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Should I buy a graphics tablet? Answering a tough question

Graphics Tablet

I was confused about that once

As someone who had wondered once whatever to get a graphics tablet or not. I really didn’t know at the time whatever getting one is best for me. To be frank, I ended up getting one because I was so into getting into digital art. And there was some risk in that(I also need to point out that I was planning to tread into digital art realm for long). So it was okay for me to take such a risk because I got some extra cash at the time.

The reason I made this post because I found in the web is that in most articles in the web that discuss this question. They tend to go into technical details about graphics tablets and the kinds available, and sometimes discussing different models as well. Without addressing the issue of “Should I buy a graphics tablet?” or now. Even though this is what the title is saying. And to avoid falling into such a trap.

In this article, I assumed that you know what a graphics tablet is, and so I am not going to go around defining it or giving you technical education about it. If you don’t know what a tablet is, there are tons of excellent articles on the web that talk about that(like this one). I may make a very simple article like that in the future. Using pictures and all, so you won’t have to read too many words at all^^

The short answer to the question:-

To give you the short answer:- Only you can decide whatever you need it or not. But I can still give you some guidelines to help you decide whatever to get one or not. I have broken down the cases based on when you should get a tablet, or what to do if you are hesitant.

Cases when you should really get a graphics tablet

  • If you use Photoshop, or any graphics editing software on a regular basis, specially if you drawing using that software using the mouse, using the mouse for that can get you a repetitive stress injury(RSI). And I personally don’t recommend you do that.
  • If you currently draw using traditional media and aspire to switch to digital drawing:- If this is your case, you are probably hesitant about it. But I think it best that you get one. If you are short on money, you could get a relatively cheap one for around $100, or even much less. And there are many options for you to choose from. You could also get one with a return policy, so that you could try and see if it is for you. And it is the easiest way to get around the case if you are hesitant

When it is better to not get a tablet at all

If you are not good at drawing:- while the tablet can surely compensate your lack of skills to some extent, specially if you draw with vector graphics. It is not really a replacement for these skills. It is going to be super difficult you hide your lack of knowledge or skills even if you are drawing digitally. Anatomy and proportions mistakes will appear too frequently in your final artwork. And this is really not the easiest or best way to get into drawing in my opinion. So my advice to you is to learn the basics first.

And now. Should I buy a graphics tablet?

Like I said above, get one and try it yourself. The info above will help you most of the time. But you will only know for sure when you actually try it, at least a cheap one to see how it is. It is much better than mouse in that it is faster, more ergonomically comfortable. And the pressure sensitivity makes a great difference if you used it right.

At the end. I hope I managed to help find the answer you are looking for, and to end up taking the best decision you could. And now I am leaving you with a list of graphics tablet at a reasonable price below~

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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