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Huion Giano Review (WH1409), a large graphics tablet & alternative to Wacom Intuos Pro Large


Huion Giano Review (WH1409) In Few Words (Mini Review)

Huion Giano is one of very few large graphics tablet in the market, it’s good to see more choices for those looking for a large graphics tablet (I personally only know 2 other than Wacom so far).

Huion Giano does very well providing a good drawing experience, including wireless functionality. The drivers may cause you some issues, but that can be avoided to a degree with the tips I provided below.

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Pros Of Huion Giano

  • Provides good value for the money for a large graphics tablet.
  • Has 12 hot keys, which is plenty.
  • Provides wireless functionality.

Cons Of Huion Giano

  • Has some drivers issues, many people could avoid them if they followed the instructions in this review.

Technical Specifications

    • Active Working Area:- 13.8 X 8.6 inch.
    • Connects wirelessly to your computer
    • Hot keys:- 12
    • Can be used for both left and right-handed people
    • Pressure sensitivity:- 2048 levels
    • Resolution:- 5080LPI
    • Response rate:- 230RPS
    • Compatible OS:- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Mac 10.8.0 and above
    • Model number:- WH1409

It’s not that we see much large graphics tablets each day, as the choices for this tablet size are limited, so it’s good for Huion to provide us with an alternative to the large Intuos Pro, for those looking for a Wacom alternative.

Huion Giano is a beautiful tablet with an active drawing area of 13.8 X 8.6 inch, which is a bit different than the 12.1 x 8.4 inch active area of the Intuos Pro 2017 (reviewed here). It supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is more than enough for most artists, even 1024 levels could be good, so there’s no issues with Huion Giano here. It can provide a good drawing experience as long as you managed to get over the drivers problems you may face with it (which I talk about more soon, I will mention some tips to avoid them too).

Huion Giano can be used wirelessly if you want, a feature that I expect to see more in graphics tablets in the future., as it can make things more convenient (even though you can live perfectly without it). To use Huion Giano in wireless mode, you need to plug the receiver hidden in the small lid at the back of it. The receiver also contains the drivers for Huion Giano, though I totally recommend you download the drivers from Huion’s website here (Huion Giano’s model number is WH1409)

You can charge Huion Giano’s battery via USB cable, which is the same as the Intuos Pro.

Numerous Hot Keys

Huion Giano has 12 hot keys, which is many. With the exception of the newer & more expensive Wacom Cintiq models (Like the Cintiq 27QHD), I don’t know any Wacom tablets with that much buttons.

You could program these keys to do all sorts of keyboard shortcuts for you, the buttons are laid out in a way you could use them as groups. Having many hot keys means there’s a chance you could use your tablet without having to place your keyboard nearby if you only need to use a certain number of shortcuts.

Pen Stand

Huion Giano comes with a stand similar to the one you get with Wacom tablets (though Wacom has a new stand now that looks quite different), the stand contains 4 replacement nibs inside of it, which could last you for some time without having to get new ones (nibs tend to wear out after some times, depending on how you press the pen & the surface of the tablet).

Drivers Issues

The biggest complain about Huion Giano is the driver issues you may face with it, which is not exactly new. These issues could prevent the tablet from working correctly, and could cause problems like lagging & the like. If anything is going to ruin your experience with Huion Giano, it’s most likely this.

There are two common & effective solutions to these problems, these solutions are:-

    • Make sure you do a clean uninstall to any Wacom drivers on your computer, as these drivers conflict with Huion Giano’s driver.
    • Make sure you download the latest driver from Huion’s website, you can find the drivers in this page (Huion Giano’s model number is WH1409), as that can help you avoid many problems that are fixed in the new drivers.

And Finally

Huion Giano is a good large graphics tablet giving the price & the size you will get with it. It can be good upgrade if you have an old or smaller Wacom & want an affordable alternative that’s bigger. The same can be said if you already use a Huion tablet & want a larger one.

There’re not much large tablets from other than Wacom, but now we have one more alternative to the large Intuos Pro

I hope you liked my Huion Giano review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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