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Huion H420 4 x 2.23 Inches Signature Pad with Digital Cordless Pen – Huion – The perfect OSU tablet

Huion H420 In Short

If you just want a tablet to play games like OSU. Or you draw with pencil & paper or mouse and want to try using a graphics tablet to see how it is. The Huion H420 can be a great starting point for you. While many other tablets can provide you with better features. Like tilt sensitivity or higher pressure sensitivity. More express keys and a larger working area. The very cheap price for this tablet will make it very unlikely you will regret getting it.

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The Cheapest In The Market

So far, the Huion H420, and its predecessor. Huion 420 (Without the H). Are the cheapest graphics tablets I ever encountered so far. And they seem to deliver a great value their prices. Each of the two tablets has 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. Which is the highest I know so far. this is also the same pressure levels provided by the high-end Intuos pro tablets from Wacom.

The Huion H420 provides the same features as the Huion 420. In additional to 3 express keys. If you don’t think you need the express key. Consider getting the older model. Which is the cheapest of the two. Like all the graphics tablets I reviewed, the express keys can be programmed to do common tasks like saving the document, switching between different tools, and other things.

The Huion H420 Wireless Pen


The wireless pen that comes with the Huion H420 has two buttons on it (See the picture above). Which you could customise to suit your needs, similar to the 3 express keys in the Huion H420. The pen requires AAA battery to work. Which is typical of active-surface Graphics tablets, the batteries seem to last for a good amount of time. But if changing the batteries every now and then is troublesome for you(believe me, you won’t have to do it that often). Consider getting rechargeable AAA batteries along with the tablet.

A great starting point to digital art


A lot of people draw traditionally using pencils and paper. Or use the mouse to draw on computer. Many of these people wonder if they should get a graphics tablet. And if it will actually make it easier for them to draw using computer. While I generally advise people to get a tablet in the range of $50-$100 to start out. Depending on their budget. This tablet can be a great start for those as well. Specially those who are really short on money. At the end., It the artist that makes the art, not the tablet.

A great way to play games like OSU


In my personal opinion. It is a waste to get a full-fledge tablet like Wacom just to play OSU. But fortunately, we have such great & affordable tablet to play it. I guess it is a great way to get a higher score in the game compared to the mouse. If you are getting this tablet only for the sake of replacing the mouse or playing games like OSU. then I advice you to get the HUION 420 model.Unless you have a use for the 3 express keys in mind.

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Huion H420 As Signatures Pad

To make signatures to sign your documents, it is better you get yourself a dedicated signature pad, like the ones produced by Topaz
To make signatures to sign your documents, it is better you get yourself a dedicated signature pad, like the ones produced by Topaz

TJust like any graphics tablet. the Huion H420 can be used to make signatures by drawing the signature in graphics software. Like MS Paint or Photoshop. And then pasting it somewhere else. Also, this tablet can be used as a signature pad when you are using e-sign programs. While that seems like a nice way to use it. If you are looking for a replacement for Topaz signature pad, you may get disappointed, giving that it was not made specifically for that.

Pros Of The Huion H420

  • One of the cheapest graphics tablet I ever encountered.
  • A great & affordable way to play games like OSU.
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac.
  • A great way to get into digital art and try graphics tablet. Specially if you are really, really short on money.
  • Compatible with Linux operating system, but to be on the safe side, check out if your kernel and distros supports it.
  • A great mouse replacement. Specially for those with a RSI and wants to mitigate the pressure on their hands.
  • Offers 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. Which is very great for a tablet of this very low price range.

Cons Of The Huion H420

  • The tablet is very small to be used for large screens.
  • The pen requires AAA batteries to work.
  • 3 express keys is less than any graphics tablet I know.

Technical Specification

  • Active Area: 4 inch x 2.23 inch (The area on the tablet where you can actually draw on)
  • Wireless Digital Pen included.
  • Resolution 4000 LPI(Line Per Inch); Report Rate 200RPS
  • compatible with Windows & Mac.
  • 3 Express/Shortcut/Function keys (For the H420 Model only)
  • Only Available In Black.

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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