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Is Practicing Drawing Supposed To Be Boring? What to do about it?

Practicing Is Boring, And Everyone Is Telling Me To Do It.

So, you want to improve your drawing skills, maybe you have been told to study anatomy, or another aspect of drawing, either by a fellow artist or a good critique, or by simply reading this blog (I am aware I give such advise a lot here). You have no issue regarding the importance of such advice. You probably tried doing it, only to face a grave issue:- It’s so boring to do so.

So, in this post, I will illustrate why practicing drawing is boring. Maybe there’s a limit to what I can do to you about it, but understanding the idea about that could make a lot of difference for you.

So, Is Practicing Drawing Supposed To Be Boring?


The short answer is “Yes, it’s boring by nature”. No matter what you like to draw, you’re bound to need to do some sort of boring practice if you want to improve.

It’s not uncommon that you started drawing because there’s something you like to draw. Either characters from Anime or movies, or you simply wanted to draw sceneries. Then you realized you that you had to study perspective, or maybe anatomy in order to improve, and you found that boring.

Even if your approach to practicing is by drawing the same character or scenery made by other. Being able to draw the same thing over & over can help you getting it right, but again. Depending on your patience levels, it can be so boring.

For A Starter, Embrace It Go With It. It Only Gets Better


The best advice I can give you here is to embrace the boredom you feel & go with it. You will get used to the process after some time. The good news is, once you start to see results from the tedious process, you will want to do it more. It will also be strongly tied to what you actually want to draw. One of the reasons practicing is boring because it feels dull, your brain has no reason to be motivated about it. This all changes to a good degree once there’s a tactile results.

Keep in mind that many of the best artists practiced things they really dislike, just so they could improve.

To talk a bit about myself. I mainly like to draw Anime. At first, I did it while almost completely ignoring anatomy. I was fine with it for a while, as I used to mostly copy other artworks. Once I started to do a tiny bit of original work, my lack of knowledge about anatomy came into view. I lost count of the time I have been told to “study anatomy”. I honestly disliked that at the time, but I did study.

It took me some time between studying anatomy & seeing results, because I really didn’t want to do it at first. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for some of us artists.

If You Only Ever Draw For Fun, It’s Okay


I know some may not like this, but not all of us has to get to the top of the art world. Some of us may just want to draw the things they like, and that’s it. They are totally fine with their current level.

For those people, it’s totally fine if you don’t want to draw anything else you don’t want. It’s a trade off you have to make, and as long you’re satisfied with the outcome, no one has to tell you want you should do.

You Don’t Have To Stop Drawing What You Like


By practicing the boring stuff. All I am telling you is to dedicate some time for these kinds of exercises. That doesn’t really mean you should stop drawing the stuff you want.

In reality, stopping drawing what you like could make you hate practicing, it could make you stop wanting to practice or get over it fast in order to get back to drawing what you like. That’s against what we are trying to do here, which is to become better artist at you own pace.

So if you like to, keep drawing whatever you feel like doing, and have fun, which is one of the best aspects about drawing. ^^

Think Of The Boredom You Feel From Practicing As An Obstacle You Need To Get Over


If you want to reach a high level of skills, you really need to want get over this boredom, while I said it gets better with time, you will have to start with it somehow. If you’re super serious about becoming a good artist, you will be able to get through anything to reach the level you want.

If you’re serious about art, but not to that degree I just mentioned. You’re the kind of artists I am mainly trying to help here.

One way to go about doing the boring work is to do it a bit by bit, just like how I did my drawing schedule.You could do the boring practice a bit by bit, at least until you start to see results.

Whenever you feel bored, always think of this boredom as an obstacle you have to get through in order to get to where you want to.

If time is not an issue for you, you can also focus on improving over the long-term. Rather than becoming a good artist in 3 years, for example, you can become one in 6 years. That’s particularly the case if you have other obligations. Do this only as a last resort, as the long time it takes for you to get better may frustrates you.

And Finally

I can’t talk about everyone, but I am almost sure all of us has felt this kind of boredom before. Some artists try to find beauty in everything, including the boring practice stuff we are talking about here. Maybe if you’re capable of doing that, then practicing could become even easier for you.

I am aware that there’s a limit to what one could do to change the fact about boredom, but I hope I managed to help you feel better about it.

Let me end this post with this:- This issue with practice is not limited for drawing only. Professional e-sport professional have to do an insane amount of practice to stay good, , while the rest of us play games mostly for fun.

I hope this post has helped you deal with dealing with boring practice. See you again in another post. ^^

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    Great article and I feel much better about boring practice knowing it’s not just me who struggles with practice!


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