Cintiq VS Intuos pro:- Helping you choose the best graphics tablet for you 

In this quick guide, I will try to help you decide, as fast as possible, on whether you should get a Cintiq or an Intuos Pro (or maybe just an Intuos).

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The typical upgrading cycle – With in-between jumps, based on your money and dedication.

This is the typical upgrading cycle to go through. Which is to go from the model you have to a higher one. Your needs may not require you to go through this cycle. As many artists are very happy with their Intuos or Intuos pro that they don’t need to upgrade to anything else for years.


Some people would definitely be happy to upgrade from the Intuos line to the Cintiq, while some others are better off staying with their current Intuos Pro.

Trying to guess the best way to choose the best graphics tablet for you. I have made the diagram below to make it faster to make decision. I tried to include all the primary points in there. But some of the minor details are discussed in this article.


Cintiq VS Intuos pro comparison: Determining which graphics tablet is the most suitable for you: –

In case you are still confused about which graphic tablet or pen display to get. I have illustrated the main points to help you decide whether you should move the Cintiq, or get an Intuos pro instead: –

Click on the picture to view it in full size

Intuos VS Cintiq VS Intuos pro
Intuos VS Cintiq VS Intuos pro – This diagram will hopefully help you choose the most suitable graphics tablet for you.

Get the Cintiq if you work a lot of time on digital art

  • If you have the chance to try it at some shop just do it. So that you won’t regret it. This is very important, because while the Cintiq is wonderful, it is not really for everyone. And you are the best judge when it comes to it being suitable to you.
  • If you didn’t like moving your hands to draw while looking on the screen at the same time.
  • You have bad hand-eye coordination with regular graphics tablet.
  • You can afford it. While some people prefer the Intuos to the Cintiq, most people report that the Cintiq is more comfortable & natural than the Intuos.
  • If you are already good at drawing by hand & want to use your drawing skills digitally as well.
  • If you plan to use it mainly for drawing or painting. This is especially the case if you do a lot of line art.
  • If you are professional who would benefit from the increased productivity you will get from it.

Fortunately, getting a used Cintiq can makes it much easier to get one for part of the price.

Get the Intuos or Intuos pro if you: –

  • Only do simple graphics & photo editing.
  • Depend on vector graphics like the pen tool to do your work.
  • Can’t afford to buy the Cintiq (Obviously) :)
  • Use keyboard shortcuts a lot.
  • Wants a larger tablet. As the largest Intuos pro costs around %20 of the larger Cintiq models.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts all the time. As it is not easy to use those with the Cintiq.

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2 thoughts on “Cintiq VS Intuos pro:- Helping you choose the best graphics tablet for you ”

  1. Thank you for this article. I feel at peace now having bought the medium wacom pro. I want it to speed up my web graphic design workflow with my business SEO Web Design Perth. I would like the bling factor of the cintiq but the the wacom will serve me well… I will persevere with it :)

  2. I have a cintiq 21ux but drawing with a Intuos pro feels more natural the offset and the large pen is really a pain in the ass you can really feel what you are drawing especially with pixelart its difficult.

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