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Is learning Photoshop worth it? Let’s find out that out~

Is learningShould I learn Photoshop? Photoshop worth it?

Editing photos with Photoshop is a great skill that many people don’t have. It takes some time to acquire, which may make you wonder if it is worth it. While the question “Is learning Photoshop worth it?” may sound simple at first, many people hesitate at whether they should dedicate the time to actually learn it.

The simple answer to this question is yes, go for it, as it will pay off multiple times the amount you spent learning it. The rest of the article is simple me going into details on why you should learn it.

In case you decided to learn Photoshop, you may be interested in my book Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures, which aims at getting you started at Photoshop the easiest way possible.

Here are some of the reasons why learning Photoshop is worth it:-

Even If You Don’t Think You Will Need It Now, You Will End Up Creating Many Things For Yourself With It.

As long as you use a computer on a daily basis, you are very likely going to appreciate having the ability to create and edit photos & graphics, even if you don’t feel a need for that now, you will get across many situations where you appreciate that you learned Photoshop:-

  • Many of the pictures in this website were made or edited by Photoshop. Some of the nifty post images in this blog were made by it as well.
  • Designing pictures of your site
  • Icons your App.
  • Retouching the images you shoot, playing with them, adjusting & correcting their colors & lighting. Remove an unwanted object
  • Having fun with it, something I will talk about in more details later.
  • Create a simple logo for yourself, even if you don’t feel creative, just formatting a text of your store or company’s name can much better than not having a logo at all.
  • Creating signatures and all sorts of banners.

Even The Basics Can Be Very Useful

Assuming you don’t have the time to become very good at Photoshop, you can still learn the basics of it in a relatively little time, which will be useful for you in tons of ways. In my article How long doesn’t take to lean Photoshop, I estimated that it takes 5-6 hours to learn the basics, which is doable. The actual number of hours may varies depending on you, but you get the full picture.

It Is Fun To Use, So It Definitely Worth It.

Who wouldn’t want to manipulate photos and create some fun & interesting composites? You see others do it all the time, but doing it yourself makes a huge difference, as the things you will create appeals to your taste more than anyone.

A nice example of using Photoshop to have fun is how This Woman Used Photoshop To Convince Her Family That She Went On A Six-Week Vacation In East Asia. She added herself to many pictures to make it looks like she had a vacation in east Asia. :>

Photoshop Is The Industry Standard, So If You Plan To Work Professionally, You Need To Learn It

If you plan to do paid design or editing jobs, then you need to learn Photoshop, even if you use other art programs beside with it, you will still need to use Photoshop from time to time.

Learning It Can Help You Make Money, Either Directly Or Indirectly

This is related to the previous point, while you may plan to learn Photoshop for the fun of it, it can also be used to make money in more than a way, either directly, by creating designs for others. or directly, by incorporating the designs you create into your other works, Which can make them look very professional.

Even If You Don’t Own Photoshop, You Can Try It Out For Free

Just like the case with many other programs, Photoshop is available for a 30 days trial for anyone who wants to try it out. Which will allow you to download the program, try it and see if it is for you, and even start learning it while at that.

Click here to download the free Photoshop CC trial from Adobe’s website.

If You Use Adobe Lightroom, Then Photoshop Will Allow You To Do More

Assuming you use Adobe Lightroom on a regular basis, be it for personal or professional use, learning Photoshop will allow you to do many things that Lightroom can’t. And to mention a few of these features:-

  • Content-aware fill:- which is an easy way to remove objects from your photo, all you have to do is to select the object you don’t want, and with content-aware fill, Photoshop will do the work for you, this feature works in tons of situations, and it will save you a lot of time in many others where it is not perfect.
  • Layers:- something that Lightroom lacks.
  • The Liquify filter:- which make it easy to edit & reshape any part of your picture as it was liquid.

And Finally

I hope my article has answered your question regarding whether is it worth it to learn Photoshop or not. And I hope I got you pumped up to go and learn it. If none of my reasons above was of an interest to you, or that you have more important things to learn, then maybe learning Photoshop is not for you right now.

In case you decided to learn Photoshop, you may be interested in my book Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures, which aims at getting you started at Photoshop the easiest way possible.

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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  1. Thanks it’s very encouraging and informative I’m gonna learn now deferentially, If I can’t learn further than I will learn basics at least.

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