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Yiynova MVP20U+RH Full HD Tablet Monitor Review, a pen display with DVII Digital Input, SMVA Panel (Mac & Windows)

Yiynova MVP20U+RH Review Featured

Yiynova MVP20U+RH Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

Yiynova MVP20U+RH is one more good Cintiq alternative in case you want an affordable way to draw directly on your screen, as long as you don’t its cons. The idea of having a hotkeys remote in a non-Wacom is new to me, which is what distinguishes Yiynova MVP20U+RH the most. Though there is a certain chance the remote may not work the best way. It is considered a good move by Yiynova to try and make something like that.

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  • Has a hotkeys remote. Which is similar to what Cintiq 27QHD has.


  • The hotkeys remote sometimes loss connection to the device. And it won’t connect again until you restart your computer.

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution:- 4000 LPI.
  • Tracking speed:- 200 PPS.
  • Pressure Sensitivity:- 2048 levels.
  • Active display/drawing area (H x V):- 434.88 x 238.68 mm (19.5-inch diagonal).
  • LCD Panel Type:- SMVA Panel.
  • Display Colors:- 16.7M Colors.
  • Resolution:- 1920×1080.
  • Aspect Ratio:- 16:9.
  • Supported Operating Systems:- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10. And Mac OSX 10.7 or higher.

The Screen

Yiynova MVP20U+RH features a screen size of 19.5 inch, which is a good drawing area. The screen has a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080. And a contrast ratio of contrast 3000:1, along with 16.7 million of colors, while that’s all good, the colors are not really the best on the screen, which mean you may need to calibrate them with your main monitor. Or simply use your main one as a reference point.

Yiynova MVP20U+RH has okay viewing angles, the Colors start to change when you view it from the side, that’s less than some of the pen displays that uses IPS or better type of panels. But not to the degree that will make it uncomfortable to use the device (in case you are wondering Yiynova MVP20U+RH uses a SMVA panel type).

Yiynova MVP20U+RH’s has a glass surface, which mean it could feel a bit slippery while you draw on it. Whether that’s bad or not comes is down to your preference, but it is worth mentioning it in case you don’t like drawing surfaces like that. If this is the first drawing device you buy, I don’t think this will pose much of a problem to you.

There is a USB port at the side of it, but that port is only for use for the Hotkeys remote, which contains the hot keys for this pen displays (the pen display itself has no hotkeys on it).

There is a wall mount VESA 75 MM in case you want to mount it on an Ergotron Arm, I will talk about this in more details later in this review.

Drawing Capabilities

Yiynova MVP20U+RH features pressure sensitive of 2048 levels. Which is the maximum you will find in drawing devices nowadays. In case you are not familiar with this term, it is a feature that allows you to vary the thickness of your strokes by pressing the pen more or less on the with the stylus. Exactly like you could do with traditional pencils. Most artists won’t need any pressure sensitivity beyond 1024 or 512, but having 2048 levels won’t really hurt.

Yiynova MVP20U+RH has a resolution of 4000 LPI, or Line-Per-Inch. In essence, This determines how precisely you could hover the pen over your tablet. And the higher the resolution, the more precisely you could move the cursor between any two points. Just like the pressure sensitivity, 4000 is very good to have.

The 19.5-inches display means that you will have a large active drawing area of 434.88 x 238.68 mm. Which is good to draw without having to zoom too much, in case you prefer bigger drawing area, you are likely to have enough space to create all sorts of strokes here.

Like the case with many pen displays on the market, including Wacom Cinitq itself, the cursor at the edge of the screen is not very accurate. Which makes it harder to select things that resides on the edge of the screen, like scrollbars or panels.

The Pen


Yiynova MVP20U+RH comes with two 2 pens too, each pen comes with 3 replacement nibs, and 1 nib remover. Pen nibs tend to wear over time, so having some replacement will help you last longer without having to buy additional ones. The amount of time the nib will last for you depends on how much hard you work with them, as well as the tablet surface.

The pen requires an AAA battery to work, but the pen like such devices tends to last longer.

The Remote Hotkeys (The Hotkeys Stick)

Yiynova MVP20U+RH Review Featured-2

Since Yiynova MVP20U+RH came a few months after Cintiq 27QHD (reviewed here), which features a Expresskey remote, which is an alternative way to having the hotkeys on the pen display itself. Yiynova MVP20U+RH also comes with a remote with hotkeys on it, which is called the Remote Hotkeys, but unlike the wireless one that comes with Cintiq 27QHD. The one that’s comes with Yiynova must be connected to the pen display via the USB port at the side.

