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How to solve the issue of the cursor not moving in your Huion tablet or pen display?

You Were Drawing With Your Huion Device, And Suddenly, The Cursor Stopped Moving

Huion devices can be a really good replacement for Wacom devices. They even became the ones I use every day by the time I am writing this article (besides an iPad Pro, which is convenient to practice drawing anywhere). But just like Wacom devices, they aren’t without their share of driver problems. One of them is when the cursor stops responding to the pen all of sudden. You could easily move the cursor using the mouse, but not using your Huion device.

In this post, I will list all the solutions I know for solving this problem, which I hope will help you make the mouse cursor move again, and save you hours of troubleshooting.

The solutions listed here can work with other Chinese manufacturers, like Xp-Pen & Ugee, since they are similar in many ways.

Is The Pen Charged?

Since this is the simplest solution to the issue, I will start with it. Many Huion pens work on battery. Which requires you to charge it every time it runs out of juice. The thing is, the chargeable pen in those devices last for so long, to the degree you would forget you need to charge it. That’s specially the case if you haven’t used your Huion device for so long.

Simply plug the charging cable to your pen, and try to use it while it’s that way. If the pen worked, then you know it simple needed to be charged.

Restart Your Huion Driver

In some cases, restarting the driver many times works. To do that, simply kill the Huion Tablet.exe process from your task manager. Then run it again from the task bar. You can also use Windows Explorer to navigate to the driver, which is located in C:\Huion Tablet\Huion Tablet.exe by default.

If that turned out to be your problem, then you may want to try another driver version. As some versions are buggier than others. At least in your case. To give you an example, I once had a driver on my Huion Kamvas GT-191 that stops working every half an hour or so, every time it stopped working, I had to use another version that doesn’t have this issue. My Kamvas works perfectly now.

Disable Windows Ink

More often than not, the pen would stop moving out of nowhere, and would continue to be that way no matter how many times you restart your computer or reinstall the driver.

One good way to solve this issue is to disable Windows Ink from Huion Tablet Preferences. You do this by selecting the Digital Pen tab, then toggling the Enable Windows Ink checkbox. then click OK in the dialog to save your settings. The steps are indicated in the following picture:-

I have no exact idea why this is the case, but this has worked many times in the past. This solution may help you if you’re facing periodical issues with your driver, as Windows Ink may be conflicting with your device.

And Finally

Issues with drawing devices can make one willing to pull their hair. You are in the middle of doing something fun or creative, and then some issue like that happen. At the very least, I sincerely hope this guide has helped you get back to drawing & to being creative.

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