konatsu gets a good amount of focus every now and then, as the anime centres around her for the most part, Sawa gets her own time during the anime as well.

When it comes to enjoyment, I consider Tari Tari to be a very enjoying to watch, the characters & their stories are presented in a way that’s very sweet. The lovely art & the musical theme of the anime all add to the enjoyment of watching it, which is particularly the case if you are into anything to do with music.


Tari Tari Characters

Tari Tari Characters

Miyamoto Konatsu


The protagonist of Tari Tari, who used to be a member of the choir club. But due to a mistake she made in last year performance, the choir club advisor, Naoko Takakura, doesn’t allow her to sing anymore, so that she won’t make that mistake again. Which is why she decided to form her own choir club later.

Konatsu is a short girl, and has a twin brother. One of the funny things about her is how she tend to make fun at the way the Choir Club advisor speaks at times.

Miyamoto Konatsu is voiced by Seto Asami.

Sakai Wakana


A girls who is very good at singing, but tries to stay away from music due to past regrets. She gets upset when Konatsu invites her to the new Choir club, thinking that she is just fooling around.

Wakana lives with her father, and has a fat cat called Dora, which you see in the opening song.

Sakai Wakana is voiced by Takagaki Ayahi.

Okita Sawa


Konatsu’s close friend, who has a lovely smile, she was the first to help Konatsu establishing the new Choir club.

Sawa likes to ride horses, something her dad father  is against since he thinks it doesn’t have a future. She is also a member in the archery club

Okita Sawa is voiced by Hayami Saori.

Tanaka Taichi


The one and only member left in the badminton club, he is goodf at the game, as he played it for a long time.

Because there is no enough members in the Badminton club, his club is facing disbanding, unless he managed to recruit new members.

At the beginning of the anime, Taichi was assigned to show Wien, the new Transfer student from Austria, around the school.

Tanaka Taichi is voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga.

Maeda Atsuhiro (Wien)


A transfer student from Austria, he lived there for 12 years. He tries to learn what he don’t know about Japanese culture, but he ends up getting the wrong information, making him do things in a wrong yet a humorous ways. He is a strong believer in justice.

Maeda Atsuhiro is voiced by Hanae Natsuki.

Naoko Takakura

The vice president of Shirahamazaka High School, and the advisor o the Choir club. She is the one who prevented Konatsu from singing again in the club, so that she won’t make the same mistake again.

Naoko Takakura is voiced by Tanaka Atsuko.

Other characters

Some of the other characters are Mahiru, Wakana’s deceased mother & Tayoru Ikezaki, the principal of Shirahamazaka High School.

Extra Few Things

Opening song

Tari Tari Opening

The ending song is where you will notice how beautiful the art is. It is made as it if it telling you a story, and it goes like this:- we have the following 5 kids, Wakana, Konatsu, Sawa, Tachi & Wien, who are leading their lives, but each of these kids have their own problem. But they will continue to dream and continue to move toward tomorrow.

The opening song itself, Dreamer by AiRI, is cute & fast-paced for the most part, and matches the opening scenes pretty well, it is a very good song by my personal standards.

Ending song

Tari Tari Ending

For a good part of the ending song, you see the characters setting on the school fountain, with beautiful still picture of the characters every now and then.

There are 3 versions of the ending, in the first version, you only see Konatsu & Wakana sitting on the fountain. You see Taichi & Wien along with them in the second, with Wakana in the side. Then all the 5 characters sitting together in the 3rd & final one. The still pictures also change in the 3rd version.

The song itself, Shiokaze no Harmony by Shirahamazaka Koukou Gasshou-bu, is nice relaxing song.

Blu-Ray & DVD


Tari Tari Blu-Ray

Tari Tari Blu-ray comes in 2 discs, which contains the Japanese voice & English subtitles.


Tari Tari DVD

Tari Tari DVD comes in 3 discs, which contains the Japanese voice & English subtitles.

Anime to watch if you liked Tari Tari

Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha Recommendation

Because her mother ran with her boyfriend because of debt, Ohana Matsumae had to leave Tokyo, and go to live with her strict grandmother, who runs Kissuisō inn. She starts working in the inn just like any employee there. Besides having to adapt to her new life, she has to deal with her grandmother, whose relationship with her mother is not that great due to things that happened in the past.

Produced by the same studio that produced Tari Tari. Hanasaku Iroha has the same lovely art, but with different story & characters, while it may not have the musical theme of Tari Tari, it is an easy recommendation to anyone who liked it.

And finally

While it is certainly not the first anime where few students form a club, Tari Tari stands out among anime like that, in the sweet & lighthearted everything in the anime is presented.

In many anime I reviewed, I sometimes complain that some anime are short or deserve a second season, but that’s not the case with Tari Tari, as everything is settled from the first season, though it is quite possible that it gets a continuation somehow.

I hope you liked my Tari Tari review, and see you again with a new one. ^^
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Tari Tari Quotes

  • “I don’t money!” – Wakana Saka.
  • “I’m everyone’s mom.” – Konatsu Miyamoto.
  • “I give it up without doing anything and do not want to regret!” – Konatsu Miyamoto.

Review Credits & Sources

  • Some of the characters information in this review were taken from Tari Tari Wikia.

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