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HP Envy 8 Note 5002 8″ 32 GB Windows Tablet With Stylus Review


HP Envy 8 Note Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

HP Envy 8 Note is a good choice for those looking for a Windows tablet with Wacom digitizer, as long as you are okay with the low specifications of this tablet, you will be okay, that’s especially the case if you want to use it for simple sketching or simple use in general.

The lack of HDMI in HP Envy 8 Note out may put off some users who may want to connect it to an external display, the fact that the LTE is limited to Verizon only may not be good news for the users of other carriers.

Pros Of HP Envy 8 Note

  • Has 4G LTE capabilities (supports Verizon network only in the US)
  • Comes with Wacom digitizer.

Cons Of HP Envy 8 Note

  • Has no HDMI output or any other output at all.
  • The 4G LTE supports Verizon network only.
  • The device specifications are kinda low, it would have been nice if this tablet had 64GB memory or at 4 GB of ram, for example.

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Technical Specifications

  • Operating System:- Windows 10,
  • Screen Size:- 8
  • Processor:- Intel Atom x5-Z8300 (1.44 GHz up to 1.84 GHz, 2 MB cache, 4 cores, 2 MB cache)
  • Ram:- 2 GB Flash Memory-Solid State Drive, No Hard Drive
  • Screen Resolution:- 1920×1200 pixel LED-lit Screen
  • Wireless Type:- 802.11 A/C
  • Series:- Envy 8 Note
  • Item model number:- 5002
  • Flash Memory Size:- 32GB
  • Battery Life:- Up to 6 hours.
  • Front Camera:- 2 MP.
  • Rear Camera:- 5 MP.
  • Has 4G LTE capabilities

Overview & Specifications

Let’s take a look at the main specifications of HP Envy 8 Note, it comes equipped with an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor, with a speed of 1.44 GHz, but that can be boosted to up to 1.84 GHz, while this processor is a quad cores one, it is not exactly a powerhorse that will run any application you throw at, but it is power efficient. The amount of ram memory is 2 GB, which is okay for all sorts of light use, but you may not be able to create complex artworks or do any heavy work with that much memory, something I will talk about in more details when I talk about drawing with it, even with that, being able to use full applications like Chrome or Microsoft word is a great advantage over iOS or Android tablet in case you are a power user.

For internal storage, HP Envy 8 Note has flash memory with 32GB, which is very small, most of this space will be taken by Windows & the other applications you want to install. While removing the bloatware that comes in it can save you some space, it would have been nice if there was a version of this tablet with more disk space. Fortunately, you can add a micro SD card to add much more storage for your files & other stuff. which partly solves this problem.

When it comes to the battery life, something that is essential to tablets like HP Envy 8 Note, HP Envy 8 Note can have battery life up to 6 hours, which is good and more than enough to carry it around for a good portion of your day, but not the best you could see in a tablet like this one.

One of the coolest features in HP Envy 8 Note is the 4G LTE capabilities it has, which is nice in case you want to stay connected to the Internet. None of the Windows tablets I reviewed so far has that feature. Though be informed that it is locked to Verizon networks only, so in case you are AT&T or other provider customer, you won’t be able to benefit from this feature.

Just like the case with many Windows tablet nowadays, HP Envy 8 Note has dual-cameras, a front Camera with 2 MP, which you could use for Skype & video conference, and a rear Camera with 5 MP, which you can take pictures with.

The Screen

HP Envy 8 Note comes with a 1920×1200 screen, for a 8 inches screen this is good. I tend to think of low resolution screens as a good thing on touch devices that runs Windows, as icons tends to appear smaller the higher the resolution is. The screen comes equipped with Wacom digitizer, and so it supports pressure sensitivity, which is useful not only for taking notes, but for drawing as well.

One of the things that are not good about HP Envy 8 Note is the lack of any HDMI out port, a feature that can allows you to use this tablet as a PC by connecting it to an external display, especially after connecting an external keyboard & mouse to it.

Note Taking

For notes creation HP Envy 8 Note comes with Notes Hub, which helps you organizes all of your notes, and display them as a timeline. It also integrates with notes applications like OneNote & EverNote, the application is good. To make your life easier, the button on the stylus activates a radial menu, this radial menu contains many options that makes it faster to work by allowing you to take note at any time. This radial menu can be customized to do other things via Wacom’s app in the control panel.

Drawing Experience

HP Envy 8 Note comes equipped with Wacom digitizer, which make it suitable to drawing as well, the digitizer supports pressure sensitivity, which allows you to vary the width of each of your strokes based on how much pressure you apply with your stylus. I couldn’t find how much pressure sensivity the stylus supports, but as long as it is over 256, it can be used for most drawing applications.

The radial menu the stylus supports is similar to the one you find in Wacom’s graphics tablet, and you can customize it to speed out your drawing workflow the same way you could do for note taking.

While having a Wacom digitizer can surely makes it possible to draw using HP Envy 8 Note, the low specification of this tablet will limit how much you can do with it, it certainly can be used for sketching & practicing your drawing, it can also be used to work on vector graphics. Let’s talk about this in more details:-

As I mentioned above, HP Envy 8 Note has only 2GB of ram, that amount of memory is not upgradable too, so you will be stuck with it for the lifetime of the tablet. The low amount of memory, as well as the weak processor, can limit the art applications you can run here. Adobe Photoshop requires 2GB of ram, so you will be able to run Photoshop to some extent & do some light work. Either for light editing or sketching.

Speaking of vector graphics, HP Envy 8 Note can also run Adobe Illustrator in case you want to create some lineart & all (It needs 1 GB of ram minimum). But don’t expect you will be able to work on big projects on this tablet, at least not easily.

Another option you can use with HP Envy 8 Note is Sketchbook Pro, which also needs 1GB of ram, as well as a 1 GHZ, which is below the specifications of our tablet here.

If you are flexible with the art program you use, then some of the lightweight art applications can easily run on HP Envy 8 Note & turn it into an affordable Wacom Cintiq, these applications requires much less system resources than the ones mentioned above, and so they can help you utilize your HP Envy 8 Note for artwork creation. The first one is GIMP, the free Photoshop alternative, it only requires 256MB of ram, making it an easy choice to use with this tablet, the second one of Paint Tool Sai, which requires 1GB of ram, but it doesn’t need much processing power, making it a nice application to use on atom-based computers.

And Finally

HP Envy 8 Note is a neat Windows tablet with some good features, if it had higher specifications, I would have definitely given it a better opinion :>

I hope you liked my HP Envy 8 Note review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


  1. Just received my refurbished HP Envy Note 8 at a significant discount. Will tinker on Sketchbook Pro for my sketchings. Great post from you SweetMonia.

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