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The New Wacom intuos Draw, Art, Photo and Comic Review, Comparison for all models (CTL490DW,CTL490DB,CTH690AK, CTH690AB ,CTH490PK ,CTH490CK CTH490CB,CTH490AK,CTH490AB )


The Intuos Comic, Photo, Art & Draw Review in Few Words (Mini Review)

The new Intuos tablets from Wacom, which come in 4 models, The Intuos Art, Photo, Comic & Draw, are good tablets to for those who want an affordable tablet from a known brand. They offer a good amount of pressure sensitivity, come with a bundled software that suits the purpose for they were made for. They are small enough to be carried around, and on the top of that, they all look very stylish, with the choice of two colours in some of the models.

As long you don’t care about the small size in most of these new models, you are very likely going to like the new Intuos tablets. On the other hand, if you don’t care about brands, or if you want more features for your money, you may want to check out some of the other affordable graphics tablets I reviewed.

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Intuos Draw Intuos Art Intuos Photo Intuos Comic

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  • Very small & portable tablets to carry around.
  • An easy entry to digital art, especially with their easy installation.
  • Come bundled with different software to suits your needs.
  • Looks & feel very good, something that is typical of Wacom.
  • A great graphics tablet for those who want an affordable graphics tablet from a known brand.
  • Support application-Specific express keys.
  • Allows you to draw easier than a mouse.


  • These small-sized tablets are small for some uses, like in case you have a monitor with high resolution, or to create very detailed drawings.
  • The pen may not fit easily into the loop that is made for it. :O
  • It would have been nice if these Intuos tablets were bundled with Wacom Wireless Kit.
  • The bundled software are downloadable versions, with some limitations to their download condition.
  • The pen has no eraser on its tip.

Technical Specifications (Click here for a detailed comparison table of all the new Intuos Photo, Draw, Art, Comic models)

  • The new Intuos comes in 4 variations:-
    • Intuos Draw.
    • Intuos Photo.
    • Intuos Art.
    • Intuos Comic.
  • Resolution of all the 4 models:- 2540 lpi.
  • Pressure sensitivity levels of the 4 models:- 1024 levels.
  • These 4 Intuos models allows you to sketch, ink, and color frames quite easily, with pressure-sensitive pen that imitates the way traditional pencils work.
  • Has multi-touch gestures, which allows you to use your fingers to navigate, scroll, zoom your artwork. Something that can boost your productivity if used correctly.
  • Come with a a bundled software, which differs depending on the model you chose.
  • Each of the new Intuos models has 4 customisable Express Keys that put your favourite shortcuts like undo or copy/paste at your fingertips.
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac OSX.(Windows 7,8,10, Mac OSX 10.8.5).
  • Compatible with all art programs.
  • Small Compact size, 8.25-by-6.7 inches for the small model, which is perfect for limited desktop areas.
  • Comes in different colours. (Colours details are explained below).
  • Suitable for both left-handed & right handed people.
  • Come with 3 replacement nibs on the battery compartment in the back.
From the first look on the new Intuos, which is the entry model of Wacom tablets, it seems like Wacom is trying to cater for the different kind of artists. Which they try to do by releasing 4 variation of the same tablet, each with a different name, and come with a different bundled software to suit a certain kind of uses. As well as by offering an affordable version that doesn’t include a bonus features like the multi-touch gestures.

These 4 models of the new Intuos are:-

  • Intuos Draw
  • Intuos Art
  • Intuos Photo
  • Intuos Comic
I will talk about each of the 4 models in details below, now let’s take a look at the general features of the 4 models.

Graphics tablets – A Quick definition

If you are new to graphics tablets, which could be the case if you are reading this article, they are devices that allows you to control the mouse & draw similar to how you do with regular pencils. Each point of the tablet correspond to a point on the screen, for example, if you placed the pen on the upper-right corner of your graphics tablet, then the cursor on the screen will immediately jump to that point.

If you have more than one monitor, you can set the tablet so that it it moves the cursor only on the screen you want, which is likely to be the screen that contains the canvas. This is very useful to ensure you draw more accurately.

Hovering the pen on the graphics tablet surface without touching it moves the mouse without drawing on the canvas. Which mean that Graphics tablets can replace the mouse completely. And that’s good news for people with health problems like tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.

A quick look over the new Intuos tablets, the Intuos Draw, Art, Photo, and Comic

The 4 new Intuos has a nice look & Feel, each of the graphics tablets has a rubber feet at the bottom of it to keep on the table. And on the top of each Intuos, there is a band that is designed to hold the pen in case you are carrying it around or something. This rubber band may be small to fit the pen easily, but it does the job.

