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Are Huion pens compatible across their products? Here’s a full list of them (Updated for 2021)

Let’s Do A Little Experiment Between Two Types Of Huion Pens

Let’s say you have a Huion graphics tablet or pen display, and you have lost or broke your pen. Now you’re looking for a new pen. The easy choice is to get the same compatible pen & go with that. But what if you couldn’t find a compatible pen, or if you found a much cheaper pen & wanted to save some bucks by getting it. It would be tempting to know if that pen will work on your Huion device.

To make things easier for you, I have created a list of Huion pens & what tablets & pen displays they are compatible with. I also have two Huion products to experience with. Huion New 1060 Plus, as well as Huion KAMVAS GT-191. And I have two pens models to try on the two devices.

Both pens have no eraser at the back, and have two buttons on the back, which is the standard in many Huion pens. So if they worked, there won’t be any difference in features for the most part (I didn’t test the pressure level on the pens, to be quite honest with you, since both pens supported 8192 pressure levels).

So, In Short, Why Would You Use A Different Types Of Pens?

  • Some Huion pens are cheaper than others.
  • You sometimes don’t find the pen model you want, that’s particularly the case if you have an older graphics tablets.
  • It’s convenient if you have two pens of different types, and you lost one of them (you could do the experiment yourself in that case).

List Of All Huion Pens Types

P68 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets  (requires a single AAA batter to work)



Most Huion devices, except for the following (don’t buy if your device is listed):-

Inspiroy-series (Q11K, G10T, H950P, H640P, H430P ) and GT-SERIES(GT-156HD V2, GT-185, GT-190, GT-191, GT-220 V2, GT-221

You can find the P68 pen in the following Amazon links:-

P80 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets


Most Huion graphics tablets except G10T and Q11K. It’s also reported that it’s not compatible with Huion H430P. It’s also not compatible with Huion pen displays (the ones that are like Wacom Cintiq).

You can find the P80 pen in the following Amazon links:-

PW100 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets


      • Huion H640P
      • Huion H950P
      • Huion H1060P
      • Huion H610PRO V2

You can find the PW100 pen in the following Amazon links:-

PW201 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets


  • Huion H430P

You can find the PW201 pen in the following Amazon links:-

PW500 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets

  • Huion Kamvas GT-191 V2
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 20
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 22
  • Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M
  • Huion HS611
  • Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2
  • Huion Inspiroy WH1409 V2

You can find the PW507 pen in the following Amazon links:-

PW507 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets

  • Huion Kamvas PRO 12
  • Huion Kamvas PRO 13
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 16
  • Huion Kamvas 16
  • Huion Kamvas 20

You can find the PW507 pen in the following Amazon links:-

HUION PW517:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets

  • Huion Kamvas 13
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 24
  • Huion Kamvas 22
  • Huion Kamvas 22 Plus

Not compatible with the following pen displays:- 

  • Kamvas Pro 12
  • Kamvas Pro 13
  • Kamvas Pro 16
  • Kamvas Pro 20
  • Kamvas Pro 22

You can find the PW517 pen in the following Amazon links:-

PE330 Pen:- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets

  • Huion KAMVAS GT-191
  • Huion GT-221
  • Huion GT-156HD V2
  • Huion GT-220 V2

You can find the PE330 pen in the following Amazon links:-

Rechargeable Pen For Monitor GT Series (PC332):- Which Is Compatible With The Following Tablets

  • Huion GT-190
  • Huion GT-185

The Experiment With Two Huion Pens

  • I have tried the Huion KAMVAS GT-191 on the New 1060 Plus 8192, and it worked right away, without me having to do anything. This is interesting, because the PE330 pen is not listed to be compatible with the New 1060 Plus 8192 tablet.
  • I tried it the other way around, and the new 1060 Plus 8192 pen didn’t work on Huion KAMVAS GT-191, despite my multiple attempts. It’s worth noting that the Huion New 1060 Plus pen is the cheaper among the two pens, which is a shame it didn’t work on the Kamvas.
  • It’s nice that the Huion KAMVAS GT-191 pen works on the Huion New 1060 Plus 8192 model, since you get two of them out of the box.

