How to connect your Cintiq pro to your PC computer with Displayport or HDMI


Here’s What You Need To Know To Connect Your Cintiq Pro To Your PC Computer With Displayport Or HDMI

Cintiq Pro is a pretty good drawing device, it has low parallax & lovely new look, but it requires the new USB-C to connect to your computer, while many modern computers only have displayport or HDMI, and some has mini displayport or thunderbolt like in case of Macs. So connecting it to your computer can be an issue, especially with how many solutions & converters don’t work that well.

In this small guide, I hope I will be able to save you some time & money by giving you a solution that works right away. There are 4 common cases I will discuss right here, which will help you connect Cintiq Pro to most computers.

The rule of thumb is, you need either USB-C with alternate display mode, or a mini displayport. Since installing USB-C with such mode is not always an option, like in case you are using a laptop. Converting your existing port to a mini displayport is your best bet here. I will talk about the most common cases right now.

Tip:- In case your Cintiq Pro still didn’t work, make sure to update your graphics card driver, as that worked with some people. :)

Connecting Cintiq Pro To Your Computer Using USB-C

In case you plan to use the USB C port with alternate display mode (not all USB-C ports support it). Many PCI USB-C cards don’t provide ports that support that mode, so be careful when you are shopping for ones. However, the USB-C ports that comes with your motherboard tend to support it (still, some motherboards have USB-C port that doesn’t offer the alternate mode).

Connecting Cintiq Pro To Your Computer With HDMI Port

Update:- Wacom confirmed that Cintiq Pro works with HDMI using the right adapter.

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This is the trickiest case to deal with, and it is pretty much advisable to go the other routes, since it may not work. Unless your computer, and particularly laptop, only has HDMI port.

You simply need to convert your HDMI port into a DisplayPort using an active adapter, which you could easily convert into a mini DisplayPort like I explain below. Kindly find an adapter that does that in the following Amazon links:-

Or look for it in eBay:-


Connecting Cintiq Pro To Your Computer With Displayport Port

If you have a display port on your computer, you can simply convert it to a mini DisplayPort using an adapter. Leif Mariussen explains the whole process in his video here:-

Kindly find the converter Leif used in the following Amazon links:-

Or in eBay here:-

. . .

Connecting Cinitq Pro To Your Mac Computer With Mini Displayport Or Thunderbolt

Cintiq pro can be connected directly to thunderbolt for Mac users, and you won’t need to buy anything to get things to work. All you need to do is to connect the mini display cable from your Mac to the Wacom Link, and then connect a USB-C cable from the Link to the Cintiq Pro, and you are done. :>

What To Do If I Only Have VGA / D-Sub Or DVI Ports?

As far as I know, you can’t connect Cintiq Pro to a computer with only these ports, if you are using a desktop, your main choice is to upgrade your graphics card or to install a PCI USB-C card with alternate mode. In case you are using an old laptop, you are out of luck. This is one of the time where upgrading what you have is a must.

In case you are desperate, there are cables that converts such ports into HDMI ports, which you could in turn convert into a mini display port. However, bear in mind that this method hasn’t been tried yet, and I don’t know if you will get a good picture that way. Here are buying links to the adapter I am talking about:-

Or in eBay:-

. . .

List of adapters that didn’t work

Here’s a list of adapter that didn’t work with the Cintiq Pro, courtesy of Dani in the comments below:-

  • Staples Mini DP to HDMI Adapter.
  • Insignia Mini DP to DVI Adapter.
  • Insignia Mini DP to HDMI Adapter.
  • Insignia USB Type C Multiport Adapter.
  • Apple Mini DP to DVI Adapter.
  • Apple USB C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.


I hope this mini guide helped you connect your Cintiq Pro to your computer, please share your experience with me so I could update this guide to help more people.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks so much for this article!
    Have you tried the HDMI method with active converter to display port? I have a laptop with HDMI only, and a bit weary if this method has not been proven to work?


    1. Hello Ruach,

      No, I haven’t tried it, and I am yet to see anyone do so. I just posted it in the guide as a last resort for anyone willing to do so.

      If you plan to try it, please let me know how it goes~

  2. I tried usb C but strangely it wasn’t recognised by my computer as a screen, so I tried to use the minidisplay and usb connection and it worked ! I still have problem though… Although the pointer is following the pen, I cannot clic and when I go in the diagnosis window, it shows 0% of pressure at all times ! I don’t know how to correct that. Any ideas ?

    1. I will try, the problem is, not all these cards state if they support the alternate mode, so it is safe to assume that the card or motherboard won’t support it in such case.

  3. Hello guys! This manufacturer, Startech, have a conversor that works very well with the cintiq and uses usb power suply, wich is much better for the setup. I bought it and it work. Follow the link to the manufacturer product page:
    Do you only needs to bought an DP to miniDP conversor toguether. Heres the link to the dp conversor:

  4. I just built a computer with a MSI Pro Carbon Z170A that has usb-c … doesnt work.

    Other adapters Ive tried THAT DID NOT WORK so you dont have too…

    Staples Mini DP to HDMI Adapter
    Insignia Mini DP to DVI Adapter
    Insignia Mini DP to HDMI Adapter
    Insignia USB Type C Multiport Adapter
    Apple Mini DP to DVI Adapter
    Apple USB C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

    sigh…Wacom came into our office. Sold us on the product so I sold my 22HD…and now I’m trying anything and everything to fix this… :(

    1. Oh and I tried a cheap Rankie Mini DP to HDMI cable off amazon.

      The two Startech parts you recommended are coming in the mail tomorrow and Monday.

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Dani,

      I will publish the list in the article, if you don’t mind. I hope you get your Cintiq Pro to work soon~

      1. Yes definitely list :)

        The two Startech products worked!

        Also I recommend triple checking to make sure your graphics card drivers are upto date. No matter what windows or geforce says. Turns out there was an update post cintiq that came out. Once I manually downloaded it – it worked!

        This is for anyone whose get a No Signal/ Display Port “3” on the screen.

        1. Yaay, I am glad they did ^^

          Updating the graphics cards driver is good too, it is possible that many people may encounter a problem related to that. ^^

  5. Hi I also bought Cintiq Pro to, but its doesn’t work with any converter so far. But from what I read in wikipedia this Displayport have 4 types of version (1.0-1.1) (1.2) (1.3) (1.4) and each version support certain/different datarate, resolution & framerate. Same goes to HDMI and other I think. Do this thing has anything to do with this? Because from what I read Cintiq Pro resolution was 4K, so maybe we need to use mini displayport 1.2 or higher convert to the right HDMI/displayport version. If yes I’m glad that I being able to help people who need it. I haven’t it yet but I’m gonna try it soon

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