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Learn Photoshop The Sweetest Way:- Easy Photoshop Tutorials for beginners with Pictures To Achieve Results Quickly

Is it hard to learn Photoshop?
Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures

Learn Photoshop The Sweetest Way has been made into a book, which is more revised and covers more concepts than the online Photoshop tutorials, feel free to check out the book & download free chapters from it by clicking here

This is a new series I am starting in this blog. which aim to help you learn Photoshop as easily as possible. Many of you has noticed how I have been focusing more on digital art, mainly because it is what I know most about. With all honesty, I am not an expert in anything other than pencils, and all my future plans regarding art is about digital. It is not like I am going to abandon pencil drawing all together (I will write many useful articles about that in the future).

Learn Photoshop sweetly & Easily

I have encountered many people who wish they could learn Photoshop. Except that they don’t. It not that there is a lack of articles or books that teach that wonderful program. There are plenty of those actually. To the point you would think the market is saturated with them. But still, for the majority of people. The way to learn Photoshop can be intimidating. As the program is huge and full of features. And many will think they will need to learn tons of things to be able to do anything useful with it, but the truth is. To Learn Photoshop and use it effectively, you won’t have to learn all the features in it. Just the 5% features that is used %95 of time. And to make it easier to learn those. I will cut them for you into tiny peaces. Then get some sugar on them before feeding you the peaces one by one. Wouldn’t Photoshop be really sweet that way? This is what I am going to do in this series of posts. Which I plan to keep on publishing on a regular interval.
The sugar formula that makes is easy to learn Photoshop
The sugar formula that makes is easy to learn Photoshop :)
Now, speaking about the need to learn a lot to be able to benefit from Photoshop, believe me. By only learning a little bit of it, like some of the tools and all you could do wonders using the program. And I will show you that with hand-ons at the end of each post.

Here are few things I am going to guarantee to you after reading all my Photoshop tutorials:-

  • All Photoshop tutorials will be easy to follow, and to the point.
  • At the end of this series, you will be able to use the program to do many things you couldn’t do before, and you can still learn more by purchasing the book Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures, which contains even more materials
  • You will be able to expand to what you learned here in case you had the time for it.
  • These skills will benefit you in tons of ways in the future. And more than you could imagine. I have been using Photoshop for years, I have used it for creating banner, manipulating & fixing Photos. And even drawing Anime artworks and creating all the pictures needed for this site (The logo of this site is made by Photoshop by the way ;D).

A little advice before you start to learn Photoshop

Photoshop is a great and big program. But don’t let the amount of features in it fool you. The best way to use software like it is to take the simplest approach in doing things. Many people fall into the habit of trying to create complicated designs and use tons of tool trying to do that. And they end up creating things they are not proud of. And who said all these sophisticated arts you saw online were done that way? Many of them were made by combining many of the simplest techniques to create a simple & lovely design. Just remember, when you want to make your coffee sweeter, you simply add sugar to it. You don’t go to the lab to invent something that makes it sweet :)

And now I will leave you with my sweet Photoshop tutorials~

Getting Started With The Brush Tool

A quick start with the brush tool. With explanation of its basic settings. Like changing its size. And the opacity & fill options.

Learn Photoshop The Sweetest Way:- Blending modes of the brush tool

To continue with the Brush Tool. This Photoshop tutorial presents a visual guide for blending modes. With various examples how to create very nice effects using them.

Learning the brush tool:- Loading new brushings and creating new ones –

Still with the brush tool. This tutorial explains the how to use various brushes in Photoshop. And how to create new brushes from scratch. And how to download and add new brushes from the web.

Learn photoshop layers easily:- Easy tutorial for working with layers and manipulating them

A detailed explanation for using layers in Photoshop. Layers can be intimidating for those who never used a program that has them. So I took a very smooth way to teach their concepts from the very beginning of the series. As you have to learn about Layers as long you want to learn Photoshop.

Photoshop selection tools In-Depth tutorial (With Detailed Examples)

A detailed explanation about all Photoshop selection tool. And how to choose the best tool to do that job.

Using Photoshop pen tool tutorial, and an introduction to Bézier curves

Photoshop pen tool is a very useful tools in Photoshop. I personally can’t imagine using the program without it. The pen tool is so common that you can find it on tons of graphics software. Like Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial talks about the pen tool in great details. To help you learn Photoshop Pen tool and use it to its full capabilities

Cropping Images using the Crop Tool And Rectangle Marquee Tool Photoshop Tutorial, and An Introduction to aspect ratio

Cropping images is one of the very common & important things that is done in Photoshop. So in this tutorial. I explain various ways to do that. Along with an easy-to-understand explanation of the Aspect Ratio concept.

Resizing Images in Photoshop and Canvas Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial talks about resizing images and canvas. Along with explaining all the dialogs and options related to them. Taking into account the difference between some of the dialogs in different Photoshop versions

All About Photoshop type tools tutorial

A detailed explanation about adding text tools in Photoshop. Including adding horizontal & vertical text. The character & panel options. Adding text to a path. Downloading new fonts and adding them to Photoshop. And a few more things

Photoshop photo manipulation tools tutorial. Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush Tool & Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is part I of Photo Manipulation Tools tutorial, which focus on 3 of them. The Clone Stamp Tool, the Healing Brush Tool and the Spot Healing Brush tool. Because these tools are funny, I added more examples to this tutorial

Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tools tutorial: Patch Tool, Content-Aware Move Tool, And Content-Aware Fill

This is part II of Photo Manipulation Tools tutorial. 3 More Photo Manipulation Tools are discussed here. The Patch Tool, the Content-Aware move Tool and the Content-Aware Fill.

Photoshop Blur Tool, Sharpen Tool and the Smudge Tool Tutorial

In this tutorial. We learn 3 Photoshop tools, The Blue Tool , The Sharpen Tool  and The Smudge Tool  . The blur tool decrease the focus of part of the picture. The sharpen tool does the opposite, it increase the focus of a certain area, or sharpen it in other words. The smudge Tool smears the picture, similar to what you could to to paints with your finger. Which is why is has a finger icon

Photoshop Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, And the Sponge Tool Tutorial

This tutorials describes 3 more Photoshop tools. Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, And the Sponge Tool. The Sponge Tool lighten part of the picture, while the Burn Tool darken or “burn” that area you paint on. The Sponge Tool increase or decrease the saturation of all or part of the picture.

Photoshop Shape Tools Tutorial

Shape tools are useful in creating tons of designs. They can also be used in drawing. This tutorial focuses on 5 of the 6 Photoshop shape tools. The Rectangle Tool, the Rounded Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool, The Polygon Tool, and The Line Tool

~If you liked these Photoshop tutorials, and felt like they helped you learn Photoshop, please share it with friends and link to it, this will help me create more tutorial like that~

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


  1. Thanks very much for the tutorials. I’m new to Photoshop, and this series certainly helped. Thanks again.

    1. You are welcome! Dear Keith~

      If you have any question regarding the tutorials, I am here for you :>

      Have fun with Photoshop!

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