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How to get 4K out of your 16-inches Cintiq Pro. Using Displayport or USB-C


Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cintiq Pro

The 16-inch Cintiq Pro supports a high resolution up to 4K. You probably got your Cintiq Pro, unboxed it & plugged it to your computer. Only to see the resolution is less than 4K (Usually 1440, also known as QHD). And that you can’t set it to higher. Which is a bit of a bummer for some artists. To make it worse, Wacom says that you can’t get 4K resolution using the Wacom Link, and that you will need a better Wacom Link in order to get 4K resolution, which proven to be inaccurate. In this post, I will show you how to get the full 4K out of your Cintiq Pro. Both using the Wacom Link, as well as using USB-C.

In short, if your computer has a Displayport port, you need to use the following cable which you can find in following Amazon links:-


Note:- This post assumes that the graphics card in your computer support 4K. Otherwise, you may need to upgrade it whenever possible. For example, the GeForce GTX 1060 supports resolution up to 7680×4320, or 8K, which is much higher than we need here.

While some artists like me don’t care about high resolution screens. It’s not nice not to be able to get something we already paid for it. It should be our choice to use the device on the resolution I want. I plan to continue using my Cintiq Pro on the QHD resolution, but there may come a day where I would want to go higher.

Note:- This post is for the 16-inches Cintiq Pro. If you own the 13-inches Cintiq Pro, which only supports the 1080p resolution, then you won’t be able to get 4K resolution out of it.

Getting 4K From Your Cintiq Pro With Using USB-C Cable

To get 4K using the USB-C cable, you need to use the upper-right USB-C, as the other USB-C ports. The one indicated on the following picture:-

    • ——————————-

You can use any of the other two ports for power.

I have tried that on the Acer Switch 5 Windows tablet, which has a USB-C port with alternate mode. I used the USB-C port that came with my Cintiq Pro, and it worked without a hitch.

    • ——————

Note:- Not all USB-C ports support alternate mode. Which allows you to connect computer screens to your USB-C port. Make sure your computer has a port that supports that, or the USB-C card you’re buying has it. It’s safe to say that when the product page doesn’t mention alternate mode. Then it doesn’t support it at all.

Getting 4K From Your Cintiq Pro With Using Displayport & Wacom Link

The thing is, almost everything you need to get 4K out of your Cintiq Pro is included in the box. Except for one thing, a mini DisplayPort cable that supports the resolution.

“Unskilled Guy” showcased that in the following YouTube video. He used a Mini Display Port to Displayport cable that supports 4K. He shows it to you in action in the following video. He gets all the credit for discovering this trick.

Kindly find the cable “Unskilled Guy” used in -his video in the following Amazon links:-


I am an anime artist, and huge fan of digital art. I love drawing with pencils too. But I rarely do that anymore nowadays. Since some aspects of digital art can be tricky, I try my best to explain the concepts as easily as possible.

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  1. Thanks for this!

    Spoiler – Save yourselves 4:05 seconds by not watching the youtube video where you will learn that the bloke bought a 4K rated display port to mini display port and then power cycled his Wacom.

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