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Teekyuu Review In Few Words (Mini Review).

Since Teekyuu is very short, and maybe shorter than it will take you to read this review. I will give you simple assessment of it very quickly, if you enjoy random comedy, then you are very likely going to like Teekyuu. If not, then you may not like it. And since it is really short, watching the first or two episodes to judge it yourself won’t take that much from you.

If you liked Teekyuu, then you are in luck, as there are 7 seasons by the time I am writing this review, and maybe more of it will be produced in the future.

Good Things About Teekyuu

  • The randomness in the anime can be funny if this is the type of things you can enjoy.
  • Lovely anime for those with short attention span. :3

Possibly Bad Things Teekyuu

  • It is not for everyone, it is one of these anime that you will either like or totally don’t.


Teekyuu is pretty random anime, with no real story behind it. Tennis is pretty much an excuse for the girls to hand out together or something, as it is totally not the main focus of this anime. Which is interesting, giving that the word Teekyuu is a pun on the Japanese word for tennis, which is “Teikyou”.


Teekyuu is a pretty short anime, with each episode consists of 2 minutes only, so the whole anime is less than 25 minutes watch. Which could be shorter than the time it will take you to read this review, lool. XD

Just like some anime are described as “Cute girls doing cute things”, Teekyuu can easily be described as “4 cute girls in a tennis club doing random things”, beyond that, there is nothing to talk about here, as the girls end up doing all sorts of things, I can give you some examples of these things, but I would rather get you to see them yourself. :)

The Art


Teekyuu art is simple but good enough. It goes well with how quick the anime is. Just by looking at some of the screenshots in this review, you will get a very good idea about how it looks like.

The opening song is very catchy, since it is also short, watching it with every episode won’t take much, and it sums up what Teekyuu is all about. Even after years of watching the anime, I still remember it until now.

Pacing & Enjoyment

The pacing of Teekyuu is pretty fast, I am not saying this just because the episodes are short, but because the anime actually move pretty fast, things happen so fast in it that you will need to read the subtitles fast. The fast pacing of the anime can go against it, unless you can adjust to it, which is what happened to me.

As for the enjoyment, it is one of the anime that you will either really like or totally don’t. In my case, it was a hit, but I am pretty aware how anime of the likes of Teekyuu are not for everyone.


There are 4 main characters in Teekyuu, each character is very unique compared to the others:-

Shinjou Kanae

Shinjou Kanae

A second year student, with a tiny & short figure. Which allows her to break the laws of physics at times, like splitting herself into two or sinking into the ground.

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Oshimoto Yuri

Oshimoto Yuri

Unlike the other 3 girls, Yuri is good at tennis. She is the only sane girl among the main 4. So she tends to get surprised by the other girls’ behavior.

Bandou Marimo

Bandou Marimo

A girl that has many misconceptions about the world, which sometimes gets her in trouble. For one, she has the habit of wearing or eating girls’ panties.

Takamiya Nasuno

Takamiya Nasuno

Nasuno is girl with a lot of wealth, she wanted to try out tennis, so she joined the tennis club after she got back to Japan (she was in Ngaounde, Cameroon). She is not good at it though.

If You Liked Teekyuu, There Are Much More To It

By the time of writing this review, there are 7 seasons of Teekyuu, I only watched the first two myself, which were good in my opinion, but I plan to marathon all the others in one go later, which I hope will be a good watch, assuming the quality of the comedy stayed the same in the later seasons.

Giving how short all the seasons are, watching the 7 seasons is equivalent to watching 7.6 episodes of other anime.

Anime To Watch If You Liked Teekyuu

Yuru Yuri

Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily Season 2 Review (Yuru Yuri♪♪) Featured

Two cute girls take over the tea ceremony club, and use it to start The Amusement club. Which is only about them doing whatever they want. Yuruyuri Happy Go Lily may feel like another cute girls doing cute things anime, but it does things different than other anime like that.

In general, Yuruyuri is a good anime for those who watch anime for enjoyment, and the very good & funny characters in this anime means that those who watch anime for the character won’t be disappointed either.

And Finally


While there are some short anime around, you don’t see anything bizarre like Teekyuu around that much. Which I hope it will continue to be produced in the future.

I hope you liked my Teekyuu review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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