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Is it good to draw girls only? Or to focus on drawing one thing in particular?

Should You Focus On Drawing Girls Only? Or To Focus On Drawing On Thing In Particular

“You should draw something other than girls”

You have likely heard something along these lines many times, usually without specifying why or what are the things you should draw instead. Making an advice like this a bit confusing for some artists. It makes you wonder whether you should listen to it or to just continue drawing what you like the most.

I am writing this post not just to give advice, but to also talk about something I did for a long time (and I still do), as I mostly drew girls up until now, and I heard people tell me the same thing many times. Many of the things I say here applies if you draw one thing in particular, be it muscular men, cats or anything at all. If you have a habit of drawing one thing or style in particular, then this post is for you.

There are aspects when it comes to drawing girls only, the first one is having fun, since you probably got into drawing for that reason. The other is growth, which helps you can achieve growth & continue drawing what you want better (it can be boring though). The good news are, you can achieve growth without stopping drawing what you want with few tricks. Because there are multiple paths to improve when it comes to art, be it improving your line art, composition, poses, clothes & more. Sure, drawing men or other things you aren’t used to could help you become better, which can reflect on the thing you like to draw, but you can postpone that if you’re not ready for it. Sometimes there are a lot of things to draw when it comes to the subject you like to draw, to take girls as an example, there are all sorts of dresses, poses, hairstyles to try drawing, those can also help you improve in their own way.

It’s Not Just About Drawing A Certain Thing


The main issue about drawing girls only, or drawing a certain thing in particular, is the possible lack of horizon that comes from it. The same issue can occur if you draw in one style, even if you draw all sorts of things using that style. Sticking to one thing is the issue here (you could also be drawing girls in different styles, but only ever draw girls). The same can be said about drawing certain age. Seeking to broaden your horizon is what you should seek. Drawing things other than what you usually draw, like girls, is one way to go about it. I will discuss many of these venues in the rest of this post. ^^

Should You Continue To Draw One Thing In Particular, Or Try Other Things?

The answer to this question depends on what you seek from your art. Whether it is fun or growth or to just have fun, or in-between. If you just want to have fun drawing, without caring for growth, then you should just do that, and simply tell that to people who advise you against drawing what you like (who am I to force you to draw other things if you don’t want to?).

If you seek growth, then I advise you to go against what you like, even for a little, it’s the optimal path. You can do that gradually. continue drawing girls or what you draw, but to set some time every day to draw the other things, like men or even cars, that should do to broaden your horizon.

“Oh, so you drew men now. The surprise with some people”

I can imagine the reaction of people once you do that, some may think you gave up on what you like to draw. ^^

At first, you will find it awkward or even challenging to draw other things. For example, drawing men could be an additional challenge, since their shoulders are wider, and some of them have muscles. Their short hair may be easier though. If you chose to draw birds instead of cats, you will take notice how the tail feathers point to a single focal point, how saw-toothed parts of the peek could be. Weather you chose to draw, you will find yourself using different strokes, and you will have to use your measuring & proportions skills, which you may have stopped using since you only ever drew one thing for a long time.

Getting Yourself To Draw Other Things:- Draw Things Related To What You Like


Besides setting aside half an hour a day for drawing other things, there’s a little trick that can cause you to draw other things. All without stopping to draw what you like. In the girls example, you can draw a girl interacting with different things, after all, girls are beautiful, graceful, small, elegant, but smart enough to face the world, so why shouldn’t I show that to people the best way I could? For one, I once draw my Lolita carrying her parrot (she likes parrots a lot). In one other time, I drew her picking a book. You could even draw a lover for your girl. If what you draw is only cats, you can draw its owner, or anything in its environment, if you draw a dragon, you could draw the castle it sleeps in, and the castle could be surrounded by a forest, and so on, it will give you a lot of room to express yourself, and will make it easier to show people your character. I have noticed people looked with more depth to my Lolita Caramel characters once I started to release free skits featuring the characters. I can imagine people thinking even more deeply about them once I start showing more about their lives & circumstances. Please keep in mind that most of the characters of Lolita Caramel are still girls, so I got to draw what I want more besides having to draw other things. Needless to say, it got me to get out of my shell a little bit.

Ask Yourself, Why You’re Drawing It In The First Place

Growth when it comes to drawing may not be all there’s to it. Part of the reason I am drawing girls is because I want to tell stories about them. As you know by now, I even started writing stories involving them lately. so I had to draw more male characters (many of them are Bishies). For that reason, drawing girls more could be a reason for me to achieve that goal.

Having fun could be a goal in its own, but all you have to do there is to continue doing what you’re already doing.

Even if you don’t plan on creating stories, you should consider my advice & draw elements that are part of your characters world.

A Final Word On Drawing Girls Only (Or Drawing A Only One Thing)

Discussing whether you should draw girls only (or anything in particular) always brings us back to the argument that if you should focus on whatever is supposed to make you better artist, or what’s just more fun to you. I don’t encourage any of the two in this blog, making it all your choice.

Rather than saying that drawing girls only limits your growth (which is possible), I will say that it closes one of multiple paths to growth for you, but it’s not the whole thing. If growth is important to you. consider drawing things other than what you do, but continue to draw the thing you want. Other than that, just draw what you want.

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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