Each of the 2 black ellipses you see on the top has 2 keys you can press. These buttons are called express keys. You have 4 Express keys in total, each of them can be customised to do various of the functions that you need on a regular basis. Like Undo, switching to a certain tool, or opening a dialog.

Just like the case with Wacom graphics tablets, all these express keys are application-specific, meaning that you can assign a different functionality to to each of the keys depending on the program you are using at the moment.

3 out of the 4 new Intuos models, the Intuos Art, Photo, and Comic support multi-touch gestures, these gestures are similar to what we have on smartphones, some of the main gestures available are pinch-to-zoom, rotate & panning the canvas.


In case you totally don’t want touch, the Intuos draw does’t have that feature, which is the main reason it is more affordable than the other 3 models. In case you want the touch feature but are afraid of it getting in your way, you can turn it on & off whenever you want to.

The new Intuos tablets are very small, the small version of these tablets is about 6.7 x 8.25 inches. Which is nice for carrying them around, but they can be small to be used for accurate drawing in case you have a screen with a high resolution. The Intuos Art has a medium version at the time of writing this review, so you may consider getting that one in case you need a bigger graphics tablet.


The Pen & The extra nibs

Each of these 4 tablets comes with a nice looking pen, which doesn’t require any sort of battery to run, as it gets its power from the graphics tablet itself. The pen has two buttons that you can customise to your needs, similar to what you can do with the express keys. The one down side of the pen is that is has no eraser on its tip. Which is a feature that allows you to flip the pen and erase your drawing mistakes, without having to switch to the eraser tool in your art program.

Behind each of the tablets, there are 3 replacement nibs, which is a nice addition from Wacom, as the more you use your Intuos graphics tablet, the more the pen nib will wear off, which may cause the nib to become pointy, and thus lead it to scratch your tablet. To avoid that, you will need to replace the nib once it gets pointy. How much each nib lasts depends on the how much you press the pen on the tablet, the model of the tablet, and how much you work on it every day.
Bundled Software.

Each of the Intuos Draw, Art, Photo & Comic comes with a software that suits the purpose it was made for. If you counted the value of the software, the new Intuos can be very attractive to get in case you don’ have any software, but bear in mind that these are software download, with some limits on how much you can download them (click here for more details on that).
Wireless Support.

Wireless Support


Just like the case with many Wacom graphics tablets, the new Intuos Draw, Photo, Art & Comic support Wacom Wireless Kit, which allows you to use your tablet without the need of cable, which is a very nice feature for those who use their tablets away from their computer. The thing is, the wireless kit does’t come with the Intuos line of tablets, and you have to buy it separately. Unlike the Intuos pro, which comes bundled with it.

Feel free to check out my Wacom Wireless kit review if you are interested in knowing more about it. ^^

So, what is the difference between the Intuos Draw, Art, Photo & Comic?

From the usage point of view, you can use any of the 4 Intuos models for anything you want, as long you have the right software for that. For example, if you chose to get the Intuos Comic, but then decided to use it for retouching photos, you can still do that if you have Photoshop or any other photo-editing software installed.

Note:- The sizes available for each of the Intuos models are by the time of writhing this review, there is a good chance more models will be available in the future, in which case this review will be updated to reflect that. :D

The Intuos Draw

“If you’re just starting out and finding your own style, Intuos Draw can help take your work to the next level” – Wacom.

Intuos-Draw-Mint Intuos-Draw-White

This is the entry level among the 4 new Intuos models, it supports 1024 level of pressure sensitivity. While the pressure sensitivity here is lower than the higher-end graphics tablets, which mostly provide 2048 level of pressure, 1024 levels is more than enough for many uses, as long you know you to use your art program correctly.

The Intuos Draw is only available in small size, which features an active area of 6.0 x 3.7 inches (the active area is the area that responds to the pen, and and it is different than the tablet area). Just like I mentioned earlier in this review, the small size of the Intuos Draw makes it a very portable tablet to carry around, something you will appreciate if you are an art student or someone who likes to work on the go. The only bad thing about the small size is that it may not be very comfortable for working with a screen with a very high resolution, where you are more likely going to appreciate a medium-sized tablet.

The Intuos Draw comes with Artrage Lite, which is a very nice at software by the way.

Intuos draw is the only Intuos model that doesn’t have Multi-touch support, and that is what makes it the most affordable one among them.

Intuos Draw is available in two colours:- Mint or White, I personally like the Mint colour among the two.

If you want an affordable graphics tablet, and don’t care about touch, then the Intuos draw is the one for you.

