Chika Dance Appreciation Post:- And a collection Of Chika Dance Videos

It May Have Been A While, Bit The Chika Dance Will Always Live In Our Hearts

When episode 3 of “Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai” was aired back in January 26th, 2019, we expected the ending to be the same as the first two episodes, only to be met with a surprise. We saw Fujiwara Chika, the student council secretary, doing a cute dance in the student council room, along with a cute song. The ending was not shown again in any of the later episodes.

The dance was quite fun, and a really lovely addition to an already good Anime. It’s one of the main things I like about Kaguya-Sama, where they go like “Who cares about the student council? Let’s do something with Chika instead”. They did that few times in the Anime besides our beloved dance.

I wrote this post to as a gift to fellow Chika fans, to show my appreciation of the dance, and to showcase a compilation of the best videos of the dance. Some of these videos became buried in YouTube search results, and are a bit hard to find, so it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Note:- There’s one of my favorites Chika dance videos that I couldn’t find in YouTube, so I wasn’t able to add it to this post. Even when I copied and pasted the exact title to the search box, the video was simply not there. I have that downloaded on my computer, but I am not sure if I am allowed to reupload it for everyone to see it. The full title of the video is “S5 – Kawaii 【Fujiwara Chika Dance Cover】Kaguya Sama Love is War” if you want to look for it. Sorry if I couldn’t add that video in the compilation below, the girl in it did the dance in a very lively way.

The Chika Dance Was Turned Into A Meme?

Because the dance was well-received by the community, all sorts of memes came about it. Including GIFs & images. Many cosplayers cosplayed as Chika & imitated the dance. Either in a very similar settings, or in totally new one.

Monia’s Hand-Picked Chika Dance Videos

To commemorate the dance, I have collected a bunch of the best Chika Dance videos, and posted them below. Consider it a small gift to all fellow Chika fans. I hand-picked the videos based on how well the dance is done, and how lovely the video is in general. (≧▽≦)/

The original Chika dance

My Favorite Chika Dance Video:-

One of the cutest Chika dance videos:-

Love the bedroom in this one:-

Lovely settings. The cosplay is also cute:- 

The cosplay in this one is so cute. Love the room the dance was done in too:-

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This video is so cute, although the dancing could have been more lively:-

The school uniform is close to Shuchi’in Academy’s:-

Doesn’t look like Chika at all, but it is so cute, both the cosplay & the settings:-

Cute classroom & chalkboard. The cosplayer tried to look a bit like Chika too:-

The dance is really well-done in this one:-

Bonus Videos That Deserves Attention

Love how well the animation is done in this one, although I am not fond of the camera movement

The colossal Titan loves the dance too. Whoever made this video is a genius XD

Chika Dance Key Animation Video

And Finally~

In case you are wondering, why did I make this post now? Well, that’s because season 2 of Kaguya-Sama is done airing, and we got no similar surprise. To compensate for that, I made this collection for anyone to remember the original dance. I hope it helped you discover some new kawaii Chika dance videos

If you have more Chika dance videos, show them to moi, if they are good, I will add them to the collection.

All Hail Chika~ ♡(◕ᗜ◕✿)

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