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Huion 580 8” x 5” Graphic Drawing Tablet Review (Available in black & white)

Huion 580 8” x 5” Graphic Drawing Tablet in Few Words (Mini Review)

Huion 580 is a great affordable graphics tablet, and is one of many options for a first graphics tablet. The good size of this tablet means you will be able to draw more precisely, and that is something you are going to appreciate in case you have good a high resolution monitor.
As long you don’t mind the cons of Huion 580, there is a good chance you will be happy with this tablet.


  • Offers a good value for the money. Especially giving the active area. Which is larger than what is in Wacom tablets at the same price range.
  • One of many good choices for first graphics tablets owners.


  • This tablet has no express keys. If you are in dire need for such keys, you may want to check out Huion H58L. Which is so similar to Huiom 580, but comes with 6 express keys.
  • The USB plug on the tablet side is not much stable, which may cause your tablet to stop working if it got loose.
  • The pen has no eraser at the back of it, it also has no tilt sensitivity.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in Black & White (And in that, it is similar to Ugee m708, which I reviewed here).
  • The pen requires one AAA battery to work.
  • The pen has no eraser at the back of it.
  • 0 express keys.
  • Allows editing digital photos, paintings and drawings with the natural feel of a pen on paper.
  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity for precise pressure control.
  • The stylus gives you comfort and precise control to paint, draw and sketch.
  • Resolution:- 4000 LPI (Lines Per Inch).
  • Report rate:- 220 RPS (Resolution Per Second).
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac 10.7.0 or later (Including Yosemite, not sure about El Capitan yet). Not compatible with Chromebook.
  • Comes with additional 4 nibs inside the pen holder.
To give you a brief look on Huion 580, let’s talk about the specification in some details. The pressure sensitivity of this tablet is 2048, which is typical in graphics tablets these days.
In case you are wondering pressure sensitivity that is, it is a feature that allows you to vary the thickness of your strokes based on how much you press the pen on the tablet. And by doing that, it tries to emulate the way real pencils work. And depending on your art program, you may be able to vary the opacity and many other things using pressure as well. Which offers tons of possibilities for art creation.
The Active area of Huion 580 is 8 x 5 inches, which is verity good for the price you will pay for this tablet, giving how any Wacom with similar active area will cost much more than this one.
Bear in mind that  the active area is different than the overall dimensions of the graphics tablet itself, which are 12.2 x 8.2 inches.

The pen

Huion 580 pen
Huion 580 pen, which contains 2 programmable buttons at the side.
Huion 580 pen requires AAA battery, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, because you won’t need to worry about battery life, as the battery tent to last for very long.
Using the tablet to draw may cause the nib of the pen to wear off, which is very common in graphics tablets, and nothing to be afraid of, as the pen nib rubbing against the tablet surface is likely to cause that. For your convenience, Huion included 4 additional nibs for the pen, these nibs are found are inside the stylus holder. As you can see in the picture below:-
4 Additional Nibs are available inside Huion 580 pen holder
4 Additional Nibs are available inside Huion 580 pen holder.
In case you need more Huion pen nibs, which is what you will definitely need if you used this tablet for so long, you can buy additional nibs. Which come in a 10 nibs packs.
Huion 580 pen has no tilt detection, which is another feature that tries to emulate how real pencils work when you tilt them on paper. I personally never used this feature in my own graphics tablet, and you are unlikely to use it if this is your very first graphics tablet.
There are two button on the side of the pen, which can be programmed to do many functions, like Redo & Undo. Also note that there is no eraser on the back of the pen, but instead there is an on/off button.

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Operating Systems Compatibility  Microsoft-Windows-Logo Apple-Mac-OSX-Logo

Huion 580 is compatible with both Windows 8.1 & Mac OSX Yosemite. It also works nicely with older operating systems like Windows XP. But I am not sure if this tablet will work on the older versions of Mac OSX like Leopard or Snow Leopard, as the specification clearly specified that it works with Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and later (I am not sure if this tablet will work with Mac OSX El Capitan honestly).

The USB Plug problem

There is an important problem that you need to know of in case you are considering getting this graphics tablet, which is that the USB plug in the get loose, which may cause the tablet to stop working. This is a kind of common problem with some off brand graphics tablet. So in case you got this graphics tablet, I highly suggest that you be careful when you plug in the USB cable inside this tablet.

Tips to avoid getting problems with this tablet (And Huion graphics tablets in general)

In order to avoid having much troubles with this tablet, please make sure to follow the following procedures. If you are familiar with Huion tablets, you may be already familiar with most of the steps illustrated here:-
  • If you have other graphics tablets drivers installed on your computer, make sure to uninstall them before you do anything with this tablet. As any other driver may cause conflict with Huion 580’s own driver.
  • (Important) Install the driver software before you connect the tablet to your computer. This is especially the case if you use Windows.
  • After you install Huion 580 driver, Reboot your computer. After that, plug in the graphics tablet and you are good to go.
  • If you use Windows 7. disable Tablet PC Input Panel, either manually or using an application like Fix My Pen.
  • In case you forget, make sure to insert an AAA battery in the pen that comes with the tablet, or it won’t turn on. :D

In case you can’t use the driver that comes in the CD

There is no need to worry in case your computer doesn’t have a CD drive, you can download the latest version of Huion drivers from their site.

What is in the box?


  • Huion 580 Graphics Tablet.
  • Wireless Pen (with 2 programmable buttons, 1 AAA battery is needed for it to work).
  • Pen Stand (Pin tip /Tip Clip in inside).
  • User Manual.

Available Colors

White Huion 580
Huion 580 is also available in white.

Besides black, Huion 580 is also available in white. While having a choice of another colour may not be important to the functionality of the tablet itself. It a nice to have yuor tablet match the colour of your computer as much as possible.

And Finally

Huion 580 8” x 5” Graphic Drawing Tablet is one of the options that worth looking at if you are looking for an affordable graphics tablet. It is a great option in case you don’t care about express keys and want a graphics tablet with a relatively large drawing area.

More graphics tablets worth checking out

Huion K58

Huion K58

Very similar to Huion 580, but with a Rechargable pen.

Huion H58L

Huion H58L

Also similar to Huion 580, but with 6 customizable express keys. Which makes working on the tablet quite convenient. Giving how you won’t need to reach out for the keyboard as much compared to having no express keys (Assuming you are the kind who use such buttons). Huion H58L is also available in black & white.

Wacom Intuos Pen Small Tablet (CTL480) (Certified Refurbished).

Wacom Intuos Pen Small Tablet (CTL480) (Certified Refurbished).

This Wacom tablet comes in a very affordable price as well. And you still get a Wacom branded graphics tablet at the end. The only bad thing about this tablet is that it is smaller than Huion 580. But it is more likely to live longer for you in case you don’t care about the size of your graphics tablet. Like if you only want to use it for retouching images or if the screen resolution of your monitor is relatively low.

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