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Mashiroiru Symphony Review Feautued

Mashiroiro Symphony review in few words

The two private schools in Kagamidai decide to merge into one, where one of the schools is an all-girls school, where many of the girls are against the merger. Uryuu Shingo, and his sister Sakuno, his friend Hayata Mukunashi are among the test student from Kagamidai Private Academy, who will attend Yuihime Girls’ Academy as test students for the merger, and that’s where things begin.

Mashiroiro Symphony: Color of Lovers is a lovely example of a harem anime that is done well, at least compared to most harem out there, with a better protagonist than the norm, excellent art and a good story to follow. The anime is adapted the visual novel under the name “Mashiroiro Symphony: Love is pure white” that is yet to get any English patch, neither officially nor unofficially.

This is not a normal harem:- Some of us may tend to stay away from any harem anime, seeing how many of them repeat the same thing over and over, Mashiroiro Symphony is not like that. While it contains many elements that harem anime are known for, it is done in a better way. I personally think that if you didn’t like Mashiroiro Symphony, then it is likely that the harem genre is not for you.
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Good things about Mashiroiro Symphony

  • One of the best harem anime out there.
  • Doesn’t follow all the harem genre tropes.
  • Has a protagonist that is not annoying at all.

Possibly bad things about Mashiroiro Symphony

  • You won’t see character development for all the characters out there.


Unlike many harem anime, where the guy just meet 4-5 girls and the story goes from there, in Mashiroiro Symphony, there is more story than that.

The anime starts with Uryuu Shingo, whose sister gets lost, so he goes to find her, and he ends up meeting a girl called Sena, who was also lost. XD

Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 1

This all happens in the fictional town of Kagamidai, where two schools exist, Yuihime all-Girls school, and Kagamidai Private Academy, which is a co-ed. One day, the two school decide to merge into one school, and as part of the merger process, test students from Kagamidai private school, including Singo & Sakuno, where chosen to attend Yuihime Girls’ Academy, where many the girls are against the merger, led by Sena, who turned out to be the daughter of the headmaster of Yuihime Girls’ Academy, which results in some interesting turn of event.

Usually in the Visual Novels, you get to choose the girl you end up with depending on the choices you make during the game. But in the anime, the protagonist will get to end with only one girl, can you guess who is she going to be?

The Art

The Art

One of the main reasons I was attracted to Mashiroiro Symphony was the art, and that happened even before I got to start it. Once I watched the first episode I was hooked. I said to myself “even if the anime turned out to be bad, I can still watch it for the art and enjoy it”. And I was lucky it was good in more than just the art.

While the art doesn’t match the fantastic art of the visual novel, it is still great with its use of strong colours. There are few anime that has similar colouring style to Mashiroiro Symphony, like D-Frag (though there are many that has a comparable style).

There is also this lovely glow around the eye you don’t usually get in anime eyes, which distinguishes the art from many other anime.

For those who like school uniforms, you don’t just get one gorgeous one, but two of them. The school uniforms of Kagamidai & Yuihime are both elegant and nice to look it.

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Mashiroiro Symphony-Characters

Characters of Mashiroiro Symphony: Color of Lovers

Uryuu Shingo

Uryuu Shingo

Shingo is the main protagonist of Mashiroiro Symphony, and a second year student of Kagamidai Academy. And one of the test male students that were chosen to attend Yuihime Girls’ Academy to see how the students get along. Shingo is hardworking and kind guy, who is well-respected among his friends from Kagamidai.

Shingo is a bit better than usual harem protagonist, while it would have been better if he had more proactive character, he is less annoying than the average harem protagonist, and that’s one of that things that make Mashiroiro Symphony better.

Uryuu Shingo is voiced by Mizushima Takahiro.

Sena Airi

Sena Airi

The headmaster daughter of the Yuihime Girls’ Academy, who is strongly against the merger, along with many of Yuihime students who fully support her. Which makes her refuses to get along with the boys.

She meets Shingo while he was looking for Sakuno at the beginning of the anime.

Sena Airi is voiced by Ono Ryouko.

Uryuu Sakuno

Uryuu Sakuno

Shingo’s little sister, who is also among the test student to attend Yuihime Girls’ Academy, but she have it okay since she is a girl.