And Finally

I am aware this short experiment & the list I created may not be all encompassing right now, but I thought it was worth doing it, since many may want to buy a different replacement pen for their Huion tablet.

The success of the experiment means the pens are more compatible with each other than listed officially, which is nice to know.

If you have other Huion pens, and have experienced trying them with each other, let me know so I could update this post :>

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


  1. Omg there are no pens that are compatible with the gt 190???? I think my pen is broken. It keeps jittering and slow lagging ever so often….sadness.

  2. Thanks for your post. I’m googling around seeking an answer to my particular problem and this came up. It’s pretty helpful, but I wonder if you can offer further insight. I know basically nothing about these digital pens and tablets.

    I’m using a Huion H610PRO I received as a gift via Amazon. Yesterday, the pen it came with, a P80, broke. It worked great (until my daughter, apparently, broke it in half) and I need to replace it asap.

    but the Amazon page for the P80 lists the H610PRO as one of the tablets it’s incompatible with. A second listing they have for the P80 to be released later this month, and available for preorder, says it IS compatible with H610PRO.

    Do you think the two P80 pens could actually be different from each other, and the one they’re selling right now could be different from the one that came with my tablet? The pictures all look exactly like the one in my hand. What in the world are they saying?

    Any wisdom you have to share will be appreciated!

    1. Hello there,

      As far as I know, the P80 only has one model, so that pen should work with your tablet. In case of doubt, you can order the other listing when it’s available, just to be safe.

      I hope that helped ^^

  3. Bought a new P68 pen with the amazon link you’ve posted, it did not work with my GT-190, and the tablet works fine. I don’t think this pen is compatible with GT-190?

  4. Hey
    I have a Gt-190 and im looking for a replacement pen
    on every listing for any huion pen it always says somthing like “not compatable for Gt-series”
    Can you help me out?

    1. Have you checked this pen. The GT-190 is clearly listed among the compatible devices for it.

      Edit:- Removed the link to the wrong pen. I don’t have any link to replace it with at the moment. Sorry for the silly mistake.

  5. Are there no pen compatible to Huion HS64? My pen took quite a lot of fall damage and I think it’s broken. I’ve been wanted to replace it, but I haven’t found a shop in my country that sells the pen only.

  6. The link you have posted for a “compatible GT-190” pen is for a pen that is clearly NOT compatible with the GT-190 it says “Available for most Huion graphics tablets EXCEPT INSPIRPOY-SERIES (Q11K, G10T, H950P, H640P, H430P ) and GT-SERIES(GT-156HD V2, GT-185, GT-190, GT-191, GT-220 V2, GT-221). DOES NOT work with IPAD, SURFACE PRO or any other touch screen tablets.”

    Key word here being EXCEPT Is there ANY other pen that works with the GT series/GT-190

    1. Thank you so much for pointing that out, I fixed the comment & removed the link for now.

    1. Hello Gareth,

      Unfortunately, I don’t know any site or store that sells the pen for it (model number PC332). Let me know if you found any, so I could add a link to it.

    1. Hello Cesar,

      Unfortunately, I don’t know any place that sells the pen for it (GT-P80). Please let me know if you found any, so I could add it to my post.

  7. Sorry but I just want to make sure, So I’m finding a replacement pen for h430p, but I can’t find the pw201 that I can buy(Shipping cost to my country is even higher than the pen itself if I buy it from Amazon) so I’m thinking about the p80, It is compatible right?

    1. Hello Feefee,

      Unfotunately, I never tried that. If you ended up buying the P80 & worked, please let me know, so that I could update my post to help other people.

  8. The lack of pens for 190 is depressing (The one you linked actually says it *doesnt* work with the 190).

    1. I completely agree. Hopefully we will find a workaround that.

      And thank you! I removed the link. It turned out I psoted that wrong link twice >.<

  9. Someone asked. HS64’s manual says it uses PW100

    I Have HS64 and got HS611 and GT133 on my way. When they arrive I will be glad to make the cross tests if anyone is interested.

  10. Hello again.
    My HS611 (PW500 pen) arrived and just tested compatibility with HS64 (PW100 pen).

    Both pens DO WORK with both tablets with zero issues!

