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Kiniro Mosaic Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

Shino & Alice, a Japanese & British girls who knew each other as children reunite again, which gives their relationship a chance to flourish even more. Kiniro Mosaic tells you about Alice & Shino relationship, along with their friends Youo, Aya & Karen. In a lovely & comedic package with a lot of gags in it.

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Good things about Kiniro Mosaic

  • Not much dirty  fan service at all, making this anime kind of pure.
  • Very cute & lovely, a relaxing watch full of moe & love.
  • While the anime was generally good, the little surprise in the last episode made it even more memorable.

Possibly bad things about Kiniro Mosaic

  • Kiniro Mosaic is not that unique compared to many similar ones.
  • Having no deep story is not a con for such anime, as that’s part of what the genre is about.

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When she was a little girl, Shino stayed with a british family in  Great Britain. And she meets Alice there. Years after that, Shino receives a letter from Alice saying that she is coming to Japan. And so Shino & Alice reunite again.
To some extent, Kiniro Mosaic is just another cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime. One that’s done-well though, the relationship between Shino & Alice is what sets this anime apart of the other anime with the same genre, unless extra cuteness can count as a feature. :D
Kinmoza does’t tell you at all how Shino & Alice met. But we can easily guess it in more than a way. It could be that they got together via the Internet or mail. What matters is that they got to know each other somehow.
Kiniro Mosiac is another anime that you will definitely like if you like this genre, and you are very unlikely to like it if you don’t.

The art


Kiniro Mosaic art is not advanced, but does the job well, the way Alice is coloured is particularly nice, like she was taken from a colouring from a sketchbook or something.


The main characters of Kiniro Mosaic / Kinmoza

The main characters of Kiniro Mosaic / Kinmoza

The characters are quote simple, and since there are no male characters in this anime, the possible romance all happen between the girls. Despite that, there is no yuri in the anime at all.
One thing I like about the main 5 girls appearance is how each of them have a quite different way of dressing themselves, a bit more than you find in similar anime.

Omiya Shinobu


Shinobu, or Shino as her friends like to call her, is the main protagonist of Kiniro mosaic. She is a little of an airhead. Shino is quote nice & kind toward her friends. And has obsession toward foreigners, and blonde hair in particular. She sometimes talk about how she wants to dye her hair blonde.
Shino is so crazy about Alice, and find her very cute with her blonde hair and all, to the degree she cuddles her every now and then. And sometimes she seems a bit obsessed about blondes than Alice herself.
To some extent, Shino looks a little bit like a Japanese Kokeshi doll.

Cartalet Alice


Alice is the other protagonist of Kiniro Mosiac, the cute & blonde british girl with whom Shino stayed home with when she came to England.
Alice is seriously in loves with Shino, and her love with Shino is the reason I guess she has a lot of interest in Japanese culture. She gets jealous when someone gets Shino’s attention.
Alice is a quite short girl, which makes others to mistake her as a little girl, despite being the same age as the other girls.

Inokuma Yoko


The tomboyish girl of the bunch, which appears in the way she speaks and the casual clothes she wears. Yoko is the older sister of her brothers, which makes her the most dependable upon among the 5 main characters. She is a little bit like a big sister to Shino, as she knew her for so long, and she calls Shino’s sister Isa-nee instead of Isami-san.

Komichi Aya (Ayaya)


The tsundere of the anime, and the shy girl as well. Aya is seriously in love with Yoko, which is a kind of a Yuri reference in the anime, but she never find the courage to tell her how she feels. The way she can’t do that and the way she denies them is what makes her the tsundere of the anime.
Aya tends to blushes often, and in a different ways as well, which makes her the favourite character for those who likes blushing anime girls.

Kujo Karen


Karen is the other English & blonde girl in Kiniro Mosaic, she has known Alice since they were children. She is half-japanese half-english. She is similar to Shino with how carefree she is, but she is much more hyper & eccentric, and pretty much takes after Konata from Lucky Star.
Karen speaks with broken Japanese, and like how she says “Ohayō gojaimasu” instead of “Ohayo Gozaimasu”, and it is very likely that she does that on-purpose.
Karen always wears a jacket with the british flag on it.

Other characters

Other characters are Isami, Shino’s big sister who works as model, Karasuma-sensei, the kind English teacher in the girl’s school.

Pacing & Enjoyment

The pacing of Kiniro Mosaic is very relaxed & tends to be kind of slow. The enjoyment is very good if you can enjoy the cuteness & atmosphere, along with the jokes the anime is filled with.

Extra Few Things

Last episode surprise

While Kiniro Mosaic has been a cute anime all along, there is a little “surprise” in the last episode that made me think of it even better, while there is nothing wrong in telling you about it, I would rather make you watch the anime and find out about it yourself. ^^

Season II Is out

A second season of KinMoza has been aired under the name “Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic”, the season season is a continuation of the first one, and features the same characters as the first one, plus two new ones.

What does Kiniro Mosaic mean?

Kiniro Mosaic (金色モザイク)  means “Gold (金) Color(色) Mosaic(モザイク)”, or Golden Mosaic in English.

Anime to watch if you if you liked Kinmoza

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Is the Order a Rabbit Anime Cover

Hoto Cocoa, a lively & cute girl, starts working & living in Rabbit House café, which resides in a very peaceful town with european style houses. The anime shows you how Cocoa interacts with Chino & the other girls along the way, in a very comedic & cute way that is fun to watch.
Is the Order a Rabbit is very relaxing & nice watch, and it does that in a funny way that never gets boring. It sets itself apart from all the anime that revolves around cuteness in more than a way.
I strongly recommend you that you watch this anime if you like relaxing & cozy anime, especially if you like anything to do with cafés, as there are many of those in the anime. And of course, people who are into moe & cute girls must watch it as well.

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And finally

The deep thought Kiniro Mosiac made me have is how nice that Shino & Alice likes each other despite being from totally different environments, and how they are trying to understand each other cultures along the way.
I hope you liked my Kiniro Mosaic review, and I hope to see you soon with other anime reviews.

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Quotes from Kiniro Mosaic

  • “A-An angel! This girl is a blonde-haired angel!” – Shinobu

Review Sources & Credit

Some character Information in the review were taken from Kinmoza Wikia
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