Sakuno has a poor sense of direction, which can result in her losing the way when she go to some errand, she is a very quiet girl. And interestingly enough, despite being the youngest among Mashiroiro Symphony girls, she is the tallest of them all.

Uryuu Sakuno is voiced by Gotou Mai.

Sewell Angelina Nanatsu (Ange)

Sewell Angelina Nanatsu (Ange)

Sewell Angelina Nanatsu, or Ange in short, is a second year student in Yuihime Girls’ Academy, who wears a maid uniform instead of school uniform all the time. She is very accepting of the merger and the boys from Kagamidai from the very beginning. She has a British mother yet she can’t speak English, as she always lived in Japan.

Ange is happy all the time, and is always happy to do her role as a maid.

Sewell Angelina Nanatsu is voiced by Ichimura Oma.

Amaha Miu

Amaha Miu

A 3rd year in the Yuihime Girl’ Academy, and the owner of Pannya, a strange looking “cat”. Miu doesn’t mind the boys who started to attend Yuihime, and considers it a good experience to have boys in her school, as she always attended a all-girls school.

Miu likes animals so much, and has more than a cat in her house.

Amaha Miu is voiced by Rikimaru Noriko.

Inui Sana

Inui Sana

A second year in Yuihime Girls’ School, and a childhood friend of Airi. But unlike Airi, she accepted the boys from Kagamidai & treated them nicely.

Inui Sana is voiced by Yoshida Mayumi.



Pannya is Miu’s strange cat pet, who is called “creature” at some part of the anime. “Pannya” comes from “panda” and “nyanko” (“kitty” in Japanese).

Pannya is voiced by Sakurai Harumi.

Other characters

Other of the characters in Mashiroiro Symphony are Hayata Mukunashi, Shingo’s friend and the student council president of Kagamidai private school, and Sena Ranka, the headmaster of Yuihime Girl’s Academy & Airi’s mom.

Pacing & Enjoyment

Mashiroiro Symphony has a good pacing in general, but it gets slow at some parts. The enjoyment of watching this anime comes from many of the good elements in it, like the story, the art, the music and the comedy scenes, which makes the enjoyment of the anime good in general, especially in the first few episodes.

Extra Few Things

The Opening song

Mashiroiro Symphony Opening

The opening song of Mashiroiro Symphony is one of my favourite anime openings, which is why I am happy to write about it here.^^

The opening is a musical on its own, it focuses on the characters, particually the girls, in a sweet way, the opening scenes match the song pretty well. I personally like the part where the girls run in the snow, which felt so lovely.

The opening song itself, Authentic symphony, which is sang by Choucho, is pretty lovely, I find it hard to describe it in words, so I think it is better that you listen to it to know what I mean. I listened to it many times since I watched Mashiroiro Symphony for the first time back in 2011. ^^

Ending song


The ending song focuses on Pannya most of the time, the song is very happy & good on its own, but I didn’t like it as much as the opening song.

The same goes about the ending song itself, which is Suisai Candy, and sang by Marble.

Mashiroiro Symphony visual novel


Mashiroiro Symphony visual novel, which was first released on the PC on 30 October 2009. under the name “Mashiroiro Symphony: Love is pure white”, was developed by Palette, and is available for both Windows & PSP.

So far, the only way is play the Visual Novel is to learn Japanese, because as far as I know, there is no official or unofficial English patch for it. A translation project started by “Boys Of Silence Translations” in 2013, but it stopped after completing most of the common route.


Mashiroiro Symphony DVD

Mashiroiro Symphony: Color of Lovers DVD has two 2 discs, which contains all the episodes in Japanese voices, along with English subtitles.

And finally

As I kept saying, Mashiroiro Symphony: Color of Lovers is a beautiful anime that is different than other harem. It has a great art, very beautiful girls, and a protagonist we can relate to. And it is not bad at all for a harem anime.

From what I read on the Internet, the Visual Novel is much better, which would have been nice if it was somehow available to English speakers.

At the end, I hope you liked my Mashiroiro Symphony review, and see you again in another one.
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Quotes from Mashiroiro Symphony: Color of Lovers

  • “You’re like big umbrella. You’re the shade from the strong sun’s rays when the weather is good. And you’re the shelter from the cold rain when the weather is bad. You’re always protecting others.” – Ange.
  • “I guess I just want the person I love to be happy. I just want to do something for him.” – Sana Inui.

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