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Cintiq Pro VS MobileStudio Pro – What are the key differences between the two. And which one to get?

Cintiq Pro Or Mobilestudio Pro, Which One Is Better For You?

So you are looking for buy a pen display, but you don’t know which one to get? And whether there are differences between the two? You came to the right place. The key difference is that the MobileStudio Pro is a full-fledged Windows Machine. While the Cintiq should be connected to the computer. So picking one depends on how you prefer to work, as well as how much are you willing to spend. The other differences may also make difference in your decision too. Especially when it comes to the cost, which is why I talked about it in more details in this post.

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Pros & Cons Cintiq Pro

+ The most affordable option of the two to draw directly on the screen.

+ Comes with the Wacom Link out of the box.

  • Doesn’t have any express keys, you need to buy the Wacom Remote separately to have some.

Pros & Cons Of Mobilestudio Pro

+ Is the portable choice, that allows you to draw on the go wherever you want.

+ Has express keys right on the device itself.

  • Doesn’t come with Wacom Link. You need to buy it separately.
  • The battery life is not that good.
  • The device can overheat, which can be annoying & can bother you while drawing.

The Screen & Drawing Experience


This is an area where the two devices don’t differ much. So I won’t talk much about it, both devices provide similar drawing experience in a lot of areas. Like the improved Parallax (and offset between the pen tip & the actual cursor position, the less there is, the better), if you used an older Cintiq version, you will notice a difference here. The lack of the express keys on the Cintiq Pro may be an annoyance for some artists. Something you won’t have to worry about with the MobileStudio Pro. The pressure sensitivity is similar between the two devices as well (at 8192 levels).



The Cintiq Pro cost much less than the MobileStudio Pro. The 16-inches Cintiq Pro cost less than the cheapest MobileStudio Pro at the official price.

You can connect the both Cintiq Pro & the MobileStudio Pro to any computer you want. In the case of Cintiq Pro, it comes with Wacom Link out of the box, so you can connect it to your computer right away. In the case of MobileStudio Pro, unless your computer has a USB-C port that supports alternate mode (which allows you to connect an external display to it), you will need to buy the Wacom Link separately. Wacom probably thought that since most people will use their MobileStudio Pro as a stand-alone devices for the most part. This is an additional cost to be taken into account anyway.

With the price of the cheapest MobileStudio Pro, you can get the 13-inches Cintiq Pro, and build yourself a good PC, or buy a good laptop with good specifications to use for graphics work. That way you will get to work with two screens, the computer screen along with the Cintiq Pro screen, which is important to use a reference. That way, in case something happened to your Cintiq or computer, you will be able to user the other at the very least. (depending on the computer & Cintiq Pro model you get, you may need to add some cash on your own).


I am not saying that you can’t connect with an internal monitor to the MobileStudio Pro, you can, although it blanks out every now & then. I don’t really know if they fixed that issue yet.

As an alternative to getting a MobileStudio Pro. You can get the Cintiq Pro, and then get yourself an iPad pro with the Apple pencil to draw on the go, which has a great battery life, and have the Cintiq Pro to do the serious work in your home. You may not be able to do all your work on one device that way, but doing sketches is good for one. (I am the kind of people who like to work in various places, I am writing this post outdoor while enjoying the chill outside ^^)

The cost for the MobileStudio Pro is a bit high to be honest. It’s totally worth it if you plan to draw on the go a lot, and do complete projects while at that, assuming you will be fine with the overheating it gets). That’s the main charm of having a device like that. But bear in mind that the battery life of it is not really that great, which varies depending on the programs you use & the power settings.

Express Keys


The MobileStudio Pro has the advantage here over the Cintiq Pro. Since it comes with 6 or 8 express keys right on it (depending on the model the picture on the right shows you the 13-inches model). Just like the case with the older Cintiq models, like Cintiq 13HD. In case you want to have express keys, you basically need to get the Wacom Remote, which is sold separately.

In case you’re short of Money. There are few alternatives to the Wacom remote, like the use of Razer keypad, or use a gaming controller. There’s also the good old keyboard to use shortcuts directly from, something many artists still use. Since you will use the Cintiq Pro in a specific place most of the time, that can alleviate the lack of express keys. I plan to write about that in this blog in the future.

Cintiq Expresskey Remote

And Finally

Choosing between Cintiq Pro & MobileStudio Pro can be perplexing task, giving the cost difference & what each device actually provides for you. I hope I was able to help you pick the most suitable device with this comparison. Even by a little bit.

For more information about both devices, kindly feel free to read my details about the two devices below:-

Kindly find fhe Cinitq Pro in the following Amazon links:-


Kindly find the MobileStudio Pro in the following Amazon links:-


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