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Is the Order a Rabbit Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

Hoto Cocoa, a lively & cute girl, starts working & living in Rabbit House café, which resides in a very peaceful town with european style houses. The anime shows you how Cocoa interacts with Chino & the other girls along the way, in a very comedic & cute way that is fun to watch.
Is the Order a Rabbit is very relaxing & nice watch, and it does that in a funny way that never gets boring. It sets itself apart from all the anime that revolves around cuteness in more than a way.
I strongly recommend you that you watch this anime if you like relaxing & cozy anime, especially if you like anything to do with cafés, as there are many of those in the anime. And of course, people who are into moe & cute girls must watch it as well.

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Cocoa & Chino

Good things about Is the Order a Rabbit

  • One of the cutest anime you could ever watch.
  • Also, it is one of the best Cute Girls Doing Cute things anime.
  • Despite the characters being very cute, the anime doesn’t fully relies on cuteness to appeal to its audience.
  • The anime doesn’t revolves around school at all, which is a change for this type of anime, whose events usually happen in school.
  • The european-style town is quite a change for those who watched a lot of anime and wanted something of a change. Even though many of us quite like how the streets of Japanese cities look like. :D

Possibly bad things about Is the Order a Rabbit

Is the Order a Rabbit is one of these show where I couldn’t find a bad thing about it. Some may criticise the anime as “just another cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime”, but for to some extent, that’s what the anime is all about. I could go through the anime & criticise the musique here or the art there. But I don’t think that will add value to you or any reader of this review.
One thing I have to add here, if you don’t like cute-girls-doing-cute things shows, you are unlikely to like this anime. Even though it has a better chance to appeal to the like of you compared to similar anime to it.


The story happen in a european-style town, it is as if Japan has decided to adopt that style of buildings in one of its towns for a change, this gives it a new atmosphere compared to anime that are similar to it, which usually occurs in school for the most part.
At first, you have Cocoa, who arrives at the town to work for Rabbit House café in exchange of letting her stay in. At first she enters the café as a customer, without knowing that she already arrived at the place she is supposed to go to (do you see what kind of fun events that comes out of that), and from there on, Cocoa starts working at the café, along with Chino. And throughout the story, Cocoa gets to have more friends like Rize, Sharo & Chiya.
That’s pretty much it, the anime is mostly about cute girls & the elegant settings they are in, along with a lot of funny moments  that are done in a very good way.
Is the Order a Rabbit is kind of episodic, so every episode has its own story, but the episodes builds upon the things you learned about the characters in the previous ones.
At first, Is the Order a Rabbit appears to be just another Cute-girls-doing-cute-things, but then you will discover that there are to the show than mere cuteness, with the amount of comedy in this anime, which usually comes when you expect it the least, as well as the very well-done way the characters tend to interact with each other. Is the Order a Rabbit is one of the most unique ones of its kind.

The art

Cocoa Eating

The art of Is the Order a Rabbit is top-notch, and that adds to the enjoyment of watching it. You will notice how the art is beautiful & how the colours pops out from the very beginning, especially during the opening song “Daydream Café”.
The european settings are quaint & elegant, and arts successfully manage to convert the peacefulness of the town from the very few seconds of the anime.


Is the Order a Rabbit Characters

Characters of Is the Order a Rabbit / Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Hoto Cocoa


Hoto Cocoa, or Hot Cocoa as that’s where her name came from, is the main character of Is the Order a Rabbit. And the most funny one among them, with the impulsive way she tends to act, she shows some hilarious reaction in many situations throughout the anime.
Cocoa is a bit of hyper, likes cute things & always finds herself willing to hug & cuddle them. She is a little of scatterbrained, where she sometimes doesn’t understand the situation around her.
In my opinion, Cocoa is the one who makes this anime the lovely one that is, without saying that the other characters are not part of this.

Kafū Chino


Kafū Chino, which is named after Cappuccino, is Kuudere girl of the anime, and the daughter of Rabbit House café owner, she works at the café during the day,while her father manages it during the night.
Despite being the youngest among the main 5 girls, Chino is one of the mature ones.
Chino always has Tippy the bunny on her head, and she talks to her from time to time.

