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What are the best alternative 3rd party stands for MobileStudio Pro & Cintiq Pro? (Covers both the 13-inches & 16-inches stands).

What-Are-best-alternative-3rd party-stands-for-MobileStudio-Pro-&-Cintiq-Pro

Finding A Good Stand For Mobilestudio Pro 13-Inch & 16-Inches

Despite the fact the MobileStudio Pro has been here for a while, Wacom is yet to release a stand for it. According to a post made by Wacom in Facebook, they have issues manufacturing them. While some artists uses their MobileStudio Pro lying flat on the tablet, some would love to get their hand on a good stand.

Fortunately, there’s at least one good option available for those who want it. Which is the Kensington SmartFit stand. Which you could find in the following Amazon links:-

Update:- Wacom already released an official stand for MobileStudio Pro. You can check it out in the following Amazon links:-


Despite the face there’s an official stand for MobileStudio Pro, I will keep this post as-is, as someone may still want an alternate stand for whatever reason.

A Generic Stand That Could Be Used For More Than Mobile Studio Pro


The Kensington SmartFit stand wasn’t made just for the MobileStudio Pro. But it can also be used for a laptop or even a tablet. The Kensington SmartFit can be adjusted to suit the way you sit.

You can find that stand from the following Amazon Links:-


Because the stand can fit laptops that range from 12-inches to 17-inches, it can easily fit both the 13-inches & the 16-inches of MobileStudio Pro (And Cintiq Pro too).

Other Stand Options For Cintiq Pro & Mobile Studio Pro


Other than the Kensington stand. Another option you could get is the Cintiq Companion stand. Which allows you to set your device in 3 positions. Many artists really dislike that stand since the Cintiq 13HD days. But it’s a valid option for you to consider.

Kindly find the Cintiq Companion stand in the following links:-



There are also the Aidata LHA-3 LAPstand Aluminum Ultrastand (shown above), which was also made for laptops. Kindly find it in the following Amazon links:-


There are many other wire stands, but I don’t imagine them to be comfortable. But they are another option for you to consider.

And Finally

It would have been great if there were an official MobileStudio Pro stand. I hope Wacom get to release their stand soon, since they kept telling us “next month” way too often.

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Update on the Wacom Stand for the MobileStudio Pro and Cintiq Pro

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