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Girls und panzer review in few words

What if driving tanks & fighting with them against other team became a sport people practice and have clubs for in school? This is what is happening in Girls und panzer. Where 5 cute girl fight to win the Tankery (Sensha-do) tournament.

Girls und panzer is a very funny anime to watch, with an amusing plot that will satisfy you if you are into sports anime. Some people may stay away from it thinking it is just another Cute Girls Doing Cute Things anime with nothing new in it, but they are wrong, while it is full of cute girls, Girls und panzer doesn’t fully depend on that to be a good anime.

Girls und panzer is one more anime I recommend to those who want to watch anime for the enjoyment of it. I am thinking of creating a list of these anime now I have more than 5 of these right now.^^
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Good things about Girls und panzer

  • One of the most enjoyable anime ever.
  • The art & animation of the tanks look fairly realistic and nice to see.
  • A Cute Girls Doing Cute Things anime with a new angle.
  • Has Great rewatching value.

Possibly bad things about Girls und panzer

  • None at all. ^^


Imagine if driving tanks and fighting with it is a sport, where the participants fight using tanks in real landscape & real towns. This is what Sensha-do sport is, which is a martial art in Girls und panzer’s world. Sensha do also means “The way of the tanks”. or Tankery as I will call it in this review.

I don’t blame it when some people stray away from Cute Girls Doing Cute Things anime, as there are many of them that don’t have anything special to them (And other that actually do too). The good thing is, Girls und panzer doesn’t fully focuses on the cuteness of the girls to be a good anime. Besides the cute girls, there are many good battles, with different types of tactics and strategies used in them, a story to follow, and a tournament to enjoy.

The story starts with Nishizumi Miho, who used to be a tank captain in her tankery team, but had a bad experience, and so no longer wants to do tankery, so she joins Oarai High School, a school that doesn’t have a tankery club. Unfortunately for her, her new school decided to start the tankery club after she arrived there, and since the school really wants to win at tankery, the student council forced Miho to join the newly formed tanker club.


All the tanks in this anime are old by our standards, mostly from WWII era. I am not expert in tanks personally, but the tanks details and their animation, as well as the battles themselves seemed very realistic and nice to watch for me.

I usually like it to see a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things with a new angle, like how Kiniro Mosaic focuses on pure cuteness, and Yuruyuri on comedy. And Girls und panzer takes that to a new level of enjoyment, as it focuses on the tactics & the situations Oarai high school tankery team finds itself in.

The Art

Girls und Panzer Art

The characters art is very clean, with shiny hair that are nice to see.

When it comes to the tanks, their details are fairly well done, and their movement & animation are very well-done, with a lot of attention to the details in each tank.

The backgrounds you see during the battles, and more than once in the anime are also very good too.

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Girls und panzer Characters

The main characters in Girls und panzer

There are many characters in Girls und panzer, Oarai has school Tankery club has many teams alone, each team follow a certain theme or type of characters, from the sports team, student council team, to the gaming team.

Nishizumi Miho

Nishizumi Miho

Miho is the protagonist of Girls und panzer, and a second year in Oarai High School. And the president of the Tankery club. She comes from the Nishizumi family known for practicing tankery.

Because of a past experience she had in her last Tankery, she no longer wanted to do Tankery anymore, so she joined a school that doesn’t have a tankery club. But despite her hate for tankery, she is talented at it.

Nishizumi Miho is voiced by Fuchigami Mai.

Takebe Saori

Takebe Saori

Saori is one of the first people to befriend Miho when she transferred to Oarai High School, who strongly wants to fall in love & have a boyfriend someday. Saori is the radio operator in Miho’s team.

Takebe Saori is voiced by Kayano Ai.

Isuzu Hana

Isuzu Hana

A gentle & soft girl from a rich family. She also befriended Miho when she transferred to Oarai high school, along with Saori.

Isuzu Hana is voiced by Ozaki Mami.

Reizei Mako

Reizei Mako

The tank driver in Miho’s team. She is quiet & sleepy most of the time, and not a morning person in general.

Reizei Mako is voiced by Iguchi Yuka.

Akiyama Yukari

Akiyama Yukari

Yukari is the tanks geek in Miho]s team, with a lot of enthusiasm about tanks, and the ammunition loader of Miho’s team. She has a lot of admiration for Miho due to her tankery talents.

Akiyama Yukari is voiced by Nakagami Ikumi.

Other characters

Other characters are Kadotani, Anzu, The student council president in Oarai high school, and her two friends, Momo Kawashima & Yuzu Koyama.

There are also the characters in the other teams our girls will face in the tankery tournament, like Darjeeling, the British team captain who sips tea. to the American team captain who are outgoing.

Pacing & Enjoyment


When it comes to pacing & enjoyment, Girls und panzer comes very high in both. The anime has a close to perfect pacing, that made me look forward to it each week when I watched it when it was airing back in 2012. The battles and the musical parade that accompany it from time to time are very enjoying to use. Also, it is fun to see Oarai high school fight with schools that are stronger than them, yet they sometimes manage to win, thanks to Miho’s strategies.

Extra Few Things

Opening Song

Girls Und Panzer Opening

Girls und panzer opening song, DreamRiser, is nice & fast-paced, it gives you a glimpse on what is coming in the anime. I personally like how it begins with Saori adjusting the camera, only to fall down while she joins her friends for a photo.

The song is sang by Choucho, the same artist who sang the song of Mashiro Iro Symphony, and one of my favourite artists personally.

Ending Song

Girls und panzer ending song features the characters in Chibi form while riding their tank, which is cute to watch. But there is nothing else beyond that really.

The song itself, Enter Enter MISSION!, sang by the voice actresses of the Ankou team. I personally didn’t like it like the opening, but it is nice for an ending song.

Girls und panzer Movie

While we are yet to get a second season of Girls und panzer, but at least we are getting a sequel movie for it, the movie will be under the name Girls und Panzer der Film, and is scheduled to be aired in 21 November 2015, and will be 2 hours long.

Blu-ray & DVD

Girls und panzer Blu-ray

The Girls und panzer blu-ray comes in 2 discs, and contains both the English as well as the Japanese voices. In addition to English subtitles.

Girls und panzer DVD

The Girls und panzer DVD comes in 3 discs, and contains both the English as well as the Japanese voices. In addition to English subtitles.

And Finally


Girls und panzer is not an ordinary Cute Girls Doing Cute things anime, as it is done with a great attention to the tanks details & the strategies applied in it. As well as the great pacing it has, which makes it hard for you to get bored while you watch it.

When it comes to enjoyment, I classify Girls und panzer as one of the most enjoyable anime that aired in 2012. which makes it another anime I would recommend for anyone who likes to watch anime for enjoyment. It is also an easy recommendation to anyone who likes sports & competition anime.

There is one thing I kept wondering while I watched Girls und panzer, which is how much does it cost these schools to repair these tanks every time they get destroyed?

At the end, I hope you liked my Girls und panzer review, and see you again in another one.
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Quotes from Girls und panzer

  • “All is fair in love & War” – Darjeeling.
  • “No matter how fast we go, or no matter how many hits we take, I will never spill my tea” – Darjeeling.
  • “Panzer vor!” – Miho Nishizumi.

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