The remote contains 5 hotkeys, which can be programmed to any keyboard shortcuts you want. As well as a wheel at the top of it, which can do incremental functions like changing the brush size. The wheel can be programmed to do more than one functions, and you can toggle between the different functions by pressing the button at the middle of the wheel.

The Remote Hotkeys may not be as fancy as Wacom’s, but this is a very nice feature in my opinion. However, there is one common problem related to it that I must mention here.

The Remote Hotkey Disconnection Problem

While I truly like the idea of having a remote for the keyboard shortcuts with Yiynova MVP20U+RH. There is a problem you may face while using it. Sometimes, the remote will stop working, and it will stay that way until you restart your computer. This happens in Windows 7 & 10. But it could also happen in case you are using Windows 8 as well.

In Case The Remote Hotkey Didn’t Work

While restarting your computer can help you with the Remote Hotkey problem. There are some additional steps you could take before that, which will helpfully solve your computer without having to resort to a restart:-

    • Be sure that when you press the side button, the pen tip is within 10mm of the display surface and your pen tip is not against the display surface.
    • Be sure that the side button is set to the proper function you are expecting to occur for the application. (Open the Pen Pad control panel to check it).
    • Also, restart your computer if none of the tips above worked.

Note:- If you Yiynova MVP20U+RH, and want to share a tip on how to solve the Remote Hotkey problem. Feel free to share it with me in the comments section.

The Kickstand, VESA Mount And Ergotron Arm


Just like the case with many pen displays I reviewed, Yiynova MVP20U+RH has a Kickstand that typically helps you tilt the screen back & forth to suit the way you are sitting.

At the back of the screen, there is a VESA 75mm mount, which allows you to mount your pen display on an Ergotron arm. This is something typical on pen displays nowadays, and it is a convenient way to use a pen display, giving how comfortable and versatile your workspace will be with it.

In case you want to mount your Yiynova MVP20U+RH to an Ergotron arm, feel free to check out the following arm, which is compatible with the 75mm VESA mount behind of it:-

LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) – Amazon
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) –
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) –

Kickstand and VESA mount

Comes With Many Adapters

Display Adapters

Yiynova MVP20U+RH connects to your computer via DVI port, and it comes with many sorts of adapters for HDMI, Displayport++ (DP++), and VGA. Which makes it compatible with the majority of computer screens out there. The only case when you will need to get an adapter for it is in case your computer only has a mini Displayport. Which is the typical case for Mac users.

Huion GT-185HD, Possible Alternative To Yiynova MVP20U+RH:-

Best pen display reviews featured image

In case you are looking for an affordable Cintiq alternative, and you are open for suggestions. I pretty much suggest you take a look at Huion GT-185HD. Which is similar to Yiynova MVP20U+RH. But has buttons on the pen display itself. The screen is slightly smaller, but is IPS panel. I have a more detailed review on it, which shows you the pros, cons, and many other things, which you can read here if you like :)

Few Tips To Avoid Problems With Yiynova MVP20U+RH

If you are considering to buy Yiynova MVP20U+RH, I think it would be good to know about the following installation tips in advance, as they could save you a lot of time & effort with the product. All these tips taken from Yiynova’s manual. The short version of the tips are:-

  • Uninstall Wacom’s driver before installing Yiynova MVP20U+RH’s driver, as the drivers for both devices can conflict with each other. This is common for non-Wacom products.
  • Some anti-virus uninstall, like AVG, may also interfere with the driver installation, so make sure you disable them when you install the driver.
  • If you have a Nvidia video driver, update to the latest Windows service pack. Or you may see “Nvidia recover error message” on the screen, this happened to one of Yiynova’s customers, and they solved it by updating to the latest services pack.
  • Restart your PC after installing the driver.
  • After that, make sure you calibrate the pen for the best accurate mapping between the pen and the tablet.
  • Enjoy your Yiynova MVP20U+RH pen display. :> .

And Finally

While it has some quirks, Yiynova MVP20U+RH is a good product who can’t afford Wacom Cintiq. Specially in case you are just want to draw on your screen, which tends to be more convenient than a traditional graphics tablet.

I hope you liked my Yiynova MVP20U+RH review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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Review Credit And Sources

The installation tips in this review were taken from Yiynova Products Installation Tip


I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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