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Learn the Pen tool of Photoshop & Illustrator easily with the Bézier Game

The Bézier Game:- A good way to learn the pen tool

The pen tool that is found in Photoshop & illustrator is a great and accurate way to draw and make selections in Photoshop & Illustrator. And in my opinion. It is the most accurate way to do that using a mouse. But for many beginners. It is tricky to learn the pen tool. And many beginners end up avoiding it altogether because of that.
While a lot of tutorials & videos has been made about teaching that great tool. a certain interactive game called “The Bézier Game” has caught my attention. It teaches you interactively how to draw many shapes with the tool, in the exact way done in Adobe’s software (including shortcut keys like Shift, alt, undo & redo).
The bézier game help you learn the pen tool interactively by making you draw many shapes.
Drawing a car in the game, you have to draw it with a certain number of point. If one of the lines didn’t flow correctly within the defined boundaries, the game will show you where the line went wrong once you make that wrong line
Drawing an airplane using the Bézier Game
the Bézier Game makes it easier to draw the shapes by telling you where to start drawing them
The game starts by showing you basic instructions before they make you draw the shape, after that you are on your own. You have to draw the shape within the defined boundaries, and using a certain number of points, or you won’t be able to proceed to the next stage. to do that, you must be able to use some of the common tricks of the pen tool using shortcuts, which are taught to you at the beginning of the game.
Whatever you are a beginner who wants to learn the pen tool. Or even if you are a seasoned user of it. I highly recommend you to try the Bézier Game. Which is both fun and educational:-

Learn The Pen Tool With The Beziér Game now

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