What are the best alternative 3rd party stands for MobileStudio Pro & Cintiq Pro? (Covers both the 13-inches & 16-inches stands).

What-Are-best-alternative-3rd party-stands-for-MobileStudio-Pro-&-Cintiq-Pro

Finding A Good Stand For Mobilestudio Pro 13-Inch & 16-Inches Despite the fact the MobileStudio Pro has been here for a while, Wacom is yet to release a stand for it. According to a post made by Wacom in Facebook, they have issues manufacturing them. While some artists uses their MobileStudio Pro lying flat on…

How to get rid of the right-click circle that appears while you press the pen your Wacom device (and many other graphics tablets).


How To Get Rid Of The Right-Click Circle That Appears When While You Use Your Wacom Device (And Many Other Graphics Tablets). While drawing using a graphics tablet certainly making it easier to create artworks, it’s not without its quirks. One of those is the circle that appears every time you press & hold the…

Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure review – Book Review – By Barbara Bradley


Drawing People: How To Portray The Clothed Figure Review In Few Words (Mini Review) I recently finished reading the book Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure, which aims at teaching the art of drawing clothes on figures. While the book certainly benefited me in my goal of drawing clothes on my characters better….