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Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet Review

Huion H610 Pro Image

Huion H610 Pro In short

Huion H610 Pro is good medium-sized graphics tablet. It offers you a lot of things like:-

  • Good working space.
  • 8 customizable buttons & 16 hot-cell button on the tablet itself.
  • High pressure sensitivity of 2048.
  • The pen that comes with it doesn’t need a replacement AAA battery.
  • Has a sensitive & responsive surface.

It is a good graphics tablet in general. And if it was not for the driver issues in it. I would have given it a very solid rating.

While I am not saying you should avoid this tablet. It is better to get a more decent graphics tablet. Like Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small & Medium.

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Pros Of Huion H610 Pro

  • The pen doesn’t need battery to work. It is rechargeable through the USB port. And it lasts for long.
  • Very good active working area. Which is good for doing detailed drawings. Or if you have a large computer screen
  • 8 customizable buttons and 16 hot-cell buttons. Which could be customized to do many things. Buttons like that could increase your productivity if used efficiently.
  • Very affordable graphics tablet. It makes a very great value for its price. Specially if you cannot afford the medium Wacom tablet.
  • Sensitive to touch. To the point many feel way too sensitive to some people. If you are one those. Who can always lower the sensitivity in that case.
  • The tablet is thin and has a nice look.

Cons Of Huion H610 Pro

  • You may face some serious  driver issues if you plugged the tablet before installing the driver. So be careful about this. This is an issue that Huion needs to take care of (Update:- Huion released a new driver recently, and it is a huge improvement over the last one).
  • You may face some other driver issues with the driver that comes with this tablet. So consider downloading the drivers from Huion’s drivers page in case it didn’t work for you. And follow the steps illustrated below.
  • The usb port is a little wobbly. And it will possible break on you if you were not careful. This is the second worst things I have seen about this tablet.
  • Offers no touch capability.
  • Unlike many of the other graphics tablets. Huion H610 Pro offers no wireless option at all.
  • The manual for this tablet states that the pen requires a battery to work. While the pen is rechargeable through the USB port. Apparently. Huion ships the same manual for all their models. Possibly confusing people that the pen requires an external AAA battery to work.
  • It doesn’t seem like a good tablet for left-handed people. As not all the driver versions seem to support left-handed use.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Area: 10” x 6.25”
  • Dimensions:- 36 x 24 x 1 cm
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 levels
  • Resolution: 5080 lines per inch; Report Rate: 233 resolutions per second
  • Uses a battery free stylus, which is rechargeable, slimmer and lighter.
  • The pen has no eraser
  • A new version for the H610 model (without the Pro) with a clean, edgy new look.
  • 8 customizable buttons
  • 16 hot-cell buttons
  • Detachable USB cord
  • Available in black only

Huion H610 Pro In Details

Huion H610 Pro, the pen, the pen holder
Huion H610 Pro, along with the Pen and the Pen holder

Huion H610 Pro provides a very decent set of features, it provides 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, the more pressure sensitivity a graphics tablet has, the more you could control the thickness or opacity of your lines. So having high sensitivity is a plus for this tablet.

.This tablet also has a very good active area of 1′ x 6.25 inches. Which you won’t be able to get from Wacom tablets are this price range (Ugee & HUION are known for producing bigger tablets that are much cheaper).

Customizable Button

The 8 customizable buttons
8 customizeable buttons on the tablet surface

There are 8 customizeable buttons on the tablet. By default, these buttons do the following:-

  • Undo.
  • Erase.
  • Brush.
  • Zoom in.
  • Zoom out.
  • Enlarge Brush size.
  • Decrease Brush size.
  • Grab.

You can customize these 8 buttons to make them do whether you want. Besides that, the buttons are designed in a way that prevents you from clicking on them by mistake, and they look nice.

In addition to the 8 buttons on the side of the tablet. There are 16 hot-cell buttons on the top of it. Making the number of customizable buttons totals 24 buttons. Which is a good way to smooth your workflow.

The Plastic Surface Of The Active Area

Now let’s come to the drawing surface itself. The surface of this tablet is plastic-y. it can produce a good amount of noise. But it also feels so gliding that it is good to use. It is like opera, you may either like it or hate it.

No Touch & Wireless Capabilities

Huion H610 Pro provides no touch capability at all. Which could be a deal breaker in case you wanted a graphics tablet that comes with it.

Besides touch, there is no Wireless capability in this tablet. You are bound to use a usb cable that comes with it for as long as you have this one.

Highly Sensitive

Another things that is noticeable in Huion H610 Pro is that it is super sensitive, which is stated by HUION as one of the features of this tablet. But some users may be annoyed by this, and end up reducing the sensitivity of the surface in the driver settings.