Tedeza Rize


Tedeza Rize is named after Thé des Alizés tea, she works in Rabbit house café, along with Cocoa & Chino. She is obsessed with guns and military things, which is unusual for a cute girl, and that’s one of the things that makes her stand out very much, which I guess is one of the reasons why she is one of the most popular girls in the anime. While this anime has no Tsundere in it, we could count Rize as kind of one, giving how she has some problems expressing herself.
Rize is the richest girl among the five in the anime, and she attends a prestigious high school, the same one Sharo attends.

Ujimatsu Chiya


Ujimatsu Chiya, who is named after uji matcha tea, works in a Japanese sweets café named AmaUsa (Or Sweet Bunny in English ^^), which her family owns. She has the habit of naming the sweets in her café with long but poetic names. Along with Chino, Chiya is the calmest girl in the group, and her tender personality makes her comfort the others when they are in distress. Chiya is Sharo’s childhood friend, and lives right next to her.

Kirima Sharo


Kirima Sharo, who is named after Kilimanjaro coffee, is a girl with rich lady aura, much more than Rize, thanks to her curly blonde hair, and the way she has affection toward tea/coffee cups, she attends the same high school as Rize, and seems to have feelings toward her for some reason. She is also Chiya’s childhood friends.



Tippy is the bunny that’s always on top of Chino’s head. And of course there is more to it than looks like, I mean, he is….. Tippy after all (Spoiler avoided).

Pacing & Enjoyment

Is the Order a Rabbit is funny, kind of episodic, each episode shows you one side of the characters. The way the characters compliment each other & the amount of funny moments that are done well adds to the fun of watching it.
Sharo & Bunny Squeak Funny Moment
Is the Order a Rabbit has a good rewatching value, I personally watched it twice, and I can see myself watching it for a third time in the future, giving how much it is enjoyable to watch, even though I know what is going to happen.
Pacing of Is the Order a Rabbit is pretty normal, but not the degree that makes it slow or boring, since there is always something happening almost all the time, it never becomes a drag at all.

Extra Few Things

The opening song

Is the Order a Rabbit opening song of “Daydream Café” is quite catchy & suits the anime very well, I found myself watching it many times in the two times I watched this anime. The song tends to get stuck in your ears for a quite some time, and I always tended to hear “kokoro pyonpyon macho….” in my ears. :3

A very relaxing & cozy watch

Is the Order a Rabbit is a very relaxing watch, I remember when I watched I happened to be stressed at the time, and it somewhat helped me feel a bit more relaxed.

Second season of Is the Order a Rabbit is coming soon~

In Gakken’s Megami Magazine, March 2015 issue,  a second season of Is the Order a Rabbit has been announced, and it will be  called “Is the order a rabbit??”, with two questions marks instead of one.

And finally

Some anime make me think of deep things, and in the case of this anime, I thought “it would be really nice if we could live our lives in the same relaxed way as Cocoa” :3
This aniime doesn’t cover everything in the manga, and fortunately, the second season is airing in October 2015, where I hope we will know more about the characters, and hopefully it will contain the same amount of fun moments.
I hope you liked my Is the Order a Rabbit review, and I hope to see you soon with other anime reviews.

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Quotes from Is the Order a Rabbit

  • “You get one cuddle per cup of coffee.” – Chino Kafū

If you liked Is the Order a Rabbit (Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?)

If you liked this anime, following are some more anime that is somewhat similar to it. But bear in mind than they are not identical to it, as this anime has set itself apart in more than a way.

Girlfriends (Beta)

Girlfriends (beta)

Also known as Girlsfriends (Kari). Also features many cute girls, each with a different personality. Also, the opening song of Girlfriends (Beta) is quite catchy as well.
I am yet to review Girlfriends in this blog yet, but I may do that in the future^^

Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic

While it is trying to do something quite different than this anime is trying to do, Kiniro Mosaic shares the same super relaxing atmosphere, with a comparable amount of cuteness as well. Though Kiniro Mosaic is more of a cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime than this anime is.

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