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Ouran High School Host Club Review In Few Words (Mini review)

A commoner girl in a school built for the rich & prestigious folk. One day, that girl stumbles upon a club for entertaining girls, and ended up being indebted to it, so she has to serve that club until she fully pay her debt, this leads her to get to know & interact with the various males members of the club, in a very funny shoujo setting.
I definitely recommend you to watch this anime if you are into romance-comedy, comedy or Shoujo in general.

Good things about Ouran High School Host Club

  • A lot of funny moments, which makes it so enjoyable to watch.
  • Good rewatching value, the anime is still funny even the second time you watch it.

Possibly bad things about Ouran High School Host Club

Honestly, there are none, Host Club is simply that good. It does what it is trying to do so well. Now, this is not me being a fanboy or anything, I simply couldn’t find anything bad to criticise this one. :)

Story (Contains spoilers for the first episode)

The stories happen in Ouran High school, a prestigious school reserved for the rich & high-class people, and that’s very clear in the extravagant of the school building & all.
The protagonist is Haruhi, who looks quite the ugly type of boys, and a commoner who got there by earning a scholarship. One day, Haruhi stumbles upon the host club, a club dedicated to entertain girls, and by mistake, Haruhi break an expensive jar, one that’s worth 8 million yen (worthes about $65,000, if not more). Since Haruhi has no money to pay for it, she had to work for the host club until she fully pay back the value of the jar.
A good surprise is, after some time, the guys in the host club finds out that Haruhi is actually a girl (sorry if this is a spoiler). But since the club is a guys club, Haruhi keeps working in the club while pretending to be a guy, and only the members of the Host Club knows that.
These are the events of the first episode so far, which really gives you a good first impression about it, it also makes you curious on how the situation of Haruhi & the host club members evolves.
This anime follows a typical but a good way to set the settings. Make the protagonist get involved in a unique situation, in order to catch the interest of the viewer, then explore that situation from many angles in the rest of the anime.
Another thing that anime does is something typical of shoujo, a girl get surrounded by men, men who are mostly superior than the girl in a way or another. But the circumstances makes them be close to her enough to notice her charm points after some time, and possibly some romance may develop from that.
At the beginning, the guys in the host club gives you the impression that they are just a bunch of rich guys with nothing to worry about in life, but as you get to know more about them. You will find out that can’t be more far than truth.
And like the case where the anime starts airing while the manga is still ongoing, Ouran High School Host Club anime doesn’t cover the story of the manga, so you will need to read the whole manga (which is finished by now) to know everything that happens after the anime.

Anime that’s lot of fun


For most of the anime, they show you how the host club guys, along with Haruhi, entertain the female guests of the club. So there are many girl side characters introduced every now and then.
Some of the jokes in the anime comes around the host club members, and some of them are about high-class people not understanding commoners & vice-versa, and of course, there are parodies thrown here & there.
When it comes to humour, Ouran High School Host Club deserves 10/10 by all means.

The art

The art of Ouran High school Host Club is the basic 2D art you find in most of the anime in the 2000s decade (which was a good decade in my opinion), and It fits with the comedy theme of the show. When needed, there are also these shiny & emotional moments where they show you the guys in a very detailed manner.


Note:- I avoided saying anything about the characters pasts to avoid spoiling anything on you. :)
Ouran High School Host Club Characters

Characters of Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka


Haruhi is the main protagonist of Ouran High School Host Club. She is so intelligent, which is why she got a scholarship to attend Ouran High School, but she has to keep getting the top marks in her class to keep that scholarship. Haruhi’s appearance, including the short & dishevelled hair, at the beginning of the anime makes the host club members mistake her for a male.
For those who are critical of the shoujo genre, Haruhi’s life does not revolves around making sweets for her guy or anything (though that itself is not bad if it was done correctly).

Tamaki Suoh


Tamaki is what I consider the male protagonist in Ouran High school Host Club. Tamaki is the president of the club, and the one who founded it (along with Kyoya). He is quite the prince type, with blonde hair & blue eyes, but behaves in a way that makes fun of the handsome guys you see in shoujo. He views the Host Club as a family, with him being the father.
I consider Tamaki to be the most comedic element in the anime, with his idiotic behaviour and the way his face expression change often.

Kyoya Ootori


The vice-president of the host club, Tamaki considers Kyoya to be the mother in the Host Club family. Beside being the vice-president, Kyoya is the one responsible for the budget of the club, and is the one who keeps track of Haruhi’s debt throughout the anime.
Kyoya rarely entertains the guests in the host club, yet he is the one earning the club money using events and selling merchandises. Despite that, Kyoya has many fans among the guests.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (The twin)


The mischievous & devil twin of the host club, they often act the theme of incestuous love between them, or the “Forbidden Brotherly Love” as they call it, they often do that to entertain the guests of the host club.
Hikaru and Kaoru often play a game asking people who is Hikaru among the two.
The twin have different personalities, Kaoru is the nice & mature one while Hikaru is the immature one.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey)


Mitsukuni Haninozuka, or Honey-senpai in short, is the loli-shota type among the host club members. Despite being one of the oldest members in the club he has the appearance of a little boy and acts that way as well, which makes him attractive to the female guests of the club.
Honey likes cute things and is often seen to be eating cake. He always carries his pink bunny named Usa-chan with him.

Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)


Takashi Morinozuka, who is often called Mori, considered to the the wild type among the host club members.
Mori is the cousin of Honey senpai, and the only person to call him by his name instead of “Honey”. Mori is very protective of Honey, and Honey often rides on Mori’s shoulder.

Pacing & Enjoyment

Ouran High School Host Club is not a anime you watch for the story mainly, but for the humour & characters interaction. The anime takes its time to proceed with the story, but it doesn’t overdo that so the pacing is not that bad. As for enjoyment goes, it is high giving the amount of good comedy & parody in it.

And finally

Besides being one of the best comedy anime classics you may watch, I can say much more about Ouran High School Host Club other than that you have to watch it yourself as soon as you can. Also, I hope you liked my Ouran High School Host Club review, and I hope to see you soon with other anime reviews.

Quotes from Ouran High School Host Club

  • “I would solve a friend’s problem… then also find a way to keep them from ending up with a new one” – Haruhi Fujioka.
  • “What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There’s more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know” – Suoh Tamaki.


Review Sources & Credit

Some character information in the review were taken from Ouran High School Host Club’s Wikia & Wikipedia pages.
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