Lolita Caramel Skits Are Now Available, Download Them For Free (Download the same file for the latest skit)

Lolita Caramel Visual Novel Is Available Featured Image

This is the first release of Lolita Caramel, which tell a short story using two of my characters. I really hope you find enjoyable & worthy or your time, please subscribe to the newsletter to get more updates about the project. :3

Kindly download the visual novel from the links below, which contains all the skits I released so far. ^^

Download & Installation

To install the visual novel, simply unzip the file corresponding to your operating system, then run the file Lolita_Caramel_Free_Skits.exe. For Mac users, run the file

Most operating systems come with file archiver, I also recommend WinRar in case you are looking for another program.

The file contains all the skits I released so far, including the latest skit. :)

Download For Windows                 Download For Mac

Now I will let you enjoy Lolita Caramel, the rest of this post will contain information about it & some of my future plans for it. :)

What Is A Visual Novel?

Here is the Wikipedia definition for visual novel, which I modified a little bit:-

Visual Novel is an interactive novel featuring mostly static graphics, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video footage). As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels.

I think that the best way to recognize a visual novel is to take a look at it, here is a screenshot from Lolita Caramel:-


What Are The Genres Of Lolita Caramel?

I am not %100 sure yet, as I am trying to showcase the characters at the time being. But I think of it as Shoujo, Comedy, School, Romance, Slice of Life & Supernatural  :>

There may be some glimpse of romance in upcoming stories, but that won’t be enough to classify it as romance.

How Often Will The Skits Be Released?

It depends, for simple stories, I can release skits often, but to keep improving on the skits, I need a lot of time. I will try to balance between having more skits & improving the quality of them.

You are more than welcome to tell me what you prefer, more skits, or less but better skits with longer waits between them. :)

How About The Final Novel, One That Features A Full-Fledged Story?

Assuming there is demand for a final novel, I will start creating it once I get enough resources, and once I write the script for it.

Out of curiosity, what’s the main story about?

When she was 7 years old, Lolita de Calémia’s dad made her the heiress of the family business, instead of her older prodigy sister, Lily., and for reasons people don’t know about. Now she is 12, Lolita is under the spotlight of the velvet society, the high-class people of Miémorrina.  Some people don’t think  she can be anywhere like her sister, while many others have already accepted her.

The main story goes deeper than that, with 3 main arc involving Lolita herself.

How many characters are there?

There are 5-6 main characters. The characters total is about 20, more or less. I will publish the characters list right around the time I release the 5th skit.

Here’s a picture showcasing most of the characters, you can click on the picture to enlarge it:-

Lolita Caramel Characters

How Can I Know About Any Future Releases?

You can get notifications about upcoming releases using the following means:-

  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter below here, where I will post above future releases, and maybe about other things (I won’t spam you with messages either way):-

To subscribe to Lolita Caramel newsletter, please enter your E-Mail below~

I won’t spam you or anything~

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22 responses

  1. I just gotta ask, what are the recommended PC specs for your game? I was thinking of streaming your game to get the word out, so gotta know it to put up the correct stream settings for it. That is, if you allow me to stream the game ;)

    • Hello Morgan,

      Thank you for being interested in Lolita Caramel, you are surely welcome to stream it. Send me a link to the video once it is done, I would like to take a look at it :)

      As for the specifications, the native resolution of the game is 1280 X 720. Not sure what other specification you need, so ask me if there’s anything else you need to know.

  2. Hi Monia,

    I guess and you did your utopian country named Miemorrina and its nice! I’ve been mistakenly called Sapphire to your character Sophie. I, too was curious of what will Sophie do in your school despite on her identity hidden.

    Well, it seems you’re still fitting your story to a genre. What I’ve seen in your short clip is a School type that will flow towards a shoujo type since your characters still a way young and focuses on school. It might be a slice-of-life type if you grow your characters a little and being more mature to experience love life’s. Let’s see what will happen next and honestly, this clip felt too short.