Intuos Art

“So, you’ve already got skills in the locker? Show them off to the world with Intuos Art. Create awesome artwork, print your paintings or share them online” – Wacom.

Intuos-Art-Mint Intuos-Art-Black

In the first glance, the Intuos Art looks very similar to the Intuos Draw, which is true to some extent, as the Intuos art has the same amount of pressure sensitivity as the Intuos Draw (1024). And it has the same application-specific express keys.

Now, there are 4 main things that makes the Intuos Art different, first, the Intuos art comes in two sizes, small or medium, the medium size can be considered as a very good solution for those have a high resolution screen, or those who want a larger drawing area.

The second difference of the Intuos Art is that it supports multi-touch gestures, which allows you to do many gestures that you do on your smartphone.

The third difference is the bundled software. The Intuos Art comes with Corel Painter Essentials 5, which you can download a trial version of here if you want, along with many other Corel programs.

The last difference of the Intuos Art is the colour, it comes with black or blue.

Intuos Photo


“Your pictures tell a story. Make yours beautiful with Intuos Photo. Perfect your images for printing, push your creative boundaries, and share with your friends and family” – Wacom.

Intuos Photo is similar to Intuos Art, in that it supports multi-touch. Except that it doesn’t have a medium size. And it comes in black only.

When it comes to the bundled software, the Intuos Photo comes with following software:-

For Windows:-

For Mac OS X:-

You can click on the software link to download a trial version of it.

Intuos Comic

“If seeing your comic or manga characters in print is your dream, Intuos Comic is your perfect sidekick. Sketch, ink and color page after page, and bring your story to life” – Wacom.

Intuos Comic-Mint Intuos-Comic-Black

Similar to the Intuos Photo, the Intuos Comic also supports multi-touch gestures, and has a small size only. But it comes in Black or Blue.

When it comes to the bundled software, the Intuos comic comes with Clip Studio Paint Pro, & Anime Studio® Debut 10. Making it a good choice for those who want to create Anime or comics with it.

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What you need to know about downloading the bundled software?

The bundled software can be downloaded & installed on one computer only, and one operating system, according to Wacom’s term of service.
When you register, make sure you choose all the applications available, as you won’t be able to go back and select new ones a later time.

Comparison Table of the Intuos Tablets

Following is a comparison table of all the 4 models, as well as the previous Pen & Touch, which you may want to consider getting depending on your needs.

Draw (CTL490DW,CTL490DB) Art (CTH490AK,CTH490AB) Art (CTH690AK,CTH690AB) Photo (CTH490PK ) Comic (CTH490CK,CTH490CB) Intuos Pen and Touch
Size Small Small Medium Small Small Small , Medium
Dimentions 6.7 inches x 8.25 inches
x 0.4 inches
6.7 inches x 8.25 inches
x 0.4 inches
8.5 inches x 10.75 inches
x 0.25 inches
6.7 inches x 8.25 inches
x 0.4 inches
6.7 inches x 8.25 inches
x 0.4 inches
6.0 inches x 3.7 inches (small), 8.5 x 5.3 inches (medium)
Pressure sensitivity 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024
Active Area (Approximate) 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in) 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in) N/A 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in) 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in) 3.25 inches x 2.72 inches x 0.16 inches (Small), 10.8 x 8.8 x 0.4 inches (medium)
Bundled Software ArtRage Lite Corel Painter Essentials 5 Corel Painter Essentials 5 Corel® PaintShop® Pro X8,
and Corel® Aftershot® Pro 2 for Windows.
Corel® Aftershot® Pro 2, Macphun Creative Kit
(Tonality Pro, Intensify Pro, Snapheal Pro, Noiseless Pro) for Mac
Clip Studio Paint Pro, Anime Studio® Debut 10, Autodesk Sketchbook Express
& ArtRage Studio
Colors White , Blue Black , Blue Black , Blue Black Black , Blue Black & Silver
Multitouch Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes With the Touch models only
Express Keys 4 4 4 4 4 4
Resolution 2540 lpi 2540 lpi 2540 lpi 2540 lpi 2540 lpi 2540 lpi
Wireless Support Yes (But not included) Yes (But not included) Yes (But not included) Yes (But not included) Yes (But not included) Yes (But not included)
Windows Support Windows® 7, 8 or 10 Windows® 7, 8 or 10 Windows® 7, 8 or 10 Windows® 7, 8 or 10 Windows® 7, 8 or 10 Windows XP, Vista,
Windows 7 (64 or 32-bits)
Windows 8,
Windows 10
Mac OSX Support Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Mac OS X 10.6 or later

And Finally

The new Intuos tablets give you a lot in one package, you get a graphics tablet, touch capability & bundled software, in case you want all that, these is a great graphics tablets to start your journey with digital art.

