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POSRUS Cintiq screen protector: Protect Your Cintiq From Scratches

The Cintiq is a great device for any digital artist, and many artists are happily using it to create their artworks over the world. But one of the many gripes about it is its tendency to scratch easily for some people.

If you are one of these people, or you recently got yourself a Cintiq or plan to do so. It may be worth it to invest an additional $10-$15 to protect its screen. Doing so can ensure that it lives for you as much as possible. If you are wondering how much this Cintiq screen protector can protect your Cintiq, take a look at the Torture Test video below. Which is fun to watch. :D

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  • Inexpensive protection for a very expensive product.
  • Gives you a Peace of mind. There is no need to fret or worry whether using the Cintiq for a long time or pressing hard on it will scratch the surface. (Though some people reported that the Cintiq is not that scrachable for them).
  • The screen will look clear after installing it correctly.
  • Compatible with all the Cintiq models. From the Cintiq 13 HD to the Cintiq Companion Hybrid.
  • There is no loss in your drawing accuracy after installation. Some people even reported that the accuracy of their Cintiq has increased.
  • Doesn’t leave any residues after it is removed.

Also mentioned in POSRUS Cintiq screen protector Amazon’s page:- 

  • Protects LCD display against scratches, abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screens.
  • Eliminates fingerprints on the screen.
  • Reduces glare from overhead lighting and provides a pleasing touch surface.
  • Installs easily in seconds.
  • Low-tack adhesive removes easily without leaving residue. Does not require solution, liquid, or “wet application.”.

How to install POSRUS Cintiq screen protector

While this Cintiq screen protector is great and all. The tricky part is how to apply it on your Cintiq without getting air bubbles between it and the screen. Which is explained in the following video.

While the video is for a tablet protector, the installation is the same for Pen displays as well. Here is the process in short:-

  • The screen protector will be specially designed for your device, in this case, your Cintiq
  • Wipe the screen of your Cintiq using the cloths that comes with it.
  • Place the protector on your device, to get the feeling of how the device. Take note on which side will face the screen and the one that will face you
  • Peel part of the protector
  • Take your time placing the protector. And use the soft card to remove the bubbles
  • Remove the upper layer and then continue to remove the bubbles using the soft card

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Torture Test:- How much this POSRUS Cintiq screen protector will protect my precious Cintiq?

If you are wondering how much this Cintiq screen protector can protect your beloved Cintiq. Then take a look at the following video. Which do a “Torture Test” on a tablet they installed the screen protector on. The test scratches the screen protector using a coin, screw, blade, and more, without affecting the tablet screen the least:-

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