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Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Review, for Small, medium & large Wacom Intuos graphics tablets

Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Featured Image

Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro in few words (Mini Review)

This intuos case is one good way to protect your intuos or intuos pro Wacom tablet. Though it is honestly could have been much better. Giving how there are not much space for anything much besides the pen, USB Cable & maybe the mouse that comes with some Intuos tablets.
The intuos case is suitable for most Intuos & Intuos pro sizes. Like small, medium & large, though I am insure if if will fit the small Intuos pro.

Pros of the Intuos Case

  • Works so well for what is was made for.
  • Designed specifically for Intuos tablets.

Cons of the Intuos Case

  • The cases are too simple, it would be nice if there are more rooms to put more things than just a mouse & USB cable.
  • The mouse can scratch your tablet depending on how you place the tablet inside the case.
  • The storage space in the case is too limited.
  • Considered expensive for what it provides.


  • Suitable for most sizes of Wacom Intuos & Intuos pro sizes. Small, medium & large.
  • Slips easily into your luggage or laptop computer bag.
  • Has an elastic pen loop, and separate internal pockets for your mouse and USB cable.
  • A soft inner lining prevents your laptop from scratches.

Measurements for the different Intuos cases:-

Different Sizes Of The Intuos Case
Different Sizes Of The Intuos Case

  • The small case:-     10 inches, 2 inches, 12 inches.
  • The medium case:- 16 inches, 11.5 inches, 1 inches.
  • The large case:-      21 inches, 14 inches, 1 inches.
The Intuos case comes in 3 sizes, which makes it suitable for most sizes small, medium & large Intuos & Intuos Pro graphics tablets.
Inside the Intuos case, there are two pockets, one for the mouse and another for the USB cable, these two pockets has no zipper to close them. And if you use the newer Wacom Intuos 5 or intuos pro, which don’t come with a mouse, you can use the big pocket to store something else, like extra nibs, or any accessories, as long it fits inside the pocket.
There is no dedicated pocket for the pen in the Intuos case, but there is a pen loop on the side of the case to put your pen in. I think it would have been better if you could put the pen inside the case, along with everything else.

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Supported Graphics Tablets

Following are the supported Wacom Intuos & Intuos Pro models for each size of the Intuos Case. The case may fit more tablets than the ones mentioned below, as long it is somewhat bigger than your tablet:-

Small Case

  • Intuos4 Small.
  • Intuos5 Small.

Medium Case

  • Intuos4 Medium.
  • Intuos5 Medium.
  • Intuos Pro Medium.

Large Case

  • Intuos4 Large.
  • Intuos5 Large.
  • Intuos Pro Large.

And Finally

While the Intuos case is generally good, getting a laptop bag instead of it may be a better deal for you, giving how more useful the laptop bag can help you carry your thing, especially if you plan to carry a laptop along with the case. I personally have a small Intuos4 which I stuff into my Mac Air case pocket when I travel, and it fits there with no problem, so you may want to consider doing that as well.

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