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Huion H610 Pro appearance

Huion H610 Pro Is considered thin compared to the other bulky graphics tablets

Huion H610 Pro comes only in black. The surface of the tablet is not only elegant, but it is also thin. While there are many tablets that are as thing as this one. If you used a bulky graphics tablet before, you will appreciate this aspect of this tablet.

The Pen


Typical to what we see in graphics tablet nowadays. The pen has a nice coating on it. Unlike most of Graphics tablet pens. The pen can be charged using the port on it. Instead requiring an AAA battery like most of other graphics tablet. I see this as a huge plus. As it will save you a few dollars on the long run. The pen has no eraser on the back, which could be a bit of hindrance if you draw digitally for a long time. Depending on your preferences.

The confusing Manual

Huion ships the same manual along with all their tablets. Which could confuse some people. In one case the manual tells you how to change the battery on the pen. Which only goes for Huion pens that requires a battery. In case of this tablet. The pen is rechargeable through USB port. And you can’t even open the pen to place a battery inside of it

Driver Issues

The biggest downfall of Huion H610 Pro is the driver issues you may encounter with it. If you didn’t follow a certain steps while installing the tablet. You may face some unwanted issues. Like non-responding pen. And sometimes the tablet won’t work at all. So it is better to read the installation manual. And install it as it is mentioned there.

In case you decided to get this tablet. And to save you some trouble. I have made a some tips you could follow below to help you avoid many problems . These will hopefully make your life easier. Though you may still face some issues with this tablet despite that. The situation is kind of hit or miss with this tablet. Sadly speaking.

Update:- Huion released a new driver recently, and it is a huge improvement over the last one.

Huion H610 Pro Driver download

The drivers for Huion H610 Pro, along with the other Huion tablets. Can be found in the following link:-

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Tips for Installing Huion H610 Pro Drivers

  • Before installing Huion H610 Pro driver. Uninstall any graphics tablet driver from your computer.
  • If you want use a Wacom tablet along with Huion H610, re-install Wacom driver after installing Huion H610 Pro driver.
  • If the driver that comes with the tablet didn’t work. Download the latest driver from Huion Website to solve the problem.
  • Install the drivers then restart your computer before plugging the tablet into the USB port.
  • If you have more than one monitor. Mapping the graphics tablet to the one you work on makes it easier to produce a more precise lines.

Huion H610 Pro Compared to the previous model, Huion H610

Huion H610Pro kept the same design of Huion H610. But made it a bit sleeker. Both models have the same 8 express keys and the hot-cell keys in the same place.

Here are how both models look like:-

Huion H610Pro-Huion-H610
The stylus of Huion H610Pro doesn’t require an AAA battery. Unlike the one that comes with Huion H610. Which required one AAA battery to work,

The surface of Huion H610Pro is more slipper than the previous model’s. This is a huge improvement, as a slipper surface means that it won’t be scratched easily. Though it could make drawing with your tablet harder. This is a matter of preference really. And generally speaking, and you could draw very well on any surface once you get used to it.

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  1. Just to be clear, the dimensions listed are of the box it is delivered in; the tablet itself is more like 13 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ x 1/2′. Great review all around; their latest driver has been released as of april and it is quite an improvement over the packaged one.

    1. I am very glad you liked my review. And thank you for the correction, I have checked out the tablet dimensions, and you are right. And thank you for telling me about the new driver!

  2. Thanks for the tips… I have an Intuos CTH480 which gave me fits until I found the right drivers… I have a second computer I plan to install a new Huion H610 Pro tablet.

  3. I got my tablet today… thanks to you it installed without a hitch and I love it. It installed on my windows 7 Pro… and my older mini mac with snow leopard… the pen works way better than my CTH 480 Intuos…

  4. Hi,
    I just ordered this tablet and am pretty excited. I’m curious about one thing, the software I plan to use this with has dual-letter shortcuts (ie LI =Line) is it possible to map more than one letter to the softkeys using the Huion software?


    1. Hello Robert!

      Sorry for the late reply. I hope you like your new tablet. As for your question, you can’t do that with Huion’s driver. But you can set shortcuts like CTRL + C. I asked Huion about it, and they say their upcoming driver will support that~

  5. You are saying about the drivers did not have one problem and but as they say everyone has an opinion i am using mine doing a gaming course have not one complaint at all and i use it on two laptops and a desk top and i bought four of them and the people i gave them to haven’t had any problems and my brother and nephew are left handed and they use it fine so it all dependa on the person.

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