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Ugee M1000L Review. A large affordable Graphic Tablet

Ugee M1000L In Short

Ugee M1000L offers a great value for its price. As it has:-

  • Many customizable buttons. For better productivity
  • 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. To controls the quality of your artworks
  • Large active working area. Which is good of precise drawing
  • Great customer support from Ugee.

It is one of the best large and cheap graphics tablets you could find. And I am very sure that you will be able to create great artworks with it :)

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Pros Of Ugee M1000L

  • Has 8 shortcut keys, which is a lot compared with normal graphic tablets. More buttons means better productivity for you.
  • 16 hot-cell keys. Each of these buttons has an icon telling you what they do by default. so that you don’t have to use the keyboard or mouse as much as before. and these buttons are customizable.
  • Ugee M1000L offers a great and spacious 10 x 6 Inches active drawing area for its price. The larger the drawing area, the easier is to create detailed drawings.
  • Super affordable for a large graphic tablet.
  • Works with Linux operating system, just Follow these instructions to install WizardPen on your distros.
  • Great customer support from Ugee, and a fast & courteous replies to your E-mail.

Cons Of Ugee M1000L

  • The tablet instructions are vague and can be hard to read.
  • Offers no wireless capability at all.
  • The tablet’sUSB cable is not detachable, so it can become totally useless if something happened to the cable.
  • You can possibly encounter some driver issues with this tablet. But in most cases, these problems are usually solved by downloading the latest drivers from Ugee’s website.

Technical Specifications

  • Large Active Area of 10 x 6 Inches.
  • 8 User-Defined Shortcut Keys, which you can use as Hot Keys or to open programs or websites.
  • 2048 level of pressure sensitivity.
  • Pen with Mouse and Eraser Functions (AAA Battery Needed).
  • 16 Hot Cells keys.
  • Comes with 8 pen tips for in case the pen tips wore down.
  • Comes with a 4 foot USB, that cord is undetachable by the way.
  • Works for both right-handed & left-handed people.
  • Works with both Windows & Mac.
  • Can be used by both right-handed & left-handed people.

This is the second Ugee tablet I review. The first one was Ugee M708, which I quite liked.  And just like the M708. Ugee M1000L offers a great value for its price.

The tablet has 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, which means that you could control the line width or opacity based on the amount of pressure you apply on the service. 2048 pressure sensitivity is the highest you could get in a graphic tablet these days for as much as I know.

Also, this tablet has many  shortcut keys, which could streamline your workflow if you used efficiently, I talked about these buttons in detail below.

And last of all, this tablet has a spacious 10 X 6 active working area (the area you could work on), which is very good giving the price of the tablet

The Shortcut keys and the Hot-Cell Keys

Ugee M1000L Shortcut keys
The 8 shortcut keys of Ugee M1000L

Ugee M1000L has 8 shortcut keys on its side, which is a great number of buttons. And it is the same number of express key offered by the medium & large size of Wacom Intuos pro.

By default. These keys offers the following functionality:-

  • Copy.
  • Cut.
  • Paste.
  • Group.
  • Zoom In.
  • Zoom Out.
  • Save.
  • Close.

And you could customize these buttons to suit your needs however you want.

Besides the great number of shortcut keys, Ugee M1000L offers a total of 16 hot-cell keys on the top of the active area. These buttons has the following functionalities by default:-

  • Web.
  • Mail.
  • MSN.
  • New.
  • Open.
  • Close.
  • Copy.
  • Paste.
  • Cut.
  • Save.
  • Print.
  • Word.
  • Excel.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Redo and Undo.

You could customize those buttons as well to make them do what you want. For example, you could make them launch a certain program you want. like Photoshop or Google Chrome. Or you could use them as keyboard shortcuts, and this can streamline your workflow.

When it comes to the customizable buttons. There is one things I didn’t like about it. You can’t assign different shortcuts for each program you use. Like you could do with Intuos pro tablets from Wacom. This is fine if you only use one or two programs with the tablet. But not if you use more than that.

Shortcut & Hot-cell keys
Both the shortcut keys and the hot-cell keys can be seen here

The USB Cable

One of the things that I didn’t like about this tablet is that the usb cable of it is attached to the tablet itself. And is not detachable like it is the case with many graphic tablet. This mean that if anything happened to the cable, this could turn the whole tablet unusable as far as I know.

