How to solve Huion cursor being on the wrong screen (A common Huion pen display issue)


If The Cursor Moves In Another Screen While You’re Trying To Draw With Your Huion Pen Display, Follow

So you got yourself a Huion pen display, and you plugged it to your computer, you tried drawing with it, only for you to see the cursor is moving on another screen, as if your Huion pen display is a regular graphics tablet. This is a very common issue for those using their Huion on a multiple screens setup, and I encountered it in my 3 monitors one. I was easily able to solve that issue using the steps below. I have tried this on a Huion Kamvas GT-191, but it will work on many other Huion models, as the driver options are the same across them.

How To Map The Cursor Of Huion Pen Display To The Correct Display

Setting your Huion as the primary display can solve this problem, but that’s not really necessary, and it may not be what you really want, as you may have a better display that you use for other things.

You can follow certain steps to map the drawing area to the right screen, without setting the Huion to be the primary display:-

  • Double click on the Huion icon in the system tray, the icon looks like this.


  • The Huion Tablet dialog appears.


  • Click on the “Work Area” tab in the dialog (marked by a red rectangle in the picture below), this is where you specify how the drawing area maps to your drawing area.


  • In the “Select Current Display”, select the monitor you want to map to the drawing area.


  • In my case, my Huion Kamvas GT-191 was “Display 3”.


  • If you are yet to calibrate your Huion pen, you can do that now by clicking the “Monitor Calibration” button, then click on the red points that appears on the screen.


  • Click OK to close the dialog & apply the changes.
  • Now you’re good to go, the pen should move the screen of the Huion.

And Finally

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Huion pen display are not without problems, just like Wacom, but as long as there’s an easy solution for the problem, it can be worth the trouble of trying to solve them, as getting a Cintiq-like experience at the price Huion is offering is very tempting.

If this solution didn’t work for you, let me know, so that I may able to find another one to add here in the future~

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


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