    Now to the interesting thing. The PW100 do work with HS611’s tilt sensitivity!!
    Based on this short test, we can assume that the pen have nothing to do with tilt sensitivity. It’s all within the tablet itself!

    It may take around 40 days for my GT133 to arrive. When (if) it does, I will test the 3 tablets and pens with each other.

  11. P68 didnt work for my GT-190. After a somewhat frusturating email exchange with Huion where they kept replying “We dont make the pen” and trying to get me to buy a new screen instead of telling me what the damn model is, they finally said “PC330”. Apparently there are a couple of incompatible models of screens both named GT-190, because…….. reasons?……..

    I *have* found a PE330 for sale which I’ll try becaue MAYBE it’ll work?

    Needless to say my next pen display is going to be a Wacom. You can get pens for screens made 15 years ago. Huion has orphaned a pen display I brought 4 years ago. Not a good look, Huion.

    1. Hi Shayne,
      Just wondering: I was reading your story and I got the same problem. Is the PE330 working with the GT-190? I really need a pen right now… And I find Huion is not very fast in customer service.

      1. I am not sure Shayne gets notification of your comments. I contacted her on your behalf, and I am waiting for an answer from her.

    1. Yes. I tested PW100 from a HS64 and PW500 from HS611 and they are all interchangeable.
      Even the tilt of HS611 do work with HS64 (PW100) pen.

  12. Thank you for writing down about your experiment :-) I have “Huion NEW 1060PLUS (8192)” tablet with P80 pen and I was searching for an alternative pen (perhaps even of other brand), but with no luck. Many years ago I had a Wacom – it was some ancient ArtPad series – and I remember, that the Wacom pen had very nice nib (not wiggly like the P80), so the drawing was much more precise. Now I was looking for a P80 replacement, but it looks now, that I will not find any.

  13. Well, I do have the same tablet model, Huion New 1060PLUS ‘8192’ with a P80 pen. Everything was working fine (or so I thought) until about 2 years ago: the lithium battery in the rehargeable P80 pen died because, apparently, you need to give it a recharge every 3 months at least or so, and I had travelled without my tablet. That drove me mad because it’s quite difficult to get things shipped into the country in which I live, and I’ve been reduced to using my pen connected to a power source (PC) ever since. Also now, as you’ve mentioned, I’d realised I actually hate that uncomfortable, wobbling sensation at the tip of the pen – indeed, precision does matter! That’s yet two reasons to get a new compatible pen.
    On searching the web, the PW100 is the only pen I found to be compatible with the Huion New 1060 Plus, aside the PE330 pen listed in this article as, interestingly, compatible – rechargeable; discontinued, as per huion’s store – although I’m not looking to get rechargeable styli. What’s good with the PW100 is that it’s battery-free, so no hassle with cables or recharging whatsoever. I really can’t say how different the drawing experience will be, but, truly, I’m expecting it to be nice and good (and of course, that includes wiggle-free), and I’m looking to get one as soon as possible.
    Here’s a link to huion’s store, by the way:

  14. do huios pen work on genius tabs my genius tab i405 pen is broken and i cant find any one to buy so i was thinking if any huion pens can work

  15. I’m using the pw100 on the wh1409 v2. Incredibly enough, the pw100 has a lot better IAF than the pw500 that comes with they 1409 v2, and that is supposed to be better.

    Maybe i got a faulty pw500? Because it doesn’t register the nib if you glid witout putting any pressure. But the pw100 registers it no problem.

  16. I dislike that the only felt nibs are for the 517 pen. The felt nibs are listed as being able to fit the 507, but they don’t at all.

  17. Hey.
    So you’re telling me that there is not a single pen that can replace my pen for my GT-185 tablet? I don’t want to buy a whole new tablet, just because the nubs keep falling out. Wrote 3 e-mails to Huion and they do not reply. What should I do? I NEED a new pen, I can’t work like that!

  18. I have an old UC-logic 9×12 tablet, I’ve been buying replacement pens for years as the brand name changes (remember when it was Monoprice?)
    But now I’m finding the standard pen seems too mushy, the only one that feels right is the black and silver one with a clip on it, “Monoprice 108297” is the only name I can find results under. Is there any way to get something similar to that? The standard P68 just maxes out pressure from the gentlest press.

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