    Overall, it’s a good start and I’m looking forward what will happen next. Cheers! :)

    • Hello Jecco,

      I think the name Sapphire suits Sophie in a way. She hides her character often, and she does that to hang out with Lolit. This time around, she decided to visit Lolita’s school for once, to see how it looks like. :>

      Miémorrina is not a utopian country by the way, it has a lot of problems, some of them are likely going to appear in my stories. ^^

      Yes, just like you said, the main genre for Lolita Caramel is shoujo, but there are other ones that also fits. Going the slice-of-life route sounds good to. There will be parts outside the school by the way, but they may not appear for a while.

      I agree it was too short, but keeping it that way made it easier for me to learn many things on how to make a visual novel, the next one will be longer, and then it will keep getting longer, until I decide on a standard for how long each episode/skit should be.

      I really appreciate your comment by the way, and I hope you like the upcoming installment of Lolita Caramel. ^^

      • I see. A struggling country is a plus! Sapphire seems to be a great alternative to Sophie’s hidden identity. BTW, just let the story be more focused on Lolita Caramel since she’s the main protagonist in your story, right? :))

        And yes, should you decide on the standard length for the skit in your VN which is not too short nor too long, just right. As long as if your story gets animated, should also focus on a typical 24-minute run for each episode, and more or less. :))

        Also, just make your story be more unique and should come from your heart. Struggles are really a plus! Good luck on your launching this series! Cheers!

        • It is more like prospering, but it still has problems to overcome.. The main story will focus a lot on Lolita, but the skits may not always do that, for now. :D

          Yes, I was thinking of something along the lines of 20-30 minutes, I think the next one will be 15 minutes at the very least.

          That’s a good advice by the way, I will keep it in mind. Thank you ^^

          • I see. It’s okay, it’s always been there all the time. :)

            BTW, the voice language of your story should be where your locality is. As my experience, I appreciate more of Japanese anime in a Japanese/Local dubs rather than being translated to English or other languages. For example, if your story is a lot French, then, it should be voiced out in French. :))


          • Yes, and it will continue to be there forever hopefully~

            Hmm, I think that would be possible if I had voice or something. But since there’s only text, making it in French will limit the number of people who could read it. But I will keep that in mind for a future reference. ^^

    • Hello Robert~

      Of course there will be a reference to it, the Monia Café you know is itself a reference of the one I always imagined inside Miémorrina. ^^

  3. I have also just started streaming as well and was thinking of doing a LP live of it, to showcase it, would this be allowed? I don’t have many followers, but am willing to record to and get it on twitch.

    • Hello Nake,

      Sure that’s allowed, but please add a link to this post in the description, so people could play it if they want. :)

  4. Konichiwa !!
    I downloaded it and it’s cute and fun.
    a little short, but it’s so great that u make these skits.
    so cool and I hope u get better and better at it !!
    and it’s cool that u draw them, I’m going to buy intous comic and I wish I draw like u <3
    * BTW I am in love with Japan *_* <3 are u japanese or do u know japanese people :))
    cuz I have a kanji necklace but I don't know what's written on it :''''''((
    can u find me someone to read it *-*
    Arigato !

    • Konichiwa Ala’a,

      I am glad you liked it, I am making the next part these days, I hope I finish it faster this time~ :>
      Stay tuned for it :D
      Congratulation on your new graphics tablet. I hope you got the medium one you wanted. ^^
      Also, I hope you get better at drawing :>

      As for your question, I am not a Japanese, nor do I know any in real life (I met some online). I am sure I will meet more once my Japanese gets better.

      Hmmm, if it’s one Kanji, and one that I know, then I can read what’s one the necklace.


  5. i have played this game before,
    its cute, and fun~

    well, today i got mail from you~ and it bring me here again~ hehe

    • Hihi AdeHaze!

      I am glad you liked Lolita Caramel. The E-Mail you got was because I released a new part of it. Please download it from the same link when you have the time~

      Have fun ^^

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