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Ugee G5 Review – A Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with 8G Built-in Memory Chip,9 x 6 Inch Drawing Area and Rechargeable Digital Pen (Black)

Ugee G5 Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

While Ugee G5 provides good capabilities for a graphics tablet. But even for a medium-sized tablet, it is kinda expensive. While it is not exactly a bad choice, even with some of its drivers problems. There are more affordable options in the market, with better value. Which is why I highly recommend you check out my most affordable graphics tablets list here.

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  • None so far.


Technical Specifications

  • Active drawing area:- 9 x 6 inch.
  • Pressure sensitivity:- 2048 levels.
  • Resolution:- 5080LPI.
  • Reading rate:- 220RPS.
  • Suitable for both right & left-handed people.
  • Has a 8G Built-in Memory Card inside enables Free Driver Installation and Free Restart.
  • Compatible operating systems:- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X.
  • Some compatible graphic software:- Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Adobe Photoshop, Manga Studio, AI & Krita.

Drawing Capabilities

Drawing Capabilities

When it comes to drawing, Ugee G5 has a 9 x 6 inch active drawing area. This is the area where the tablet respond to your pen strokes. And it is marked by white arrows on the tablet itself.

Ugee G5 has 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. Which allows you to vary the thickness of your lines based on how much pressure you apply with the stylus, just like how traditional pencils work. It doesn’t support tilt sensitivity though, which detects how tilted the pen is, which can be useful in many art programs.

Hotkeys And The Wheel

Wheel And Hotkeys

Ugee G5 has a wheel with buttons around it that looks like a d-pad buttons. These buttons can be customized to do all sorts of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow. The wheel allows you to do incremental functions like zooming in & out or changing the brush size. You can program more than one function that way and toggle between them with the button at the middle of the wheel.

While the design of the d-pad sounds like a way to quickly access the buttons. You may not like it much in case you are used to dedicated buttons on the tablet itself that are easier to press.

The Pen

Just like many graphics tablets pens, the pen has two buttons at the side of it. And like the case with the d-pad hotkeys, you can customize these buttons to do additional functions depending on your needs.

The pen comes with holder, which contains 8 additional nibs inside of it, something you could totally miss in case you are not aware of it. Sometimes I feel like graphics tablet manufacturers try to hide these nibs from us (okay, I am joking here). :D

In case you are not familiar with graphics tablets, the pen nib tends to wear off after some time, depending on your tablet surface and how much you press on the tablet surface. So having replacement nibs is useful to last you for a while without having to buy yourself new ones.

Before you could use the pen. You need to recharge it via the USB cable that comes with the tablet. This cable plugs at the back of the pen, which mean there is no eraser tip there (some graphics tablets has an eraser at the back, which is helpful to erase any lines you don’t want).

Memory Storage

Ugee G5 has a 8G Built-in Memory Card inside of it, which makes it act like a storage device as well as a graphics tablet. While this is not something an artist will look for in a tablet, it is very nice to have something like that. :)

Tips For Installing Ugee G5 On Your Computer

Just like the case with many Ugee products. There is a chance you will face some driver problems before you get your tablet to work properly. Some of these problems with Ugee G5 are:-

    • The tablet control panel won’t open.
    • Pressure stop working, and doesn’t work from the beginning.

To hopefully help you avoid such problems, follow these instructions from Ugee when to install the driver software:-

  • Uninstall any Wacom drivers from your computer, as they can conflict with Ugee’s own drivers.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Download the latest driver from Ugee website here.
  • Connect your Ugee G5 to your computer.
  • Install the driver using the default settings (don’t change the installation directory).
  • Restart your computer, if the installation went right. You will see a blue icon on the system tray at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Test the tablet to see how it works.

And Finally


While Ugee G5 is not generally a bad graphics tablet, its price seems a bit high compared to many other ones I reviewed. Which makes me hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a graphics tablet. Especially when you compare it to the other affordable graphics tablets.

I hope you liked my Ugee G5 review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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