Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Review (PTH-651) – The most ideal graphics tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Featured

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (PTH-651) in Few Words (Mini Review)

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is the most ideal graphics tablet for most uses, in case you are professional, you will like it. In case you are new to graphics tablet, you will get something great to use for many years to come, even though you may not use all the features in it honestly.

Note:- This is Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Review, for a review for all the sizes of Wacom Intuos Pro, please read my generic review about them.

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Other Sizes for Wacom Intuos Pro:-

Small (Amazon.ca)


  • The most ideal graphics tablet. Which combines good brand, features & comes in the ideal size.
  • Is the ideal size for most uses.
  • Supports wireless, which is a very convenient feature for drawing.
  • The pen doesn’t require battery or charging at all, which is typical of Wacom.
  • You can create a profile for express key for each program you use separately, another feature that’s exclusive to Wacom professional tablets.
  • Comes with more replacement nibs than most graphics tablets. And the nibs are of multiple types too.


  • The surface feels different than previous professional Intuos tablets.
  • Since Wacom Intuos Pro Medium has a textured drawing surface, the nibs tend to wear faster than previous models. They can last for few weeks to few months if you are careful enough.

Popular graphics tablet among creative professionals

Technical Specifications

  • Active Area:- 224 x 140 mm, 8.8 x 5.5 in.
  • Resolution:- 5080 lpi.
  • Tilt sensitivity:- ±60º.
  • Allows you to quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork using natural pen control.
  • Wireless accessory kit included, which allows you to use your graphics tablet wirelessly.
  • Has 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity in both pen tip and eraser.
  • Has 8 customisable application-specific Express Keys.
  • Has a multi-function touch ring with 4 customisable functions.
  • Software download instructions included (To download the software the comes with it).
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac OSX:– Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is compatible with Windows Vista SP3, 8, and 7 (32- or 64-bit), and with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (with Intel processor).
  • Can be used by both right-handed & left-handed people.
  • Comes with 10 nibs inside the pen holder.

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is a graphics tablet from the new Intuos pro line of Wacom. which is a new name & a continuation of the Intuos line for professional artists. While the Intuos name is used now for the lower end Wacom graphics tablet targeting novices & hobbyists.

I personally use the large version of Intuos pro for my own artworks, and I have been pretty satisfied with it so far.

The pressure sensitivity of Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is 2048, which is the typical level of pressure sensitivity in graphics tablets these days, and an important feature that allows you to vary the thickness of your lines based on how much pressure you apply on the tablet surface. Some art programs even allow you to vary the opacity & other things based on pressure as well.

The pressure sensitivity of Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is 2048

Just like the case in all Intuos pro tablets, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium pen has an eraser at the back of it, which is a nice feature that works as an eraser by default, but you can change it to other things in the driver software. It is worth to note that the eraser also support the same 2048 pressure sensitivity of the pen tip. You can even use it to draw in case your pen broke (believe me, some artists actually did that). ^^

___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

The pen features a ±60º Tilt sensitivity, a feature that is rarely seen in other graphics tablets than Wacom’s. Tilt sensitivity also allows you to vary your strokes, but that is done based on how much you told the pen. ±60º means the pen will detect tilt up to 60º in either direction.

the active drawing area in Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is 8.8 x 5.5 inch, which is the area you can draw on, and it is is different than the actual dimensions of the tablet.

Express keys and the touch ring

Udemy, The Ultimate Drawing Course

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Wacom Intuos Pro Medium has 8 express keys, with 4 on the top of the touch ring, and 4 below it. These express keys are customisable to do almost anything you can think of, from switching to a certain tool, cancel the current selection, to trigger a mouse button click. The things you can make these buttons do are really a lot. Besides the buttons, there is the touch ring, which is a little circle you can touch with your finger to do many things, like resizing brushes or zooming in, the button at the middle of the ring can be pressed to toggle between 4 functions like that, and of course, these functions are also customisable to your liking.