Buying Options

Intuos Draw Intuos Art Intuos Photo Intuos Comic

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Review credit:-

I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


    1. Thank you for your comment Kerys. And yeah, some people find the pen tip inconvenient. I personally find it more natural to flip the pen and erase, as it saves me one additional express key to use it for something else.

  1. This review is great! My 8th grader wants a drawing tablet for her upcoming birthday, and I’m totally clueless about them (I have no artistic talent at all :p). I didn’t realize until reading this that the pen that comes with the non-Pro Intuos has no eraser. The Grip Pen with eraser costs 70 bucks, yikes! I saw some older (LP-180E) pens on Amazon that say they are for the CTH 480/680; would those also work with the CTH 690, or does the tablet have a way of detecting that you don’t have the “right” pen?

    Or, would you recommend I just get a CTH 680? Some are still available on Amazon.

    Thanks again for this great review!

    1. Hello Jonatahn!
      I am very glad you liked my review. As for the pen, there is a good chance the pen will work, as the pens are from the same line of Tablet (The Intuos), but I can’t guarantee it for sure. Which is why I suggest you get the CTH680, which had a pen with eraser out of the box. ^^

      I hope that helped!

      1. Thanks, Monia!

        Of course, now I have another question :-)

        In the email thread at work I started about Wacom tablets, somebody mentioned that he was thinking about the Wacom Creative Stylus 2 (, since his son also wants an iPad.

        A couple of artists who did YouTub reviews seem to like it, and the 2048 pressure levels are nice, but it seems like the limiting factor is maybe the software and platform? That is, a person might make a drawing on an iPad, but then want to do some work on it on a regular computer and would want/need a drawing tablet there, too – thus making the Creative Stylus 2 more of an adjunct to an Intuos than a replacement.

        Does my analysis seem right to you, or am I all wet? :)



        1. I took your advice and ordered a CTH680 on Amazon ($169.99 + $5.99 shipping, if anyone else reading this is thinking about getting one). It’s a little cheaper than CTH690 and has an eraser. If it keeps her going for a few years, something equivalent to the Intuos Pro Medium of today will probably be at the $200 price point, so this looks like a pretty good starter tablet.

          Thanks again for all your help!

          1. You are always welcome! Dear Jonathan~

            Knowing Wacom’s products, there is a good chance it will serve your daughter well. And it is better than the Intuos pro medium as long she didn’t need the extra features in that one. I really hope your daughter enjoy her tablet^^

        2. Your analysis is spot on, I truly believe that the iPad, or maybe the Surface Pro, will totally replace the Cintiq or maybe all Wacom products. Wacom seems aware of that, seeing how they released the Cintiq Companion. This is exactly how phone cameras kinda replaced full-fledged ones, at least for most uses.

          I didn’t try enough art programs on the iPad, but I agree with you that the platform is limiting this, the iPad pro may change things when it comes to the hardware, as for the software, last time I checked, there was a good amount of Apps that support pressure sensitivity, while these Apps may not be perfect, I think they can serve the purpose. I may try the stylus myself in the future, which I hope will be a changing factor in how I create artworks if this done well (I have some doubts though).

  2. Hello Monia,
    Hope you are doing well
    Thank you so much I love your review
    I am a traditional artist (Sketchbook and pencil)
    I draw chibbies, characters
    I am looking to start and master the digital art and drawing. I’ve tried the Wacom Bamboo before and I loved it but never owned graphic tablet before.
    I sill find myself a bit confused regarding which one should i take… Draw? Comic? or Art?
    What do you think i should get? :O
    Thanks again and have a wonderful day Dear

    1. Hello Sahar,

      Get the Intuos Draw if you want something affordable. Or else get the Intuos Comic or Intuos Art if you can afford them, as they have wireless. Now as for which one of these two you should get, it depends on the software that comes with them. In case you already have your own graphics software, the choice doesn’t matter much, but assuming you don’t, pick the one that comes with the software you want to use. I suggest the Art for painting & the Comic for drawing in general.

      I hope that helped. ^^

  3. Nice review SweetMonia! :)

    I’d like to ask for your opinion. I’ve never had a drawing tablet before and I want to get started in the digital art world so I’m getting one of these for christmas… I just can’t decide on which one to get, between the Intuos Comic and the Intuos Art.

