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Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches Review

Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches

Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 In Few Words

An affordable graphics tablet that is very portable. While this is one of the cheapest graphics tablets I reviewed so far, it is honestly not the best when it comes to the value. I would only recommend it if you want it as a second tablet or if you are so short on cash & don’t mind dealing with the quirks of this tablet.

Pros of Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches

  • Fairly portable, making it suitable to be taken on the go, especially as a second tablet.
  • One of the good choice if you are hesitant about spending money on a graphics tablet.
  • 150 CM is a good length for the accompanying USB cable.
  • One of the cheapest graphics to can find in the market.

Cons of Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches

  • The instructions that comes with the tablet are poor.
  • Depending on how you install it, the hot-cell buttons may not work at all.
  • Even if you installed the correct driver, only the hot-cells on the top work, making the other ones useless.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Area:-  8 X 6 inches.
  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.
  • Resolution (LPI) 4000. Report rate (RPS) 200.
  • The graphics tablet dimensions (WxD) 15.125 inches x 14.125 inches.
  • USB Cable Length:- 150cm.
  • Works with both Windows & Mac OSX.
  • Comes with 4 replacement nibs inside the pen holder.
  • Has many Hot-cell buttons, which can make it easier to use it without the keyboard, though only the top 13 may work for you.
While I reviewed many affordable graphics tablets in the past, I have rarely found one that’s as affordable as Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches. Maybe with the exception of Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Graphics Tablet (which I recommend if you want to play OSU).
The very cheap price of Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches may makes you wonder about its quality, as people often say “You get what you pay for”. The common case with cheap graphics tablets is that they tend to work, but tend to have driver problems for the most part. Also, cheaper graphics tablets also tend to use older technologies, where the tablet pen need a battery to work, and tablets at this price range also tends not to have any express keys. So, if you won’t mind any of the points I mentioned, there is a chance you will like this tablet.
The pressure sensitivity of Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches is 2048, which is very typical in graphics tablets these days. The active drawing area of this tablet is 8 X 6, which is the area where you draw on the tablet which you actually draw on, and that is different from the area of the tablet itself.

The pen

The pen of Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches needs one AAA battery to work, which is not a real problem, as each battery tend to last for quite some time. The pen has no eraser at the back of it, which would be a convenient way to switch to the eraser tool in you art program in a way that’s similar to traditional art. But there are two buttons on the side of the pen, which are a replacement for the left & right mouse buttons.

The pen holder

The tablet also comes with a pen holder, which contains 4 space nibs inside of it. The reason you need to replace the nibs is that the more you are sketching, the tip of the nib wears off, and it could cause scratches on the tablet surface if you keep drawing on it for long (depending on how sharp the nib tip has became). So in order to avoid that, you will need to replace the nib before that happen. The duration each nib lasts depends on the graphics tablet, the nib itself, and the way you use it (Like, how much pressure you put on the tablet). There are many cases where the nib lasts for months at a time, specially if you rotated the pen in your hand every time the nib starts to wear off, a trick I learned after using my Large Intuos Pro tablet for a while.

Hot cell buttons

Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches Hot-Cell Keys
Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches has many hot-cell keys, but unfortunately, not all of them are really usable :(
As guessed, Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches has no physical express keys at all, something some people care about so much, while others just use the keyboard shortcuts instead. But this tablet still has hot cell buttons, which are buttons you could press on using the tablet pen in order to do various functions in your art program, though depending on your driver installation, only the top 13 would function at best, which is quite a shame honestly.

The USB Cable

A nice things about this tablet is the length of the USB cable, which is pretty neat, in my experience, the minimum length you need for graphics tablet USB is 10 CM, which is ideal if you have a laptop and you placed the tablet in front of it. However, having a longer cable means you can lean back and place the tablet on your lap while you are sketching, or in case you are using a tower PC desktop, which may not be that close to you.

It is a Huion graphics tablet

If you ordered this tablet, don’t be surprised if you got a Huion graphics tablet instead, because this Turcom is made by Huion, a Chinese graphics tablets manufacturer, as long it looks the same as in the picture you are seeing, then you are fine.
Tips to avoid running into problems when you install the drivers of this tablet
Don’t plug in the tablet until after you install the driver (The driver in the CD may crash for you).
Download the driver from Huion website below (Yes, this graphics tablet is made by Huion).
Once you install the driver plug the tablet to your computer. Once the tablet run, tab on it using the pen that comes with it. And you are done~

Driver Download Links

Since Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches is originally a Huion graphics tablet. You can download its driver Huion’s website, click here to go to the page where you can download the driver.

And Finally

While I was a little bit negative on this tablet, Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet 8 X 6 Inches is not that horrible honestly, and there is a good chance you will end up liking it if you ordered it. Though I would recommend you order  one that’s a bit more expensive if you have the cash.

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