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Huion Inspiroy Giano graphics tablet Review:- a large drawing area for your heart content

Huion Inspiroy Giano:- A Great Large Graphics Tablet With Flawless Performance

I received Huion Inspiroy Giano from Huion to review & give my opinion on. At a glance, I quite like its elegant design, I have been liking their tablets designs for some time now. The tablet offers a large drawing area, which is nice to draw accurately, while that may not be for everyone, as I tend to recommend small to medium tablet for artists. it is can be a powerful feature if you knew how to take advantage of it. The drawing surface itself is textured, which also helps with accuracy.

I quite liked the feeling of the hot keys, and how large they are compared to many tablets I tried. On the top of the hot keys, there’s a small screen that displays battery life & few other things.

Wireless connectivity came a long way in tablets. I didn’t notice any difference between plugging the Giano via USB or using it wirelessly. I personally don’t think I will use this tablet with USB cable ever.

The pen is battery-free, and doesn’t need to be charged at all. It comes with 10 spare nibs (5 regular + 5 felt), so you get to try both types out of the box.

In essence, I found Huion Inspiroy Giano to be an excellent graphics tablet. One I could easily recommend to anyone looking for a large tablet.

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Pros Of Huion Inspiroy Giano

  • Has an elegant design with great build quality.
  • Has great textured drawing surface
  • The larger drawing area can help a lot with drawing.
  • Flawless wireless connectivity.
  • The screen is useful for showing you the battery life.

Cons Of Huion Inspiroy Giano

  • While the screen is a nice feature, it doesn’t really do that much.
  • The tablet default to normal mode every time you turn it on, so you have to switch to mobile mode every time you use it with your phone or tablet.

Technical Specifications

  • Graphics tablet name:- Inspiroy Giano
  • Model number:- G930L
  • Has a Battery-Free pen
  • Has 6 Programmable hot Keys
  • Features a smart LCD screen
  • Active Drawing Area (PC Mode):- 345.4 x 215.9mm (13.6 x 8.5inch)
  • Active Drawing Area (Android Mode):- 215.9 x 108mm (18:9)
  • Pressure Sensitivity:- 8192 Levels
  • Pen Resolution:- 5080 LPI
  • Report Rate:- >300PPS
  • Tilt sensitivity:- ±60°
  • Communication Distance:- 5-10m
  • Battery Capacity:- 2500mAh
  • Theoretical charging Time:- 5V1A: about 3hrs at 5V 1 A, or 11hrs at 5V 0.5A
  • Theoretical Standby Time:- 18hrs
  • Interface:- USB-C (On the tablet)
  • Operating system support:- Windows 7 or later (Wired), Windows 10 or later 64bit (Wired & Bluetooth), MacOS 10.12 or later (Wired & Bluetooth), ChromeOS 88 or later (Wired & Bluetooth), Android 6.0 or later (Bluetooth), HarmonyOS 2.0 or later (Bluetooth), Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) (Wired)
  • Tablet Dimensions:- 429 × 260.9 × 9mm

Unboxing & Setting Up

Huion Inspiroy Giano came in such an elegant box, and when once I opened the box, I found the following:-

    • Inspiroy Giano itself
    • Battery-free Pen (PW517)
    • Pen Holder
    • Standard Pen Nibs (Inside the pen holder)
    • Felt Pen Nibs (Inside the pen holder)
    • Pen removal tool (Inside the pen holder)
    • USB-C to USB-A Cable
    • Artist Glove
    • Quick Start Guide

The tablet itself looks very elegant, specially with the shiny plastic slab on the left side, and the matte drawing surface. The tablet itself is quite thin. On the side of the tablet, there are 6 hot keys, along with a small screen that display some info about the tablet. I will talk about both in detail later in this review.

On the top left of the tablet (above the small screen), there’s a USB-C port for plugging it to your computer or phone. On the left side, there is the power button, along with the Bluetooth pairing button.

When I plugged Huion Inspiroy Giano to my Windows 10 PC, it worked right away without any issues (I already had the driver installed beforehand). Depending on the drawing software you use, you may need to disable Windows Ink from the driver program (I do that for Photoshop, but not for Paint Tool Sai).

Drawing Experience:- Would A Large Tablet Be Good For You?

Let’s talk how drawing felt with Huion Inspiroy Giano. The tablet was quite responsive, and I liked the textured feeling of the drawing surface. While I prefer the drawing surface to be a bit slipper, having some friction can help me draw more accurately. Lines appear on screen with the slightest amount of pressure on the tablet surface. It even passed my IAF (Initial activation force) test, where I drag the pen on the tablet surface to see whether the tablet can detect the pen & produce strokes just from the weight of the pen. Here’s the result of that test:-

Passing this test means two things for you:- Once, you will have an easier time getting used to this tablet, whether you came from another tablet with excellent IAF, or you’re getting a graphics tablet for the first time. Two, you will be able to produce very thin lines with a little amount pressure if you like. In case the default pressure settings felt not alright with you. Like, the tablet felt too sensitive to you, you can always change the pressure curve from the driver software.

The pressure & tilt sensitivity are the same with any tablet you see on the market:- 8196 pressure levels & ±60 degrees for the tilt. This is more than enough in my opinion. The only thing you may or may not like is the size. Huion Inspiroy Giano is larger than most of the tablets in market, with an active drawing area of 345.4 x 215.9mm (or 13.6 x 8.5inch). This size may not be for everyone, so let’s talk a little about that. I used Wacom Intuos Pro Large for a long time, and so I am used having a large drawing surface. Large tablets give you more precision, and allows you to draw by moving your arm across the tablet, but the more movement required to draw may be cumbersome for some. Luckily it’s always possible to map a portion of the tablet surface to the screen in case you found the tablet too big for you.