    When I normally draw and doodle on paper, the majority of the stuff I do is very comic-like, but I also like having the freedom to go full on painting-mode :b
    The real problem is, which software would be better for me then? The Corel Painter Essentials 5 (which comes with the Art version) or the Clip Studio Paint Pro (which comes with the Comic version). I don’t really care for the Anime Studio® Debut 10 because I don’t plan on doing animation so it’s really down to those 2…
    Which of these 2 would be better at both, character drawings and painting? Because I feel like the Clip Studio Paint Pro really focus on anime-esque art (which I like a lot) but I also want to be able to draw other things aswell…
    I’m also thinking if I should get Art because it has a medium size avaliable, I feel like the small size might not be enough…

    Thanks for the review and have a nice a day! ^^

    1. Hello Diogo,

      This is a little tricky situation, but I will try my best to help you there. :)

      Since you want two software, one for drawing & one for painting, you need to choose to get one of the two software through the Intuos you are going to buy. And the other one separately. I pretty much suggest you get the Intuos Art. For one, Painter Essential 5 is a pretty nice painting software, so you got painting cover. For drawing, there are many cool art software that are free, like Sketchbook Express, which is simple & very good for drawing.

      You also mentioned that you may get a medium-sized tablet, so the Art can serve you here too. I generally always recommend a medium-sized tablet for anyone who can afford it.

      I hope that helped, feel free to ask me if you have any more questions. :)


      1. Thanks! Do you think I’ll still be able to do anime-art and drawing with Painter Essentials 5?
        Or will I absolutely have to get another drawing program?

        1. You are welcome! I don’t have extensive experience with Painter Essential 5, but it can be used for anime, as I saw many Youtube videos for that. Sketchbook can do that too. It is all about the tools you need & what you are comfortable with. Which is why I recommend that you download the trial version to see how comfortable you are with each of them.

  4. Hello SweetMonia, that was a nice review. :)

    I’d also like to ask for your opinion. I’ve been trying to decide which one to get, and it’s starting to drive me insane. My problem is a bit similar to Diogo’s if not completely the same. I was wondering what those softwares in each Intuos contain? You’ve told him that Intuos Art was mainly for painting and Intuos Comic was for drawing. Which one would be more beneficial if I wanted to start digital art but want a bit of both? Not just focused on a single area. Since I’m afraid that I might not be able to draw properly if I chose Intuos Art and vice versa.

    Have a nice day and thanks for bothering to read this.

    1. Hello Seraphiel,

      I think you situation is very similar to Diogo. I answered his question based on that he want both at the same time. But also that he does care about drawing but didn’t want to do animation or things related to the Comic software, just drawing and the likes.. I am not sure which are your needs, but assuming they are the same, I suggest you go for the same path as I suggested to him. Which is to go for the Intuos Art, get Painter Essential to cover painting (And also drawing), and to get Sketchbook for drawing as well, which has a free version.

      The cool thing is, even if these two programs were not enough for you, some other free ones like Krita & Inkscape can give you tons of possibilities.

      I hope that helped. :>

  5. Wow! You have answered all the questions I had with your excellent review!! I am an interior designer and I love drawing more than painting most of the time, After reading your review I think I’m going to go with the Intuos Draw, I might buy Corel Paint or Autodesk sketchbook later on if I need to but ritght now I’m just focused on drawing. Thank you for your time and effort on posting this, I think this is the best review I’ve read so far!

  6. Dear SweetMonia, that’s a great review! I’m planning to buy a Wacom Art tablet and this review helped me to know a lot about these models, thanks!! But I’m not sure which one to choose- small or medium. My budget is a little bit tight so most likely I’ll go for the smaller one. So I’ve a few questions to ask:

    [I’ve a desktop with 19″ monitor (1440×900 px) and 15″ laptop (1366×768 px). I use ‘Strokeit’ to select most tools and panels on Ps and Ai, and the keyboard is used only for the keys like Esc, Tab, Ctrl, Space, etc and also for typing]

    a) Is it easy to pinch-zoom, pan and scroll the canvas on both Ps and Ai like we do with smartphones? And can combine the shift/ctrl with them to reverse those actions?
    b) Can I completely replace my lap’s trackpad and control it using only the fingers? It’s okay if not.
    c) Will it be able to assign only Ctrl, Alt or Shift button to the pen’s buttons or Expresskeys to do the actions like ‘Ctrl+Click & drag’ with the Pen-tool and the anchor points?
    d) I may get an additional monitor for the desktop, so will the pen work if I put canvas/workspace on one monitor and the panels on the other?

    Thanks again for this great review.

    1. Hello neonbulb, I am glad my review was able to help you. With your monitor, I think it is better to get a medium tablet, but if your budget won’t allow it, then that’s fine too.

      As for you questions:-

      – Yes, it is easy to zoom the same way as smartphones. it may not be as responsive or sleek as a trackpad, but it certainly can replace it if you want.

