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What is the best Wacom Alternative Graphics Tablet To Buy?


Even if you can’t afford a Wacom tablet, there are many good Wacom Alternatives out there

Graphics tablets are a great way to draw on computer, especially compared to a mouse, even if you are good at drawing with the mouse, getting a graphics tablet can make your life much easier, and your workflow smoother.
And at the top of graphics tablet makers, there is Wacom, which makes great graphics tablets, and you won’t go wrong if you decided to go with one of their tablets. The problem is, their tablets are expensive for a lot of people, especially if you are not sure if you are going to like working on a graphics tablet at all. Fortunately for us, there are many good Wacom alternatives to choose from, which come from variety of brands, like Huion, Ugee & Mono price.
Following are some of the best Wacom alternative from the graphics tablets I reviewed in this blog, with a link to the review below it. I made sure to include some of the most affordable models out there, as well as those that have a great value for the money. Some of these tablets have some cons you need to be aware about, which is why you may need to take a look at the review to know about those.

Huion DWH69 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion DWH69 Wacom Alternative
Huion DWH69, a great Wacom Alternative with wireless feature.

Huion DWH69 is a very affordable Wacom Alternative graphics tablet that supports wireless. a feature that as been almost exclusive to Wacom tablets for the most part, but Huion seems like it is trying to catch up. And it did it with this graphics tablet.
Besides the wireless, Huion DWH69 is a decent graphics tablet so far, with 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, 8 customisable express key, wide active working area. And a cute screen on the side that shows you the battery status & whether the tablet is in wireless or USB mode (besides a few other things). And in short, I consider it one of the best affordable graphics tablets from Huion I reviewed so far.

Huion H610 Pro

Huion H610 Pro

Huion H610 Pro is good medium-sized Wacom Alternative. It offers a good working space, 8 customizable buttons & 16 hot-cell button on the tablet itself. high pressure sensitivity of 2048, and the pen that comes with it doesn’t need a replacement AAA battery. Its surface is sensitive and responsive. If it is not for the possible driver issues you may encounter if you bought this tablet. I would have given it a very solid rating.

While I am not saying you should avoid this tablet. It is better to get a more decent graphics tablet if you only need want a small tablet like Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small & Medium, or if you have the money to buy a more expensive big one.

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Ugee M1000L

Ugee M1000L
Ugee M1000L offers a great value for its price.

This is one of the best affordable Wacom Alternatives I ever reviewed. Ugee M1000L offers a great value for its price. Like too many customizable buttons, 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, large active working area, and great customer support. It is the best large affordable graphics tablet you could get your hand on.

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Huion H420

Huion H420, a cheap Wacom alternative
Huion H420, one of the cheapest Wacom Alternatives.

If you just want a Wacom Alternative to play games like OSU. Or you draw with pencil & paper or mouse and want to try using a graphics tablet to see how it is. The Huion H420 can be a great starting point for you. While many other tablets can provide you with better features. Like tilt sensitivity or higher pressure sensitivity. More express keys and a larger working area. The very cheap price for this tablet will make it very unlikely you will regret getting it. And so far, Huion H420 is the most affordable graphics tablet I have ever seen, along with its sister, Huion 420.

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Ugee M708

Ugee M708
Ugee M708, one of the best affordable graphics tablets out there.

If you are looking for a good looking and affordable Wacom Alternative. And if you don’t mind having to buy batteries for your pen every once and a while(You could get yourself some rechargeable batteries to solve that problem), this tablet is provides a good value giving the high pressure sensitivity, the good number of customisable buttons, and the great working area.

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Huion 1060 Plus Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

Huion 1060 PLUS Featured
Huion 1060 Plus, a Wacom alternative with many express keys.

Huion 1060 Plus is a nice affordable Wacom Alternative, which has a good number of useable express keys and 16 additional hot keys, 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, and good active area. It is a perfect graphics tablet if you plan to use the graphics tablet without the need to reach out for the keyboard at all (just like me).
But bear in mind there are some problems with it, like how the driver may act weird after your computer wake from sleep. And the manual that comes with it is poorly written. Also, if you got this tablet, don’t forget to follow the instructions below, which will hopefully help you to prevent many of the common problems that come with Huion graphics tablets installations.

The smart Wacom Alternative:- Buying refurbished Wacom graphics tablets

Refurbished Wacom Graphics Tablet
Getting a refurbished Wacom tablet is a good way to get a Wacom graphics tablet for a very good price.

As we all know, Wacom produces some of the best graphics tablets out there, even when you can get an affordable Wacom Alternative graphics tablet from other brand that are also good. Getting a refurbished Wacom graphic tablet is a good way to get a tablet that is known for its quality, which may also comes with features that can are usually found with Wacom, like tilt sensitivity or wireless, but that depends on the graphics tablet model.

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