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How to make an old Wacom tablet work on modern Mac OS releases (like Mojave & High Sierra)

You Probably Don’t Need To Throw Away Your Own Old Wacom Tablet Just Because You’re Using A New Version Of Mac OS

Wacom tablets, and particularly the older ones, tend to last for long. They can withstand a lot of wear & tear for up to 10 years, if not more. Some artists prefer to keep using their older tablet, not because of the lack of money, but because they are comfortable with it. That goes for tablets like Intuos3 & Intuos4.

Then there comes the issue of not having a suitable driver for a modern version of Mac OS, which is sad, since it’s silly to have to throw a fully-working tablet just because of the lack of a driver. That’s why I am sharing this method with you, which I hope will breath a new life into your tablet, while still being able to use a newer Mac OS.

Full credit for sharing this method goes to Visual_Anything from Reddit. Who gave me the permission to share it in this blog as well, which I hope it reaches many more people.

Here’s How To Breath New Life Into Your Old Wacom

1- First, download an older version of your Wacom tablet, you can find the different versions in here. . Look for the suitable driver in Drivers for Previous Generation Products.

You can also find an older driver version by clicking the Show Older Drivers.


2- Simply start the installation process, and continue with the steps, just as usual.



3- Once the installation is done, you will be prompted to restart your computer, don’t do that. Instead, just force quit the driver using the following steps.

4- Right click on the driver icon in the dock, you get the following menu.


5- Hold the options key (also known as the alt key) on your keyboard, the “Quit” option will turn into “Force Quit” instead. Click on it to quit the driver.


And that’s it, if things went right, you will have your old Wacom tablet fully working for you.

A small Caveat on this method

While the method explained in this post generally works, there’s a chance that the tablet to  stop working once you restart your Mac. Depending on your Mac OS version. The method is still worth trying, as it could work perfectly for you.

Connect My Tablet (Mac App Store)

One interesting way to connect an older tablet, suggested by tg, is to use an App from the Mac App Store called “Connect my tablet”, this app allows you to connect an older Wacom tablet to a new version of Mac OS. This app is not free, but it can be a good way to breath a new life into your already good tablet.

You can check out Connect My Tablet from this link.

And Finally

I have lost the count of the times I had to stop using a device just because of the lack of an updated driver. So it’s always nice to learn tricks like that whenever possible.

The method I share here has been tried with an Intuo3, and it worked well for Visual_Anything. If you tried it with another old Wacom tablet & it worked please share your experience in the comments section.

I hope this post solved your problem, and have fun creating your art. ^^

Sources & Useful Links

I just want to share that I discovered a stupid way to make an old Wacom tablet work with Mac, high sierra and Mojave.

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I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.


  1. Mona, I love your Blog. I am trying to keep my old Wacom working on an old Mac.
    Your posts are so clear.

    I haven’t fully explored your site yet, but some things I have read suggest you cover both Mac and Windows products. I hope that it is true. All the Wacom info I have seen is terrific and not specific to one type of machine.

    Karen Bonaker gave your blog as a referral.

    I am not sure how you fund this blog yet.

  2. some of you may want to check out “connect my tablet” on the app store if you’re willing to shell out $10. it was straightforward and helped me w my CTH460 tablet

  3. Hi SweetMonia,

    Thank you for this advice. I have a wonderful old oversize Intuous 3 and the surface is just great for my cartoon work and I prefer it over my Cintiq any day. I was scrabbling about with an old Mac running old OSX and transferring drawings back and forth until I saw your article. You are a star!

    1. Hello Martin~

      I am so glad the solution I posted has helped you. It makes me willing to write more posts like that ^^

      Have fun drawing :3

  4. Very helpful and to the point , Good job…
    wacom is an expensive option Compare with cheap options such as xp-pen, we need to let it work long to Return on the investment.

  5. Thank you! This was super helpful, and the tablet is working now! One issue I am having is that I am not able to change the settings for the pen of open up any of the preferences, is this just the trade off for making an old one work? thanks for your time!

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