      – You don’t need to hold the shift key to zoom-out, you simply need to pinch the other way to do that.

      – Yes, you can assign any keyboard button to the expresskeys of the Intuos, that includes the buttons you mentioned. And you can Control + drag the way you mentioned too.

      – Yes, you can have your canvas on one monitor, and the panels on another. It will work, but it will stretch the area the tablet is covering, so you may not find it comfortable. But it the end, it is down to your preference.

      I hope that helped :>

  7. I was wondering which of these tablets would be best if you want to get in to graphic design, I am torn between the Art and the Draw, although I think the draw would be slightly better because of the larger size, thanks for your help in advance.

      1. Hello Iggy,

        Yes, you are right! The Art is better then the draw, and you get more size for it if you want to. Another difference is the software that comes with the tablet. If you already have an Art software that you like using, then that is not exactly an advantage. The suitable tablet size depends on both your monitor as well as you preferences, I personally like to use larger tablet, but other artists may have other preferences :>

    1. Hello Maple

      Yes, it works with Photoshop CS6, I am not sure about Paint Tool SAI honestly, but I assume it works.

  8. Hi, I have a question. I don’t understand what is the difference between these two products, I thought these are the same but there is one that costs $199 and the other $129.
    I found that their ASIN code is not the same (btw I don’t know what it is :D)
    Maybe older and newer version, but I want to buy one, and it would a good price for $129 :D
    Please help me.
    Here are the two:

    1. Dear Cintia,

      Thank you for your question, the two models you posted are the same, with the exception of the color. The model number for the blue one is CTH-690AB-S, while the black one is WACOM CTH-690AK-S, the K or B in the model number stands for the color. And changing the color in the page of any changes the listed model number to reflect that.

      I honestly can’t speak for how the ASIN works in Amazon, they are better at explaining that than me, but from what I see in the pages you posted, one is sold by Amazon itself, while the other is sold by a 3rd party seller, which could be the reason why the price is different.

      I hope that helped~

  9. What the difference between CTH690AK and CTH690AB?
    My daughter asked me for the Intous Draw but I think if I give her the Intous Art, she will be able to do all the Intous Draw does and more, Am I right?
    Please let me know asap
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Marcia,

      The difference is simply the color, the CTH690AK is black, while CTH690AB is blue.

      And you are right, the Intuos Art can do everything the Draw can. And it has touch too. It comes with different software by the way.

      I hope that helped~

  10. Hey can i use intuos comic for draw, photo, and art also or the intuos only support the that softwares so I don’t use Photoshop in that comic tablet

    1. Hello Vishnu,

      If I understood your question, you can use the Comic to draw using other programs, like Photoshop. Not just the software that comes with it. The same goes for the other models, like Photo & Art~

  11. Hi!
    I bought the comic tablet and I meant to buy the photo to use in Lightroom and photoshop to edit photos. Could I still use the comic one? Or do I need to return it? Also, could I just download the photo software to the comic tablet?

    1. Hello Jess, :)

      Yes, you can use the Intuos Comic in Photoshop & Lightroom, and any other art software of your choice, no need to return it. The main difference between the Intuos Comic & Intuos Photo is the software that comes with it.

      If you got the Intuos Photo & downloaded the software that comes with it, you could still use that software with the Intuos Comic, though I think it is more affordable to buy the software separately rather than getting a new tablet.

      I hope that answered your question~

  12. Hello :)
    i searched in google ( what’s the difference between intuos art and draw )
    and the first thing i entered is this review and its complete !
    i found everything i needed and didn’t need to enter another site ;))
    i just want to know if i buy intuos art you said that i can download the comic software too, right ?
    my question is : is the comic software free or i have to buy it ??
    and konitchiwa <33

    1. Konichiwa Ala’a,

      I am glad you liked my review, this makes me willing to create more reviews like that :>

      As for your question, you can’t get the Comic software if you got the Art.

  13. hello :)
    thanks for your reply, but now i fell a little disappointed and sad : ( ..
    i was planned to get the intuos comic as a gift my dad will get me cuz i graduated,
    but its small. so i wanted to get the art ( medium size ) then download the comic software..
    it looks like I’m going to get intuos comic (small) 0-0.
    but thanks anyway :33
    in japanese : Arigato !! <3
    * by the way, what's the best anime\manga u watched :))
    ** i'm reading lolita caramel :)

    1. Hello Ala’a,

      If your computer monitor is small, like around 11-13 inches, getting a small tablet is totally okay. You can also get the medium Intuos Art & buy the software you want later too.

