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Should you buy refurbished Wacom graphics tablet?

Refurbished Wacom Graphics Tablet

Here is what you need to know before you buy refurbished Wacom graphics tablet.

While you were browsing shopping sites, chances you may noticed many refurbished wacom graphics tablet that are sold at a good discount. In case you wondered if it is good to buy one of these tablets, here is what I know about the subject. Which I hope will help you decide whether to get a refurbished tablet or not. My guesses that if you are looking at this article, you are either looking for a bargain, or you are looking for Wacom graphics tablet that is no longer available as new or are expensive to get right now, like the extra large Intuos 4, which can be found as refurbished in Amazon for a good price.
As we all know, Wacom produces some of the best graphics tablets out there, even when you can get an affordable graphics tablet from other brand that are also good. Getting a refurbished Wacom graphic tablet is a good way to get a tablet that is known for its quality, which may also comes with features that can are usually found with Wacom, like tilt sensitivity or wireless, but that depends on the graphics tablet model.
To get to know more about getting a refurbished Wacom graphics tablet, please read on.

Good reasons to buy a refurbished Wacom graphics tablet

  • You save money, as you get your Wacom tablet for a good discount.
  • The tablet mostly feel like new, even though it is a refurbished one.
  • While you can get an affordable graphics tablet with the same price. Refurbished Wacom graphics tablets has the same exclusive features that are usually available in Wacom, like the eraser in the pen, wireless, tilt sensitivity or having a different settings profile for each program, note that the actual features you will get depends on the tablet model.

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Reasons not to buy a refurbished Wacom graphics tablet

  • Sometimes the product may have problems, which is why it is usually better to buy refurbished Wacom graphics tablets that has 1 year of warranty.

What does refurbished product mean?

Refusbished Wacom graphics tablets are tablets people have bought a new, but they ended up returning them. The reason for the return is unknown. But in many cases, it is possible the people who bought them didn’t use it much, this is not uncommon in devices like graphics tablets, something many people try for the same time, and some of them end up not liking it at all. In some other cases, the product had some sort of problem, like a defect or a scratch on its surface, and the person returned it for that.
Because the package have been opened, refurbished Wacom graphics tablet can’t be sold as new, so the seller has to sell it after refurbishing it. The way products get refurbished is different from a place to another. If the product is refurbished in a good way, it get fixed in case it was defected, and goes through a good number of tests, usually much more than new unit. Which gives you a good assurance.

Buying refurbished Wacom graphics tablets from Amazon

A good thing about buying refurbished Wacom graphics tablet from Amazon is that you get warranty for the tablet you choose, the length of the warranty depends on the tablet, but it ranges between 90 to one year in the pages I saw, and in most cases it is one year.
It is always better to get the graphics tablets with 1 year warranty. And it usually better to read the description of the product, it shows you some valuable information about the refurbishing. For example, it would be nice to see if the following statement exist in the product page, or any similar statement:-
“This Certified Refurbished product is tested & certified by Wacom to look and work like-new. The product includes all original accessories, plus a 1 year warranty”.

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