If you used Intuos 4 or Intuos 5 before, the touch ring is almost the same as these two tablets. The touch ring is another feature that I only saw in Wacom graphics tablets so far.

One of the best features about Wacom Intuos Pro tablets is the ability to save settings profile for each program you use. For example, you can make the express key at the top undo the last operation when you are using Photoshop, and switch to the pen tool when you are in Illustrator. That goes to all the settings supported by Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, including the radial menu. You will appreciate this feature if you work on various art programs, I personally love it.

The buttons in the Intuos pro are enhanced from their Intuos 5 versions, they are plastic & easier to press now.



Textured drawing surface

Just like the Intuos 5 surface, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium comes with a textured drawing surface, which is aimed at making drawing with Wacom tablets similar to drawing with paper, which is a good thing. The bad thing about this textured surface is that it tends to wear the pen nibs faster than the older models, like Intuos 4, whose surface feels much more smooth compared to the Intuos pro.

The actual amount of wear in your nibs depends on how much you use your tablet, how much you press the pen on it and the nib type. In the normal cases, each nib can last you for about few weeks to few months.

The good news are, the surface will get smoother after much use in the areas you draw on the most, so you will find nibs lasting longer for you. But that won’t change the fact that many people may not like the new texture of the Intuos pro (or Inutos 5).

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Other Sizes for Wacom Intuos Pro:- 

Small (Amazon.ca)


Wireless accessory kit.

Wireless accessory kit.

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium supports wireless via the wireless kit that comes with it, in the Intuos 5 days, you had to buy the wireless kit to enjoy the wireless feature.

Working on wireless is a nice to have feature, especially if you like to lean backward while you are drawing. In case you don’t want to work wirelessly, you can still use Wacom Intuos Pro Medium directly using the USB cord as well.

Touch & Multitouch.

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Multitouch

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium also has the touch features, a feature introduced starting Intuos 5, the touch feature allows you to either control the mouse pointer, or to perform one of multiple multi-touch features, similar to what you can on the iPhone and smartphones in general.

Some of the multi-touch features supported by Wacom Intuos Pro Medium are Pinch-to-zoom & swipe to navigate, which are equivalent to the gestures you find in smartphones & trackpads. The driver software allows you to enable or disable gestures using from one to four fingers to suit your needs.

In case you are worried about touch getting in your way while you are drawing, which happens to me at times. You can turn the touch feature off from the driver software. And if you want, you can assign one of the express key buttons so that you can turn it on & off whenever you want.

Thanks to the new touch feature in Intuos Pro. You can use now Wacom Intuos Pro Medium as a large trackpad, but bear in mind it won’t be as good as the dedicated trackpad like the one that you can buy from apple, but it is convenient at times. Especially if you like to place the tablet on your lap while you are drawing, something I do a lot.

The grip pen & the extra nibs

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium grip pen & the extra nibs

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium comes with Wacom grip pen, which is designed to minimze grip effort. If you came from a previous version of the Intuos, it will feel so familiar to you.

The pen has two buttons on the side, which can also be customised to do whatever you want, and it also supports having multiple profiles for multiple programs just like everything else.

And besides the pen, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium comes with additional 10 nibs inside the pen holder. Different types of nibs also.

The 10 nibs you will find inside the pen holder are as follows:-

  • 5 regular nibs.
  • 3 Felt nibs.
  • 1 Flex nib.
  • 1 Stroke nib.

Each of these nibs has a different feels, and I guess Wacom in encouraging you to try these nibs by including them with their tablets.

And Finally

Despite some of the gripes I mentioned in this review, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is the most ideal graphics tablet. Which combine between the ideal size for most users, the brand name & features. While it is not exactly affordable, it is worth considering for anyone looking for an excellent graphics tablet to do their work.

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See more graphics tablets in Amazon.ca.
See more graphics tablets in Amazon.co.uk.co.uk

Other Sizes for Wacom Intuos Pro:- 

Small (Amazon.ca)

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