See also:- Graphics tablet pressure sensitivity, and what does it mean?

While I am doing my best to describe how a large tablet may feel, the best way to know whether it’s for you is to try it out. It’s really worth it to try drawing on a large graphics tablet, though nothing is wrong with sticking with a small or medium tablet if that’s for you. Like it’s little sister, Huion Inspiroy 2 Dial, which I reviewed in this blog a while ago.

Huion Inspiroy Giano can work also work with Android & other operating systems. I tested it with my Android phone with ibis Paint X, and once I switched to mobile mode, which maps the left side of the tablet to the phone screen, it worked flawlessly. The only thing I didn’t like is that I had to switch to phone mode every time I turn the tablet on. You switch to phone mode by pressing & holding the top hotkey & the 4th hotkey from the top for few seconds.

Wireless Connectivity

Huion Inspiroy Giano can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth. Initially, I used it with wire, both to see how it works, and in order to charge the battery, which was completely empty. Once the battery was charged, I paired it with Bluetooth, just like I pair any Bluetooth device. It took some time for the pairing to happen, but after that, it worked right away without any issues on my Windows 10 PC.

Before pairing it, you may need to press the small Bluetooth button on the left side for 3 seconds. The Bluetooth icon on the screen will flicker while on pairing mode. I didn’t have to press the button the first time, since the tablet wasn’t paired to any device since it was new. While wireless connectivity isn’t essential for a graphics tablet, it’s quite convenient. Think of it as having a wireless keyboard, but for drawing instead of typing.

Drawing in wireless mode was flawless, and didn’t feel any difference compared to when it was connected with USB cable. According to Huion, the tablet battery life is 2500 mah, which is huge for a graphics tablet.

Huion Inspiroy Giano goes to sleep if left idle for 15 minutes, but you can adjust that in the driver software, and this feature can be turned off if needed. I would rather keep it on since I don’t want the battery to die in case I forgot to turn it off. It turns back on the moment you start using it again, so it’s all good.

Hot Keys

Huion Inspiroy Giano has 6 hot keys on the left side of the tablet (For left-handed people, that would be the right side, as the driver software allows you to customize that). These buttons can be customized to do many things like:-

    • A keyboard shortcut.
    • A mouse click (left click, right click, scrolling up or down…etc).
    • Switching the screen the tablet is mapped to.
    • Open quick menu, which is equivalent to the radial menu in Wacom tablets.
    • Run a certain program.
    • Multimedia control.

This allows you to program 6 shortcuts in total. The shortcuts can be customized for each program you use. Like, you can make the top hot key do CTRL + S in Paint Tool Sai, while it does CTRL + T in Brave browser, for example (the hot keys can be used with any software, not just drawing software. If you opted to use the quick menu, you get up to 11 shortcuts to use. That may not be enough to replace the keyboard, which allows you to input tens of shortcuts, but it’s enough simpler tasks like sketching, where I personally don’t need many shortcuts, so it’s nice to kick back & relax & to depend on the tablet entirely to do all my drawing.

As I just mentioned, you can program one of the hot keys to activate the quick menu. Which gives you 6 additional shortcuts. This is useful for the shortcuts you use occasionally. The ones you don’t want to dedicate a hot key for. You can’t label quick menu shortcuts, so each option in the menu shows you the shortcut you customized for it:-

The key themselves are large, with a low travel distance. They are comfortable to use & don’t make a clicky sound when pressed. There are embossed O ـــ symbols on the keys themselves to help you identify them without having to look at them while drawing.

The Tiny Screen

On the top of the hot keys, there’s a small rectangular screen that displays the status of the tablet. It displays 4 icons at the top of it:-

    • The battery life, this is the most important icon of all of them.
    • Whether the tablet is connected via USB or Bluetooth.
    • A pen icon, the icon itself does nothing, but a small line appears below it whenever the pen is close to the tablet surface, or whenever a hot key was pressed
    • A square icon telling you whether hot keys are enabled or not

A Small Huion logo fills most of the screen on PC. A mobile icon shows in its place in mobile mode. The screen itself reminds you to take a walk after sitting for some time.

These are the features you will need the screen for most of the time, and particularly the battery life.

The brightness of the LCD can be adjusted from the driver software, in case you don’t want it to waste battery life. Honestly, while the screen is useful in showing you the battery life & few other things, it doesn’t do much else. So I opted to keep its brightness to the lowest possible.

The Pen

Huion Inspiroy Giano comes with the battery-free pen PW517, the same that came with the Huion Inspiroy 2 Dial. It has two buttons on the side, which can be customized from the driver program the same way you can with the hot keys. Alongside the pen, you get a pen holder, which can opened to reveal 10 nibs (5 normal + 5 felt), along with a small ring for removing the nib from the pen. Each of the two types of nibs gives feeling while drawing. So it’s nice to be able to try both out of the box.

And Finally

I was impressed with Huion Inspiroy Giano. It brought me back of the days I used a large tablet as my daily driver. Large tablets are nice if you can take advantage of them. In case you’re afraid that Huion Inspiroy Giano is too big for you, Huion Inspiroy 2 Dial from Huion offers similar features with a medium drawing size. The two dials in it can be a bonus too.

I hope you liked my Huion Inspiroy Giano review, and see you again in another one.

You can buy Huion Inspiroy Giano & check the price from the following affiliate links:-

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