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The Devil Is a Part Timer Review In (Hataraku Maou-sama!) Few Words (Mini Review)

The devil lord, who made atrocities in his world while trying to conquer it, finds himself in another world with no mean of living. So he has to work hard in order to keep living & to regain power & influence someday. All of that is done in a comedic way, where seeing the powerful demon lord and his companions struggle is done in a funny way, and where the difference between the two world is used to make jokes at times. This is one of the very enjoyable anime that has been made recently. And one I totally recommend for those who are yet to watch it.

Good things about The Devil Is a Part Timer

  • Excellent comedy that is done very well.
  • The anime is very enjoyable, which is a big plus in any anime.
  • The story of the anime is very unique for its time, even among the other anime that followed the same “demon lord doing ordinary things” formula that appeared in anime a while ago.

Possibly bad things about The Devil Is a Part Timer

  • The main gripe I have about The Devil Is a Part Timer is how short it is, it is one of those anime that really needed to be 24 episodes long, which is why I am looking forward for a second season for it.



In another world that’s totally separated from us, called Ente Isla, the demon lord Satan tried to conquer that world with the help of his generals Adramelech, Lucifer, Alsiel, and Malacoda. And to a great extent, he managed to do that. Until a human hero appears, which results in Satan losing the battle at the end. When the hero reaches Satans castle, Satan realises that he has to escape to another world, along with his general Alsiel. And as you may have guessed, the another world they went to is another world.
Due to the fact that our world has no magical power in it, Satan & Alsiel lose their demonic looks, and appears to be just like any other human being, which help them a lot to live in the new world they transferred to.
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To live in our world, they need a source of income, so the demon lord Satan get a part-time job at MgRonalds (Or McDonalds as we know it ^^).
The story continue from here, where the demon world plans to use his new part-time job as a starting point to get to regain power & influence.
Despite the seemingly serious settings, The Devil Is a Part Timer is a pretty much a comedy anime, a first class comedy. This appears from the moment Satan & Asiel reach to our world and get mistaken for cosplayers. which is one of many things that made The Devil Is a Part Timer the well-made comedy it is.


Characters of The Devil Is a Part Timer / Hataraku Maou-sama!

Characters of The Devil Is a Part Timer / Hataraku Maou-sama!

Sadao Maou


The demon world of the other world, whose real name in Enta Isla’s world is Satan Jacob. In our world, he works a part-time job, and works very hard at it, and he dreams of getting many promotions in order to gain influence in our world.
Sadao Maou’s demon form is similar to his human form, but looks more gar with his muscled body, and has two horns on each side of his head.
It is interesting to point out that the Maou part of Sadao Maou means “demon lord”.

Shirō Ashiya


Shirō Ashiya, or Asiel, is the demon lord general that accompanied Maou-Sama to our world. Ashiya is very loyal to Maou, to the degree he still calls him “Your Majesty”, even though he is no longer a lord. During their stay in Japan, Ashiya takes the role of the “Housewife” in the small apartment they rented, he takes care of all the laundry, cleaning & cooking in it.
Besides being the housewife of the household, he also manages the expenses of the two, and tries to limit the amount Maou-sama spends as much as possible.

Emi Yusa


Emi Yusa the female protagonist of the anime, and the hero that defeated demon lord in Enta Isla. She followed him to our world in order to completely destroy him, as she could’t do that in her own world. During her stay in our world, she works in a data center. :D
Just like Maou in Maou’s name means “demon lord”, the Yusa in Emi’s name is similar to “Yuusha”, which means “Hero” in Japanese.

Chiho Sasaki


High school girl and a co-worker for Maou-sama at MgRonalds. She has no idea of his real identity, and thought that Emi was Maou’s ex-girlfriend at first.
Because it is impossible to talk more about Chiho without spoiling things on you, I won’t say anything more. ^^

Pacing & Enjoyment

The pacing of The Devil Is a Part Timer is excellent, it never feels slow, and the enjoyment of it is very high, very high, the settings makes you want to know what is going to happen next, your mind will live with our demon lord & Asiel, wanting to know what they will happen tot hem starting from their tiny start over.

Extra Few Things

Enta Isla Language

The language of Enta Isla, which is called Entean, sounded pretty much like a foreigner language to me. At the beginning I thought it was a garbage made to look like a real language, but it turned out it was English where characters are switched around. The alphabet of English are switched from ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ to AZYXEWVTISRLPNOMQKJHUGFDCB. So the world “Alb” us spelled “Alz” for example. ^^

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And finally

The Devil Is a Part Timer is an anime that anyone who likes comedy & enjoyable anime should watch, while the background story of the anime is kind of dark, the focus in the anime is mostly on the comedic side. The fact that a devil lord ends up working part-time job in another world is funny on its own. ^^
And the deep thought I got from this anime is how Maou-sama is working hard & struggling to regain power even after falling that much is admirable, even though he was trying to gain power in order to do devil things. I hope you liked my The Devil Is a Part Timer review, and I hope to see you soon with other anime reviews.

Quotes from The Devil Is a Part Timer

  • “If you feel the ends justify the means, how does that make you different from us demons, exactly?” – Maou Sadao.
  • “I’ve never seen a hero fall down stairs, cry, and get first aid from demons.” – Maou Sadao.

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