Is Wacom Cintiq worth it? Here is how to make here is how to make your Cintiq buying decision

Is Wacom Cintiq Worth It?

Is Wacom Cintiq Worth It? Here Is A Little Guide To Help You Decide On That

If you like drawing on the computer, or plan to do that a lot, Wacom Cintiq can be the greatest purchase you ever make, as it is the closest way to draw with traditional media known so far.

In this little guide, I try to help you decide whether you should get a Cintiq or not. While I try my best to help you make the most accurate decision, each of us has their own different needs, so feel free to disagree with any of my suggestions below if they didn’t go with yours.

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When Is The Cintiq Worth It?

Following are the cases where getting a Cintiq is totally worth it, if you fall into many of these categories, then you can certainly get a Cintiq.

  • You have the money & can afford it, and don’t mind spending the money for it. While some people prefer regular graphics tablets to the Cintiq, most people report that the Cintiq is more comfortable & natural than regular graphics tablets.
  • If you have the chance to try the Cintiq at some shop just do it, so that you know how it feels like to draw directly on the screen. Drawing on the Cintiq may look very close to drawing with paper, but it is not exactly the same. This is very important, because while the Cintiq is wonderful device for creating artworks, it is not really for everyone. And you are the best judge when it comes to it being suitable to you.
  • If used a traditional graphics tablet, and you didn’t like moving your hands to draw while looking on the screen at the same time.
  • You had hand-eye coordination with regular graphics tablet.
  • If you are already good at drawing on paper, and wanted to use your drawing skills digitally as well. This is more the case if you never had a graphics tablet and considering going to the Cintiq right away.
  • If you do a lot of lineart work, or if you plan to use the Cintiq mainly for drawing or painting.
  • If you are serious about digital art, or you already make money from it.
  • If you are professional who wanted to gain more productivity with your work. Something that the Cintiq will likely provide to you.



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Possible Things To Be Wary Of When Getting A Cintiq

The following are some points that may negatively affect your satisfaction with the Cintiq in case you decided to get one. Please make sure you are aware of them before you make any buying decision, so that you won’t end up getting a Cintiq and regret it:-

  • Just like the case with LCD monitors, some Cintiq units can have dead pixels. so make sure you test the unit you receive as soon as possible, so you can return it and maybe get a replacement unit.
  • This is related to the previous point, when you get a Cintiq, try to make sure it comes with a warranty, so that if you got a defective unit of any sort, they could always get it fixed or get a new replacement unit. While new Cintiq always come with a warranty, that may not be the case with refurbished or a used Cintiq.
  • If you use Linux operating system, make sure your distros supports the Cintiq model you plan to get, Linux tends to be tricky when it comes to pen displays support. So do your research before buying.
  • Some Cintiq models have a certain amount of heat, while that heat is usually harmless, it can annoy you while you are drawing.
  • Depending on where you set and draw, and the Cintiq model you plan to get. You are likely going to start using it by leaning toward it while you are sitting or standing, which is an awkward posture that is not comfortable for longer drawing sessions. This is especially the case with the bigger Cintiq models, like Cintiq 22HD and the bigger ones. When it comes to the smaller Cintiq models, like the Cintiq 13HD, you are unlikely going to face this problem, as you can draw while having it on your lap. To solve this problem with the bigger Cintiq, you will need to allocate some space for it. That’s especially the case for Cintiq 27QHD. Another good solution is to hang your Cintiq using an Ergotron arm, which will allow you to adjust where the Cintiq is, and so you won’t have to learn forward or anything while you draw.
  • If you currently use a regular graphics tablet. One of the first things you will notice is how tour hand will cover part of what you are drawing, an issue that’s totally nonexistent in the regular graphics tablets. If you are new to digital art, you are unlikely going to notice anything of that sort.

What Cintiq Size To Get?

Now this can be another topic on its own, but let’s talk a little about it.

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As of the time of writing this post, Cintiq models range from 13 to 27 inches. One of the good things about the Cintiq is that you won’t need to get a bigger or a smaller model based on the seize on your monitor. But rather based on how much details you want to get and how you swing your arm while you draw. Just bear in mind that it is pretty common to think that the bigger Cintiq models are better for everyone when they are not.

And Finally

For most artists, getting the Cintiq is an experience that’s worth it, but that doesn’t deny the fact that some people got themselves one but ended up preferring to use their regular graphics tablet. And that’s why I hope my post helped you decide whether is the Cintiq worth it or not, and see you in another article. :D

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