      You’re always welcome~
      In Japanese:- Douitashimashite ^^
      I have many favorite Anime, one of them is Fruit Basket, which has an excellent Manga too.

      >>>>>> I hope you like Lolita Caramel, feel free to post a comment about it once you finish it. :>

  14. Hi SweetMonia,
    Tx for the review, it is very useful. But one question is still bothering me. Do all these tablets need a monitor to work? My 8th grade daughter wants to have a drawing tablet that can be used on it without using a monitor.

    1. Hi Ari,

      All the Intuos tablets in this review requires a monitor to be used. And you also need to connect them to a Windows or Mac PC. If you want a tablet to be used without a monitor,I recommend a Cinitq Pro tablet, however, those still requires a computer to be used.

      I hope that helped.

  15. Hi Monia! That review was very helpful. I’m planning to buy a graphics tablet for the first time and the only Wacoms available in my town are Draw and Comic. I want to make webtoons and some graphic art. But my dilemma is which one should I get?
    I’m still have some questions like ‘Does Intuos Draw really have no muti-touch feature presently?’ And ‘Those that have muti-touch, is there a switch to turn it off?’ Because I like to use the touch but maybe I won’t in other works.
    Also ‘No matter the Intuos, can I use any software available? Is it compatible to all kinds of softwares or is there a limitation depending on each Intuos?’. And ‘Is there something Intuos Comic has that Intuos Draw doesn’t have or isn’t capable of?’.
    Sorry, I’m just trying to be careful because this is going to be my very first expensive purchase with my own money.

  16. Hi SweetMonia,

    Great article! I was planning to get one to my wife as she is a jewelry designer. Do you think the graphic tablet will be a good idea. She needs something to convert her designs to vector files so I thought maybe an Intuos Art can be the solution by designing directly on the PC. Let me know your thoughts.

  17. Hi,
    Could you recommend me the tablet for both photoshop & drawing? If Intuos Photo only for editing photo, will it suits for drawing as well?
    Because I thought of buying Intuos Photo but I want to learn to draw as a hobby.

    1. Hi there.

      Yes, I totally recommend it for that. The Intuos Photo can be used for drawing as well. The main difference between the models is the software that comes with them. As well as the wireless feature.

  18. Best drawing tablet for kids to draw?…

    Hello Sweet Monica,

    This is an absolutely fab review – the Wacom Intuos range is difficult to decypher but your review makes it much clearer thank you.

    Do you mind if I ask for your advice on which option you would recommend for kids?

    My two boys (8 and 6 y/o) love to draw cartoon-like characters and sketch animals, inventions, doodles, people and pretty much everything and anything that kids like to draw.

    At first the Comic stands out simply because of the name of it. But based on your review it looks like the Art (Pen and Touch Medium) will suit my two boys best. But the word Comic makes me wonder if they will be missing out? As well as the fact that the Photo version offers a huge list of software (my boys don’t do any photo editing however).

    Hope to hear from you :)

    Many thanks again for such a detailed review, I will be sure to buy whichever tablet we decide on using your link as a thank you because there is a lot of work you have put into this review!


    1. Hello Glen,

      I am very glad you liked my review, it makes me happy I created them :>

      AS for the difference between the Intuos Comic & Photo, it’s mainly in the software they come with, not the tablet itself. Based on what you told me, Intuos Photo doesn’t seem like the best pick for your kids. So you got to choose between the Comic or Art.

      The Comic comes with Clip Studio Paint Pro, and the Art comes with Corel Painter Essentials 5.. Both programs are good but have a bit of a learning curve.. To avoid missing out anything, I suggest you get them the Comic, where you will get two good software with it, then download Sketchbook Express (for free), which is a very easy to use program for drawing & doodling, that way, you get 3 different software for them.

      I hope that helps, and feel free to ask me any question you may have ^^

  19. Thank you SweetMonia.

    Comic it is then :-)

    Do you have an opinion on whether the Touch facility is worth it? I could see it being massively useful but will it annoy my kids, if when they lean their drawing hand onto the tablet it skips and moves the cursor preventing them from drawing naturally whilst leaning their hand on the tablet?

    Also, do you mind if I ask about Photoshop and if you think investing in that is a good Idea? I am thinking if they are going to have to learn new software why not make it Photoshop. That way it’s a real investment in their future and they’ll develop skills in something that will be useful forever!

    Thanks again x

    1. You’re welcome, dear Glen :>

      I personally don’t use it, it’s not smooth enough to make me want to do so, but maybe in the future. The best way to know for sure is to try it. Touch is unlikely going to stand in your kids’ way since you can turn it off from the driver settings (some Wacom tablets have a button to do so too).