The active working area

Ugee M1000L Active Area
Ugee M1000L Offers a large active area. Which makes it suitable for many uses

Just like Ugee M708, which I previously reviewed here. Ugee M1000L offers a large & spacious active working area that is 10 x 6 Inches. Something that is Typical of Ugee tablets. Which makes it the ideal affordable choice in case you want more precision, or in case you have a large computer screen.

At the same time, the tablet size makes me wonder if it is a good choice if you are a first-time tablet users, as it could be too large for some people. A good way to determine that is to compare the tablet size with your screen size. The larger the your screen is, the larger the tablet to need.

Supporting applications

According to Ugee. Ugee M1000L supports the following programs:-

  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Express.
  • Manga Studio.
  • Paint Tool SAI.
  • AI.
  • Krita.
  • Ugee Fun 2. Which comes with the tablet

While this list is fairly limited, the tablet works on many other programs that are not in that list. Like GIMP or Sketchbook pro. And there is a good chance that it supports tons of other programs like Corel Draw

Driver Issues & Installation

You may face some problems with the driver that comes with your Ugee tablet. This is one of the cons of this tablet

Fortunately, You can download the latest driver from Ugee’s website. And this solves many of these problems. The driver that comes with the tablet is not the latest

Besides that, the installation of the tablet is smooth. And you will be using your tablet within minutes.

The pen

Pen And Pen Holder
Ugee M1000L Pen And the pen holder

Ugee M1000L’s pen has a nice feel with it. It has a rubber grip that makes it comfortable and easier to hold it for a long time, and without the risk of it slipping from your hand.

The pen requires AAA battery to work, which is the case with all the non-Wacom tablets I reviewed so far.

The reason is that Wacom tablets are passive tablets. Which doesn’t require the pen to have a circuit on its own, while the tablets like the ones from Ugee are usually active ones (Credit goes for Wikipedia for this information). This is one of the reasons that Wacom tablets are usually more expensive than those of Ugee.

So in case you don’t mind buying batteries for your pen every few weeks or months. You won’t have much problems with active tablets

There are two shortcut buttons at the side of the pen. Which are, like all the buttons on the tablet surface, can be customized to do many things, like Undo, redo and eraser functionality.

A pen holder comes along with the pen, which looks quite nice (see the picture above). And inside the pen holder, there are 8 replacement tips for in case the pen tip of your pen was wore down. This means you won’t have to buy replacement tips for some time after you get your tablet

A Word about Ugee’s customer support

One of the good things Ugee is their customer support, their customer support is polite, fast, courteous. Which makes me really think that Ugee really cares about their customers. And this is a big plus for them. And something many companies has to learn from them

And finally

Ugee M1000L is a cheap tablet that offers many features. which makes it a good Wacom replacement, as long you don’t care about features like tilt sensitivity, and as long you don’t’ mind having system-wide shortcuts instead of application-specific ones, you are very likely going to like this one. It is one of the best tablets I have seen. And I pretty much recommend you to get one if you can’t get yourself a Wacom tablet.

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  1. Does it work well with Windows 7? Please I really wanted this but our laptop can only sustain W7 so if this is not compatible w/ W7 that would be a total bummer.

    1. Hello Janbern,

      Yes, this graphics tablet has Windows 7 driver, so I suppose it works with it. :>

      I hope that helped~

  2. Hi, would you recommend M1000L or M708 more,? (for a graphic designer like me, drawing patterns / colorful prints on photoshop/AI?) Which pen do you find the most versatile or efficient ? Thx in advance

    1. Hello Emeline,

      This is a tough question, since both are very good, have similar pens that requires AAA battery & also suitable for what you intend to do. I say go with Ugee M1000L, since it has the hot cells on it, which you may find useful, and it is the newer product among the two too, which mean more chance for getting driver updates in the future.

      I hope that helped~

  3. Dear Sweet Monia, Do you know of any place where I can actually download the user manual for the Ugee m1000l? I bought mine used and even the Ugee site is no help! Thanks, Don

    1. Hi Don,

      I just looked for it for you, and unfortunately, the manual is not available for download anywhere on the web >.<

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