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Huion GT-185HD Review – A Pen Display with 18.4 Inch Tablet Monitor And IPS Panel and HD Resolution 

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Huion GT-185HD Pen Display in Few Words (Mini Review) Huion GT-185HD is very affordable Wacom Cintiq Alternative. It is so good that it may be somewhat competitive to the Cintiq, especially giving its size.

When it comes to features, Huion GT-185HD doesn’t lack it, as it features screen with HD resolution and good viewing angles, it is worth to note that this is the first time I see a pen display with that resolution from a company other than Wacom. Huion GT-185HD also features 8 express keys, which is another feature I only see in Wacom Cintiq. Also, this pen display has pressure sensitivity of 2048, and it looks elegant on the top of all that. You only need to be careful about possible dead pixels in the unit you will get, but besides that, I have nothing bad against it so far.

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  • Offers a good value for the money.
  • The screen has HD Resolution, this is the first time I see this resolution on a pen display that is not Wacom Cintiq.
  • Has 8 express keys, which is a first in a Huion pen display.
  • Very affordable for the specifications you will get.
  • Looks very elegant, with the sleek screen contour & all.
  • A good option for those who didn’t like drawing on regular graphics tablet.
  • Supports 3 display interfaces, which mean you can use it on almost any Windows computer right way.
  • Has a sturdy stand that is adjustable to suit the way you sit.


    • Depending on the unit you will get, there is a chance of dead pixels on the screen.
      Huion GT-185HD
      Huion GT-185HD looks very elegant, with the sleek screen contour & all.

      Technical Specifications

      • The first model in the GT-series that has express keys, with 8 programmable hot keys on each side of the tablet.
      • Active Area:- 408.96 × 230.04(mm), 18.4 inch diagonally,
      • Screen aspect Ratio:- 16:9.
      • IPS wide screen.
      • Resolution:- 5080 LPI.
      • Reading Speed:- 220 RPS.
      • Supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.
      • Response Time:- 5ms.
      • Has HDMI, VGA & DVI ports.
      • Viewing Angles:- 160° Vertically, 160° Horizontally.
      • Product Dimensions:- 485 mm x 296mm x 45mm
      • Suitable to both right-handed & left-handed people, thanks to the mirrored express keys on the sides of the pen display.
      • Supported Operating Systems:- Windows (including Windows 10) & Mac OSX (including Mac OSX Yosemite). Huion GT-185HD is the latest Pen display from Huion, a device that works as a second monitor, which you can draw directly on it using the pen to create artworks or as a mouse replacement. On the first look, this pen display looks very good, with the contours around the screen and all.When it comes to features, Huion GT-185HD features 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, which is the typical pressure sensitivity you see in graphics tablets and pen displays these days.

        Pressure sensitivity is the feature that allows you to vary the thickness of your strokes by applying more or less pressure on the display. Most art programs like Photoshop support this feature to allow you to draw effectively. Some art programs go beyond that and allow you to vary the opacity and many other things using pressure.

        The Screen

        Huion GT-185HD Screen
        Huion GT-185HD is the first Huion pen display to feature a HD screen

        Huion GT-185HD screen provides HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, something that has mostly been found mostly in Wacom Cintiq, which is why I consider this to be a pro for this pen display.

        In addition to the high resolution, Huion GT-185HD has 18.4 inch screen, which is larger than the 13 inch of the Wacom Cintiq 13hd, which mean you won’t have to lower the resolution to be able to press the buttons and tools correctly. The viewing angles of the screen are 160° both horizontally & vertically, which is considered pretty good.

        There is only one things that is bad about Huion GT-185HD’s screen, if you are unlucky, there is a chance of having dead pixels on your unit, having one or two dead pixels won’t stop you from enjoying drawing on your Huion GT-185HD, but in case there is more than that, it won’t be nice to have that.

        To make it easier for you to work on the screen, it is highly recommended that you calibrate the pen to your screen, which is (in rough but simple way) the process of adjusting the angle of the pen to the screen). Calibrating is easy, in the calibrating screen, you only need to click on multiple crosses that appear on the screen until the calibrating is done, if you used one of these smartphones whose stylus requires calibration, you are already familiar with calibration.

        Huion GT-185HD comes with protective cover, which is nice move by Huion to protect your screen from scratches and whatsoever, but giving how poorly made it is, you are unlikely to use it, as you will see bubbles below it. I can’t predict the future, but I think Huion will improve upon this screen protector in the future.

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        Express Keys 61DL8xQeXaL._SL1200_

        Huion GT-185HD is the first Huion pen display to have express key(or shortcut keys as you may call them). There are 16 Express keys in Huion GT-185HD, 8 on each side of the screen, but you actually can assign only 8 functions to them. As the buttons of the express keys in the right mirror the ones in the left.

        Having express keys on each side of the screen is very good for left-handed people who wants to gets this product.

        The Pen The pen, which is also called GT-P80, has two buttons at the side of it, which is a standard feature in graphics tablets & pen display pen, these two buttons are customizable to do the things that will speed up you work. You can make them do undo & redo, or assign on of the keys to switch to the eraser tool.

        The pen works with a rechargeable battery, which is charged by plugging a USB cable at the back of it.

        The pen comes with a pen holder, which contains 8 additional replacement nibs, which is considered many. The pen holder contains the pen nib removal tool, which you need in order to change the nib of the pen.

        In case you don’t understand why you need additional nib, drawing on the screen of pen display will erode the nib of the pen with constant use, and in order to avoid scratching the screen surface with pointy nib, you will need to replace the nib once it wears off. The amount to time each pen nib lasts depends on the amount of pressure you apply on the screen and the model of the pen display.

        Supported Display Interfaces. 71TxgLS-SjL._SL1500_ (1)

        GT-185HD supports VGA, DVI & HDMI display interfaces, which mean you will be able to use it with almost any Windows computer right away, without the need for any additional equipment, unlike Wacom Cintiq, which only supports HDMI interface.

        In case you are a Mac user, which is likely to support mini display or thunderbolt ports, you will need an adapter in order to connect your pen display to your Mac. The adapter you need to get depends on which interface you want to use to connect to your GT-185HD. Kindly find a list of some of the available adapters you can use to connect your pen display to your Mac.

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