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Huion DWH69 Review, An affordable graphics tablet with wireless, 8 Express Keys, 5080 LPI, 2048 Pressure Sensitivity

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Huion DWH69 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet in Few Words (Mini Review)

Huion DWH69 is a very affordable graphics tablet that supports wireless. a feature that as been almost exclusive to Wacom tablets for the most part, but Huion seems like it is trying to catch up. And it did it with this graphics tablet.
Besides the wireless, Huion DWH69 is a decent graphics tablet so far, with 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, 8 customisable express key, wide active working area. And a cute screen on the side that shows you the battery status & whether the tablet is in wireless or USB mode (besides a few other things). And in short, I consider it one of the best Huion graphics tablets I reviewed so far.


  • Support wireless functionality, a feature that hasn’t been there for off-brand graphics tablets.
  • The pen doesn’t require a battery, and is rechargeable via USB.
  • A very affordable way to get a wireless graphics tablet.
  • The user manual, while it may not be perfect, is an improvement over the manuals Huion has been shipping so far.


  • None so far, but bear in mind that doesn’t mean you are not going to have a problem with it, but let’s hope that will never happen.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Area:- 9 x 6 Inches.
  • Resolution:- 5080 LPI.
  • Report Rate:- 233 RPS.
  • Comes with a carrying bag, which can also be used as a cloth to always keep your tablet clean.
  • Can be used either in wireless or USB mode.
  • Has a build in Lithium-ion battery, that is fully charged in 4 hours. And after that, the tablet can last for approximately 24 hours of continues use.
  • Has a TFT display at the side of it, which displays if the tablet is working in USB or wireless mode. It also indicates battery level as well as all actions being made to the tablet.
  • Unlike other Huion tablets, the express keys on the DWH69 tablet have touch sensor, every time you press a button on the tablet, there will be an indicator showing on the display panel, which feels more responsive and intuitive.
  • Comes with a rechargeable pen (P80), which is lightweight, and lasts 800 hours after every 2-hour charge.
  • Compatible with Winows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.8.0 OSX or later versions.
The first thing that deserves mentioning in Huion DWH69 is the wireless feature, which is the most key new feature in this graphics tablet. So far, Wireless was an exclusive feature to Wacom graphics tablets for the most part. But Huion seems like it is trying to catch up to Wacom with this tablet. Wireless is one of these feature you won’t like until you try it, while it is not a necessity for creating great artworks, it makes it more comfortable being able to lean backward and draw.
Now let’s talk to about the specifications, Huion DWH69 has 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, which is the typical amount of sensitivity in graphics tablet these days. And it will give you a good flexibility in varying the thickness or opacity of your strokes depending on how much you press on the tablet surface. But bear in mind that your art program has to support that feature in order to benefit from that.
The active area of Huion DWH69 is 9 x 6 Inches, which is very good, and it is likely to work well for you with various screen sizes, unless you want much more controls over your lines, which may require to get a bigger tablet.
The active area of Huion DWH69
The active area of Huion DWH69 is 9 X 6 inches. Which is big enough for many uses.
Huion DWH69  has 8 customizable express keys, which you can customise to do the tasks you do often, like switching to a certain tool, or opening a certain filter, depending on your needs.
Huion DWH69 express keys.

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USB & Wireless Mode

Huion DWH69  supports two modes, wireless mode & USB mode. Huion DWH69 is in wireless mode when connected with a USB receiver, and in USB mode when connected with a USB cord to your computer.
In wireless mode, the tablet battery lasts for 24 hours of continuous use. And it takes about 4 hours to charge, according to Huion.

The Side Display

Huion DWH69 Display

A very new & nifty feature in Huion DWH69 is the display on the side of the tablet, which shows you how much of the battery is left, it also shows you if the tablet is working in USB or wireless mode (I don’t understand the need for that honestly).
The display can also indicate wether the tablet detected the pen or not, if the tablet is charging, and it also shows hand sign when you are touching one of the express keys.

The Pen

Huion DWH69  comes with a rechargeable pen, which doesn’t require any external battery to work, which is a plus.
There are two buttons on the side of pen, which can be customised using the driver software to do more common functions for you, like switching to the eraser, or triggering undo/redo very quickly.
As it is the case with many graphics tablets these days, Huion DWH69 comes with a pen holder, which contains 4 replacement nibs inside of it. In case you are new to graphics tablets & pen nibs, using the tablet tend to wear the nib of the pen after some time, depending on the tablet model and how much you press on the tablet while you work. Which will requires you to change the nib so that it won’t scratch the tablet and thus damage it.
In case you ever needed more nibs after that, you can always order more nibs, but the 5 you will get with Huion DWH69 are likely last you for quite some time I guess.

The improved user manual

The user manual that comes with Huion DWH69 , while it is not perfect, it deserves some praise here. So far the manuals that shipped with Huion graphics tablets have not been good, especially with how the manual displays pictures of another tablet than the one you got. This is not the case with Huion DWH69’s  manual, which displays actual pictures of Huion DWH69 this time around. So Kudo for Huion for trying to improve their manuals. And let’s hope they improve upon them even more in the future.
Huion DWH69 Manual
Huion DWH69’s manual contains pictures of the actual graphics tablet you got, which is a good move by Huion.

Instructions to avoid falling into problems with your Huion graphics tablet.

  • If there are other graphics tablets drivers installed in your computer, uninstall them before you do anything with your Huion tablet. As any other driver may cause conflict with Huion DWH69’s own driver.
  • (Important) Install the driver software before you connect the tablet to your computer. This is especially the case if you use Windows. It is highly recommended that you download the latest driver from Huion’s website rather than use the driver that comes in the CD. Click here to download Huion DWH69 ‘s driver from Huion website. 
  • After you install Huion DWH69’s  driver, Reboot your computer. After that, plug in the graphics tablet and you are good to go.
  • If you use Windows 7. disable Tablet PC Input Panel, either manually or using an application like Fix My Pen.

What is in the box?


  • Huion DWH69 Graphics Drawing Tablet.
  • P80 Rechargeable Pen.
  • USB cable.
  • Charging cable for the pen.
  • Pen Holder, which contains 4 nibs and 1 pen nibs removal ring.
  • User Manual.
  • Huion carrying bag.

And Finally

Huion DWH69  is a very nice & obvious option if you are looking for an affordable graphics tablet that features wireless connectivity. And besides wireless, it supports many good other features & specifications. Which makes me think it will be a popular choice among artists.

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  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. I was looking for a tablet for my daughter and the Wacom Intuos just seem a lot smaller for the same price, and this seems to be of a similar quality.
    I think the larger area is more important and your review reassured me that the Huion seem to be a decent brand.

    1. Hello Andres,

      I am glad my review was of a help. Yes, a larger drawing area is very important, and it can be customized in case it turned out to be too big. I hope you daughter will like her new tablet :>

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