5 minutes review – WWW.Working!! (Anime recommendations & Suggestion)


What Is WWW.Working!! About

Higashida Daisuke, a guy with a stern face who never smiles, had to works in nearby restaurant because his family business went bankrupt, and so he had to work to pay his mobile bill & commute expenses to the school.

Just like the original Working!. WWW.Working involves different situations between the characters in the restaurant, mainly between 3 possible couples. As well as 4 other characters (a hikikomori, school mate, manager & a lazy mother).

Wagnaria is back, but this time with a new of characters. It’s an Anime I quite recommend for the fans of the original Working!

This review contains very minor spoilers, but nothing serious.

Key Points About WWW.Working!!

  • Contains situations between 3 possible couples. So it can be recommended to those who like romance to a degree.
  • Some of these situation are slightly repetitive.
  • Good if you liked the original Working! !! !!!
  • WWW.Working is a bit different than the original Working in more than a way, especially now it contains some supernatural stuff (which I liked).
  • The pacing speed is medium, it’s better than many other Anime.
  • So far, I don’t know whether there’s any connection between the universe of WWW.Working & the original Anime (other than Wagnaria).
  • The opening(s) of the original working is better.

WWW.Working!! Pictures & Screenshots

One Last Word

I hope you liked this review format, most of us prefer to quickly check out Anime rather than read a lengthy review.

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