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What should I draw? Finding ideas and things to draw

What should I draw? Let’s answer this question :)

I honestly don’t fully understand why some people find it hard to decide on what to draw, and how forums and Q & A sites are full of “What should I draw?” threads. I personally find myself buried with the things I want to draw. And I can spend years drawing from the recourses & ideas I have now, let alone the tons of things I have in mind to draw but can’t find the time to like cafes & cars(and let’s not forget about cats :3). Though it is my pleasure to help those tons of ideas to draw~

Here’s some ideas on some of the things you could draw when you find yourself unable to decide on what to draw:-

  • Draw what you like:- Ask yourself about what you like. It could be a person you love or the ice-cream you have almost everyday
  • Draw the things that are around of you:- Observe the room you are sitting in. The portraits or clock on the wall, the computer you are using right now. Your cat, the windows, or anything you might see. And start with that. Taking a walk can help you see more things to draw. Especially if you live in a beautiful place.
  • Open a magazine:- Magazines are full of various pictures. And there is a magazine for everything you could think of~
  • Search using Google Images:– Or any images search engine you like. And type the first thing that comes to your mind. If you don’t know what terms to use to look for things, see the tags section below, or check out Yahoo Images search engine. Which shows you many categories of images without you having to type any search term.
  • Draw something you never drew before:- If you are an experienced artist, and have experience drawing many things. It is time to draw something new. It won’t just add to your drawing experience, but it is also fun
  • Visit Image boards:- These are some of my favorite places to get pictures and sometimes to find ideas to draw. e-shuushuu is my favorite or Anime pictures. A good thing to do in these sites is to check the search tags in those sites, not just the artworks( in case you want to use Google Image search and don’t know what to look for). They are also a good place to see artworks made by the other artists.
  • Draw your favourite characters:- Whatever it is uncle Scrooge or Kobato(from CLAMP). Who wouldn’t want to draw a character they like. A good idea is to draw these characters in a unique position or situation that has never been presented in the actual work. I drew an adult version of many of the Anime characters(like Yuina from Hanasuko Iroha and Sakorako from YuruYuri) I like because I want to see how they would be like when they are like that :)
  • Try One of the following suggestions:- (For each of the pictures below, click on the picture to show it in full size)
    • Plants

    • Animals(penguins, cats, and maybe Llamas :D),What should I draw? Draw a Llama? :D

    • Cars(nothing beats the Bentley^^)

    • Buildings(and mainly famous buildings) old and new

    • The electronics we use everyday. 

    • Furniture:- Like Sofas, recliner chair, cupboard and beds. You could also draw a whole room, IKEA’s catalogue and Amazon are good source of those

    • Worshipping places:- Mosques, Chruches or Temples

    • Companies Logos:- Like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Shell, Gap, Disney, Yahoo, Google, Starbucks, IKEA, Toyota or Gasprom. The list never ends

  • Ask yourself questions, and draw what came in your mind in the answers:- Just like I wanted to know how some of my favourite characters would look like as an adult form. You could come up with similar ideas to draw like that. Here are some somewhat outrageous questions I came up with:-
      • What is your ideal self look like
      • What if there was no gravity in the world all of sudden?
      • How do extraterrestrial life looks like?
      • What if we had more than two hands?
      • Who Atlantis really looked like?
      • What if USSR is still here?
      • If I owned a company, what would its logo look like?
      • How will the year 3000 be like?
      • How is the scenes of your favourite song story look like(assuming the song has no video clip)
      • What would it be like to be alone in Pluto?
      • How would the world look like if it was full of flowers?
  • Take a look at book covers:- Amazon is a good place to start. As it is the biggest book store in the world
  • Make up a story, then draw it:- It could be something that happened to you, or part of a movie. But with changing the characters. Or  it could be something silly your cat did. Just remember not to publish online anything you have took from a copyrighted work. The story can range from a 4 cadre story to a one-shot Manga, and maybe even longer than that.
  • Draw a concept:- like “The Seven Deadly Sins”, or “Pandora Box”. Or an old myth like the Minotaur
  • A combination of all the above:- for one search the tags you found in Image boards in Google Images

Keep in mind that artists usually keep a large inventory of pictures made by other artists and use ten as a source of inspiration. I personally have tens of thousands of pictures on my computer. And many of these pictures are so good and fun to look at :)

Good luck in your drawing, and have fun~

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


  1. I’d like to say I prefer to draw from memory. That is I see a picture once or twice then I’ll draw it. Back in high school, junior year I drew a soccer stadium without even looking at a photo. The way I memorized how the stadium looked was by constantly watching the games. It took me a couple tries before I got the shape, details, and size proportioned. My art teacher said he liked the drawing. I even made a dragon head from clay. The biggest challenge was not the shape, but the details. I had to make sure it was moist when working on it, or else if it’s dry then it will fall apart.

    A couple of ways that helped me find out what to work on was by a method of writing down anything on my mind. It could be random thoughts which help because one releases ideas that could be paired up to make another one.

  2. I wanna ask:I can think of many ideas, but when I draw it, it doesn’t look like what I imagine or I can’t draw it, what should I do?

    1. This is an issue even experienced artists face, I face it myself from time to time. :>

      Getting a reference that’s close to what you want to draw can help. Observation regularly is one more way to help with this.

      I am thinking about writing about this issue, since I am sure many people face it very often. :>

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