      You have it right! Learning Photoshop is a useful skill in this age, it will come in handy in many ways, even if you are not going to work as a designer. I discussed this in detailed in my post Is Learning Photoshop Worth It?. The good thing is, it’s possible to learn Photoshop for free if you don’t want to spend money on it.

      I hope that helped. ^^

  20. Good day Monia,

    I am an undergraduate university student that need to take a project for my multimedia course. After reviewing multiple website materials, I am now stuck on Draw, Art and Comic. For my project, I had thoughts of using Ren’Py, and as you know Ren’Py, is best if all the artworks is hand-drawn by our own. So I am quite confused because all those 3 wacom offer almost the same but with different software. And I want to buy for a longer future investment. I like to draw like cartoons, anime/manga and art designs, so which would you recommend me to get. I actually thought of putting Comic for my first choice, but with the current information and situation for me now is really difficult for me to make a choice.

    Waiting for your reply
    Thank You.

    1. Hello there Reon,

      I think your best bet is the Intuos Comic indeed, specially giving the bundled software. The only thing I don’t recommend about it is its small size, specially if you plan to use it on a large monitor, or you plan to get one in the future (you plan to use it for a long time, so it’s better to think about that now).

      Also, have you checked out the new Intuos 2018 review? It was released last month, and it allows you to choose the bundled software more easily, you only need to select the size for the most part. The only drawback is that Clip Studio Paint Pro’s license only last for 2 years.

      Nice to see more people using Renpy, I am using it for my Lolita Caramel visual novel skits & I like it so far. ^^

      I hope that helped ^^

      1. Thanks for the fast reply,

        I think you meant Wacom Intuos Pro? I actually thought of that for more professional use since I am going to use for a long time. But with my current budget, I don’t think I can afford that , even the small size cost me 1k in my country currency. I don’t have a workstation yet, currently using gaming spec laptops to do all my multimedia contents. For Intuos comics, could you elaborate about the software like free for how many year and if to renew license, how much does it cost and last for how long. And do suggest me some free comic or manga/cartoon drawing software, if able.

        That’s all and thank you

        1. You’re welcome!

          The one I meant is the New Intuos 2018. It’s the newer model of the ones we are discussing now. They are also entry-level tablets, and the cost is also similar (depending on the model you pick). But it’s alright to go with your budget, as Wacom tablets tend to last long anyway.

          The software that comes with the Comic, Clip Studio Paint Pro is a 2 years license, but you can upgrade to the unlimited version at a discount later (the upgrade is to the Clip Studio Paint Debut version). Anime Studio Debut 10 doesn’t have that limitation as far as I know.

          The discount for Clip Studio Paint Pro is $10, according to this page:-

          I hope that helped ^^

          1. Thanks Monia, your information is helpful. After that I will need to find a few more free drawing software to help my project.

            Anyway, thanks again and all the best and smooth journey for your drawing career and experience.

          2. You’re always welcome! Dear Reon ^^

            I hope you find some good ones, check out Sketchbook & Inkscape for some free software.

            I hope you the best as well :>

  21. Hi, sweetmonia! This helped me learn a lot about the drawing tablets I’m earning but… I have a problem with picking between the art and the comic because I want to make an animation but then I also want to be able to simply draw as well. Which would be better in my case? Also, about the softwares you said, are they, like, bought along with the drawing tanlet or do we have to download them ourselves?

  22. Hi Monia,
    thank you for review pretty cool!
    I have pretty much the same problem as most people here that already wrote to you :D
    But i am trying to choose between Art and Photo, as i am drawing and painting on paper and want to continue to do it but also as a hobby i play around with pictures…
    i guess the Art version is optimal..
    what do you think?

  23. Hi great review, I want to use one of these as a mouse replacement because of strain on my wrist caused by mice. I have bought a cheap used wacom bamboo to see if I could get used to it. But I have difficulties clicking with it. When I tap the tip of the stylus on the tablet (like for closing a window for example) the cursor moves a bit so the click becomes a drag. Was wondering if the one I got is too cheap or maybe defective, or my expectancy of a tablet is too high. Are these things precise? Could an Intuos tablet fit my purpose?

    1. Hi Nate,

      From what I know, the issue you mentioned can happen from time to time on graphics tablet, but it shouldn’t stop you from using it as a mouse alternative, but it will be less convenient in some cases. Setting the pen buttons to do left-click & right-click can help you with this issue.

      As for whether buying a new one is better, this is hard to answer. If the issue you mentioned happens too often, I say buy one for $70 if you’re willing to try again.

      Either way, I advise you to stick with Wacom, as they are the best to use for clicking around (other brands can be great for drawing though).

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